Dark Lyrics


1. Mincecore Fabio

It's been a tough year, I don't know who I am
Questioning my place in a world so dim
What do I do? Where do I fit In?
I feel a new personality growing from within
Mincecore fabio takes control of my mind
Soon I start eating all the protein I can find
I don't know what's happening, I'm losing control
I work out all the time so larger I will grow
My hair is long, it flows with the wind
And I prefer to wear all my shirts unbuttoned
My skills have improved in the ways of romancing
And suddenly horses just seem so enchanting
I listen to Rot and AGx everyday
My friends and family are concerned, they say...
But Mincecore Fabio is here to fucking stay!!

2. Perennial Loser

Perennial loser is always drinking beer
Cuz he's a real loser all days of the year
can't get shit done, and everything sucks
As always with the ladies he's got no luck
But when it comes to drinking he's really a champ
Or making split 7's, or skating a ramp
Try not to get down on yourself when you re sad
Everybody has something at which they are rad!
Perennial loser - focus on your strengths!
Focus your mind - Positive Mincecore Attitude

3. Brain: Dead?

When scientists poke a dead brain
"The brain is dead, it feels no pain."
Do ghosts feel pain? Do ghosts feel pain?!
When a dead sheep has to endure
The poking of its brain for cure
Is this insane? Is this insane?!

4. System: What?

Trapped in a system I don't understand
Wherever it s going, designs are grand
Lays and bylaws, highways and streets
Society's system is so indiscreet!
Society - What?
Society - Never!

5. Soap A Dope

Not only is soap tested on animals
It contains many noxious chemicals
Like lavender and things that smell
Soapy punks can go to hell!
Soap your armpits - go to hell!

6. Society's Dinner

Like sometimes I forget my arms,
The system has its many charms
Its stomach is so big and warm
That we forget we are its worms!
There is no outside, we are safe
Just grinding in this gooey cave!
Paying taxes and keeping appointments
Are for those who seek no enjoyments!
Society, we are clandestine
Grinders poking your intestines!
Even though we re finely minced
You can't digest our instruments!
The system wants us for its food
Most people will go down easy
Some among them are pre-chewed
And others merely greasy!

7. Das Monkey

Das Monkey is strong and intelligent too
He can do anything a person could do
Like go into space or get a tattoo
Or eat cotton candy or wear tiny shoes
Das Monkey can communicate with gestures and signs
(which unfortunately doesn't work with those who are blind)
But let's face it you know that it's true
Das Monkey should be treated like me or you
He's basically your child but with a furry face
Yet society insists on putting him in a cage
And zapping his body and spraying him with mace
Or whatever they do in a vivisection lab
No matter what it is, I'm sure it's pretty bad
So fuck filling your garden with little plastic gnomes
Let's all invite these monkeys into our homes
We can end this oppression of our primate friends
So mincecore and science can finally make amends!

8. A Stupid Question

Why do you ask what it means
That we must support the scene
By playing shows in greasy shorts
And writing songs that are also short
And never tuning our guitars
Except when we play in the bars
And take our time between each song
To laugh and talk and get along
Likes friends do at the mincecore show
What do you ask us: don't you know?!

9. Insanity Dog

There s a dog I know who goes to shows
He doesn't give a fuck if his hearing gets blown
He doesn't play in the park or eat dog food
He just hangs around some shitty crust punk dude
I always wonder why he's riding those trains
Instead of living in a home and playing fun games
Most dogs I know don't listen to Consume
Or have a stick-and-poke tattoo that says DOOM
he's all on his own when his owner gets drunk
So he wonders into the basement and listens to punk
People crash into him and he cries out in pain
Crust punk dog is clearly just fucking insane!!

