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1. Stormmaster

Evening's coming
barometer's crazy
time to get ready
for mistreating night
comes for the visit
god of the thunder
no time for questions
run for your life

No chance for human
night of the demons
you teel the power
of his yelling voice
die all you bastards
it's time for the strong one
battle has strated
keep swords, no more toys

He's the real stormmaster
take a look straight to his eyes
He's the real stormmaster
whispering wind, isn't it nice

Comes from the racks
king of the lightning
on dusty wheels
riding his blackcloud horse
Comes from the rocks
killing the fortune
ready's the throne
blood for his glory boils

No chance for human ...

He's the real stormmaster ...

2. Jackal

We say it's normal
watching blood from the screen
we say it's normal
murder as a part of our life
On hired killer
no dirt left on your hands
on hired killer
death without scruples about

Maybe that one of you
could be the next jackal

Dispatched opponent method
of politicsf dispatched opponent
sometime's the way we regard
Why don't you listen
rulers are killing truth
why don't you listen
it's time to fight for your rights

All we know depth
of the torment waste
of honour and lake
of the law
What was shown before
this moment means
the world stays
always so raw

We say it's normal ...

Dispatched opponent ...

Maybe that one of us
could be the next jackal

3. Prostitute

Girl, you're teaching me,
I'm learning the first shame
slowly starts to melt something
inside me is burning soon
I'll have to start crying
for a help
Hot smell of your sensual body
your red lips and eyes of pulling cat
destruct my feeling I'm a rowdie
all my notions about my nature bed

Round and round the world is turning
tell me why, who can answer me
my piece of mind is not returning
stop the time, to make all dreams more real

Prostitute, without emotions
priestess of the caressing loving
proslitute makes me crazy
maybe emused by my off showing
Traped my heart - prostitute

Eager hands in nervous tremble
tip of my tongue seeks to taste your dew
total fall in mental jungle
end of time and end of standart rules
Devil in our wasted bodies
into mind wants to penetrate
gods of love are stending by me
drops of the night count your business rate

Round and round the world is turning ...

Prostitute, without emotions ...

Stop the time. I want more loving ...

4. Ku-Klux-Klan

Oh when you meel him
it's the end of your dreaming
he's the member of the clan of three K's
Your complection dark
means you're the best mark
he's glad for the potential prey

Judge Lynch comes back to life
ready are knights of Ku-Klux-Klan
Rope, gun, edge of the knife
are favouorite arms of Ku-Klux-Klan

Comes cruel night
igures in white robes
comes cruel night
of burning roods
comes cruel night

Sanity's sleeping
and feels all that greeting
to find out conductions of mind
The evil demon
wants you to be one
of victime of legalize crime

Judge Lynch comes back to life ...

Stop cruel night ... Which hurt!

5. Manhunt

They follow up your scent
it's their favourite hunt
quarry is near
for starveling pack
They follow up your scent
searching all around heart
full at fear
and no way back

They're near, so near
you hear bloodthirsty howling

It must be hells bent
to have control of bounds
what's truth, what's lie
who will be next

Oh fear, great fear
machine of power's rolling

Masters prefer the manhunt ...

They follow up your scent ...

They're near, so near ..

It must be hells bent ...

Oh fear, great fear ...

Masters prefer the manhunt ...

6. No! (...And They've Said "Go And Kill!")

Sweat, flames so smart
Intim spray smells brimstone – warfare
Death circles all around
And your greatest aim is to stay alive

In ears still words of malice
That keeps you full of thrill
You’d asked bout reason – where is
And they’ve said: “Go and kill!”

Breath of satan slaves
Hell that fills this deadzone – warfare
Let read your hands
How much time remains to stay alive

Dictator for his glory
This war wants to prolong
The end of one sad story
Die, if you’re not so strong

In ears still words of malice
That keeps you full of thrill
You’d asked bout reason – where is
And they’ve said: “Go and kill!”

Promises broken
Listen how funeral bell tolls
Threat of your fate
Announces the change for the worse
All what was spoken
Lost, when the poisonous gas rolls
Wall made from hate
Forces us to take this course

No! Generalissimo, no! To funeral bell
No! Generalissimo, no! Fuck off that hell

7. R.A.F. Squadron 311

Cold air which tries to strike contours of bombers
it's suiting now to feel breath of this night
vibrating scared wings put on their shoulders
part of an easiness for the next fight

So here they are
ready for nightflight who
will be back whose will be
the funeral bombs on the
board they're passing
highcloud afraid of flak
so real and dangerous

The worsed what can be now - enemy lighters
front shooter cries so laud: "Aim within sight!"
throw off your deadly load, keep the correct
course escaping carefully, chased by the lights

So here they are ...
Still turning circles

R.A.F. Sguadron 311
strangers lighting for human rights;
Czechs and British all together they
were willing to be sacrifised for peace
and new world's rise

Cold air which tries to strike ...

So here they are ...

8. Thrash The Trash

I am I, I hate all kinds of resignation
listening to your complaints
doesn't bother me

We are we
often called lost generation
metal fans
we feel our life is running fast

I am I, I hate pop and I hate disco
stupid styles for empty heads
they don't bother me

We are we
so come on and yell on this tone
kids of the world
uninterested in all the past

Slop the pain in our veins
bleed the world and turn around
The same refrain - be free again
you're seeking words that can't be found

Daddies said that we'd been bad
forgetting times of rock'n'roll
Dan't be sad, try wings to spread
and live your life out of control

Thrash the trash ...

I am I, I hate all kinds of resignation ...

Thrash the trash ...

Zdeněk Kub – Bass
Jirka Urban – Guitars
Bob Vondrovic – Drums
Dan Krob – Guitars
Aleš Brichta – Vocals

Thanks to dahalpancaj for sending these lyrics.

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