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1. Drunk As Fuck

Drunk as fuck, don't give a fuck
Fuck this shit, let's get fucked
Archagathus, drunk as fuck
Cam doesn't drink, but whatever fuck
What the heck, what's this muck?
Archagathus drunk as fuck!

2. What The Fuck The System

Just when you think you have it figured out
The system tends to fuck about
By doing things that make no sense
By doing things that are too intense
What the fuck? What the? System!

3. Irregular Education

Not all people go to school
And learn how to use a tool
To get a job and find a wife
Or other things that fuck your life
Some people learn from the street
Some people learn from their feet
Education is a power tool
And it's in the hands of the people that rule

4. Violence For No Reason

Too many fuckers resort to violence
Without considering viable alternatives
Easily justified in the mind of a fucker
Hitting and punching and kicking or zapping
Often these fuckers are police officers
But also often they are not
War and violence for no fucking reason

5. Instant Sanity

Accepting orders from above
Making money acting tough
High on life but low on love
You can never have enough

Until one day you stop to wonder
What's the point of all this plunder?
What's the meaning? Can it be
A dose of instant sanity

The life you chose is mean and gross
And bad for all humanity
Forget your pose, burn all your clothes
Accept a dose of sanity

6. Hair To The Throne

You keep me down 'cause I have long hair
Fuck your monarchy, I do not care
I shake my hair at your shitty throne
Your oppressive rules I cannot condone
I don't care if I'll be hanged
This hair of mine must be banged

Hair to the fucking throne!

7. Easy Existence

Some people's lives are very hard
Yes, they've been dealt a shitty card
And still you judge from your place of wealth
With your fancy car and excellent health
Your easy existence has made you a jerk
Condemning people for not having work
Life is short and should be enjoyed
But you act like a jerk because you're annoyed

8. Destructive Interference

Communication can get really fucked
Destroying the message or fucking it up
You try to explain but the things that you say
Come across in the completely wrong way
Sometimes two people can't communicate at all
Destructive interference fucking us all

9. Dehumanizer

Confine them, kill them, control them
Assert your authority with sadistic gore
No value for human life
Brutal war, brutal dehumanization
Dehumanizer public castration

10. Who's The Real Sponsor?

Driving my Mazda and jacked up on monster (TM)
I wonder if maybe my life needs a sponsor?
I decide to upgrade to 'professional' level
So I take out my iPhone and Google "the devil"
He's into Metallica, the devil's alright!
Until he asks me if the kids are alright.
'But devil,' I say, 'DIY or die!'
'And so you shall, if you do not comply!'
A live music event helps me to meet this quota
Now I get paid in RedBull and drive a Toyota

11. Coconut Bonk

Falls from a tree, hits you on the head
Coconut bonk, now you are dead
Hanging out under a coconut tree is very relaxing
But it is also dangerous!

Don't do it!

12. Corporation Pull In

How could you play grindcore and not be aware
That scion and RedBull really don't care
It's not joke and it's certainly not funny
That these capitalist fucks are just after our money
Infiltrating our scene, promoting their cars
Handing out RedBulls and hundreds of dollars
Their free events to make you their friend
Make me feel like grindcore has come to an end

But this is just not true, and it never will be
If this corporation pull in is resisted by you and me

13. Drummer Alcoholic

Blasting slow and dropping the sticks
Drunk as fuck drummer is being a dick
I couldn't think of a worse role model
Showing up late and hitting the bottle
He's sloppy as fuck and messing up fills
Staining the carpet with each beer that he spills
Smells like shit and won't stop farting
Puking on the floor is his way of parting

14. System; Again?

I feel like we've done this all before
But now the system is back for more
We have the chance to cast a vote
In between our daily tokes
But it seems like voting doesn't do much
So we sit around on top of our butts
System; what?
System; again??

15. Horrible Insect

Horrible swarm, causing harm
Welts are rising on my arm

Am I pitching a tent or building a yurt?
Sad grinder crouching in the dirt
Local flora to inspect
Is toppled by enormous insects

Angry swarm, show some respect
Boring warfare, warring insect

16. War Inside

There's a war going on inside my head
Making me wish that I was dead

In my head, I am dead
Fucking dead, stupid head

I need to put my mind at ease
Work on a little inner peace
Or maybe I should drink so much
Keep being weird and acting nuts

17. Gaybasher

Fuck your violence, fuck your might
What the fuck gives you the right
To assault someone for being gay
To treat another person this way

Gaybasher, gaybasher
Go get fucked
Gaybasher, gaybasher
You're a fucking thug

Bash gaybashers right in their stupid
Fucking faces!

18. Land Of Filth

Mountains of garbage, putrescent landfills
Increasing consumption, depleted resources
Crazy human bastards, so fucking crazy
Garbage in the streets where will it all go?

19. Military Punx

Fuck any government
That force people to enlist
With the threat of taking away
Their freedom if they resist

Fascist grumps fucking over punx
Taking away their voice
Taking away their noise

But in some countries as North America
So called punx enlist voluntarily

But they are not punx! That is not punk!

Military punx, military punx

20. Sad But True

Some things in life are too sad to believe
They fuck with the happiness you hope to achieve
There's nothing you can do, it's just how it is
Staring into your soul is the fucking abyss

Ya, you know it's sad but true
After the Unforgiven comes the Unforgiven II

Thanks to hellshakeyanou for sending these lyrics.

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