10. Intoxicating Aroma

There's a punk I know who goes to shows
Covered in filth from his dreads to his toes
There's a quality that follows him wherever he goes
How one could smell so fucking bad nobody knows
Society's against his bodily smell
But he thinks society can go to hell
Even at shows he makes people upset
Just by standing around and emitting his scent
His life isn't easy, things are getting worse
He just has to live with his foul-stench curse
But like a fine wine that improves with age
His sinister odor escapes from its cage
It's now gotten so powerful, so sour and strong
Its effects are incredible, toxic and long
Inebriating those who can smell his smell
With a fantastic high that feels so swell
Suddenly he's popular, with girls and men
Even got offered a job that pays almost ten
The life of the party, and everyone's friend
Society's grudge against him has come to an end
He's now got some money, and freshly painted walls
All thanks to the fact he never washed his balls
So the moral of the story is don't ever shower

11. Sexy Grinder

Grindcore and misogyny doesn't make any sense
You porno-grind losers are sitting on the fence
There s nothing cool about degrading our women
Or playing your songs with that sleazy gore-rhythm
There s nothing wrong with grindcore and sex
But it s clear you re sexually frustrated at best
Maybe if you were respectful and kind
A woman would like you and give you her time
But you re doomed to hang out with your porno-grind friends
And write shitty songs and follow dumb trends
You think violence against women is so brutal and sick
Porno-grind is for losers, let s all mince these dicks!

12. Hey Metallica

I speak as your average crazy banger
Who just downloaded the album "St. Anger" ...
I have to say my mind was blown
By your outrageous mincing tones!
Most bands are afraid to find a new sound
And then drive it into the shitty ground,
Or piss themselves in a full-length movie,
Or tour in a plane with no jacuzzi!
But Metallica is totally undaunted:
If you've got a Basquait, then flaunt it!
Hey Metallica, Hey Metallica, Hey!

13. Fuck The System

Society has a system, it s meant to control
Lock you in a cage, and trap you in a hole
We reject these standards, we won't cut our hair
We ignore the system, cause we don't fuckin' care

We won't live a real life, with jobs and wives
Fuck the system!
We just wanna play some grind, drunk and high
Mincing system!
Blazing through conformist fools, fuck the rules
Fuck the system!
Drinking in the afternoon, party dudes
Punk existence!
Society says that we should get a fancy job
Wear fancy clothes, quit looking like a slob
Society also frowns on doing lots of drugs
But we frown on success, relationships and hugs


14. Canadian Hoser

Canadian hoser on top of a horse
Drinking a bottle of champagne of course
Never sober, always on a horse
Canadian horse is unimpressed of course
Canadian hoser - society's curse
Canadian system - hoser's curse

15. Hernie Dans Un Voyageur Chagrinant

Swarthy men at war with nature,
Wearing slutty furs and leather;
Camping in all kinds of weather;
Looking forward to their future!
Sweaty bearded voyageurs!
But lifting canoes isn't easy,
Especially when your bowels are greasy!
The voyageur's Achilles heel:
The overworked stomachal wall!
Severe discomfort! Voyageurs!
All heroes in some way are weak:
Our voyageur has sprung a leak!
Eschewing that abominable truss,
His abdominal defect turned gangrenous!
Shitty leaking voyageurs!
Fifty percent of voyageur deaths
Are the result of lifting trademark heft!
Respect yourself and take it easy!
Especially if your bowels are greasy!
Happy healthy voyageurs!

16. Endoparasitic Girlfriend

Each day I grow weaker, my life s come to an end
All because of this endoparasitic girlfriend
She lives deep inside my stomach and guts
Giving me ulcers and driving me nuts
She won't leave me alone, she won't let me be
She just thinks up ways to make me feel guilty
Sick fucking fiend - irrational being!
Endoparasitic girlfriend - not what I need!

17. The Night Wolf

If I could transform into a wolf in the night
I would hunt down those that don't know wrong from right
Vivisectors, cops, racists and rapists
Night wolf annihilates these scum fucking sadists
I hear the night howling it s calling my name
To seek out these bastards, to kill and to maim
Then the world would be full of people that are nice
Who don't find it necessary to torture little mice
But violence is not a very wise tool
Perhaps there is something else the night wolf should do
Like find ways to better his local community
Through respect, equality and generosity!
We could all learn a lesson from this nocturnal hound
And enjoy our lives being safe and sound
Free from racism and sexism and war
And free from a system that oppresses the poor

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