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1. The Serpent God


2. Choirs Of Bitterness

In the origin of time
The soul of darkness was banned into
The depths of the dark
Its evil was separated from the light of humanity
To raise up into times of weakness and despair,
And cover earth with fire and blood.

Choirs of bitterness attend the hordes of darkness.
By their storm through the crimson heaven.

Screams tear the silence of the night.
Blood is burning in flames of destruction.
Dead flowers become black candles,
Burning in eternal beauty.

Buried in spheres beyond all imagination,
The children of the sun will never see the sun again.
Like nightshadows they march their way.
Buried in the eternal depths of darkness,
In the naked winds of seas they cry -
Never heard... In sorrow united.

3. Reincarnation Of The Serpent God

In valleys of inconcrete spirituality,
In places consecrated to the Snake,
In the region of the sun and beasts of prey
There arises a new god.
Like Phoenix from the ashes he raises out of ruins,
Strengthened by endless sorrows inflicted upon him.
In new, re-established power transferred to him by his new figure,
He lives, our rejuvenated Serpent God.

The ages of the sun and fire, of light and joy are gone.
APOPHIS founds his realm of Darkness
In the middle of the world of light.

In his hands the signs of power and of immortality,
His body is strongly erected upon his feet.
Covered with a coat of evil craft
The cause of former weakness is shaken off.

Join this sombre world
It is right beyond your reason.
Ordinary man, behold,
See APOPHIS arise.

He fights the Gods of the Sun in their own realm
To found the force of blood, death and darkness.

Aspis, Basilisk, Illuyanka, Midgards-Ormr,
Kaikai-filu, Ruye, Kaliya, arise!
Leave your reason, go beyond,
Enlighten yourself in Darkness.

4. Tear Down Your Walls

Who are you, man? Walking on this earth of misery
Condemned to vain existence, following low things.
The truly Grand surrounds you, though it never reaches you
As you are a prisoner of your poor knowledge.

Who is it to redeem you? This invisible figure,
The ruler of your dreams?
Whose help do you implore when your horizon is not enough?
Is it God?

You find yourself enclosed in this room
From which there is no way out.
There is no door that opens to your knocking
But a drawbridge that closes in front of you.

Your inner self is hidden behind walls,
The cold walls of your inner self
Shielding you from the outer world.

You determine the point of time,
At which you open yourself to this present world,
At which you allow contact by weak media -
Through your senses, that deceive you.

You see the dawn but true light never reaches you,
You sense warmth but you are
Surrounded by frost.
The Serpent, the Evil, the Lord of Darkness
Reawakens and leads the way.

Secret knowledge, forgotten over milennia,
Discloses itself to you, tears down your walls.
You receive strength but not from within yourself.

It is the contrast between darkness and light.
A dark access to the Gateway to the Underworld
Opens within the fires of Re,
That donate you light to honour the Sun:
The passage to a new Kingdom is created.

5. Resurrection

Walking slowly through the valley of rest
Seemingly unnoticed by the powers of life
To identify the meaning of my dreams.
The rocks in the shades are witnesses
Of my remaining depressingly
As I kept on going just to stop at a well.

Entering the well I felt like Christ
At his descent down to hell.

Observed by creatures while intruding their realm
With my soul burning and my mind confused
I went on in this maze of darkness
Driven onward by powers unseen

The impending nearness of the Prince of Death
I passed the broken well of my dreams.
Reimparting strength into my inmost self,
And Accepting dreams as a means of resistance.

Entering the well I felt like Christ
At his descent down to hell.

6. Ein Meer Aus Tränen

Die Nacht ist noch jung, von Nebel durchdringt die Luft,
Ein kalter Herbstwind beraubt die Bäume ihrer letzten Blätter.
Tote Reste pflanzlichen Lebens, die Natur bereitet ihren Schlaf vor.

Der schmale Weg schlängelt sich durch bewaldetes Gelände,
Hinauf in die Berge, auf wankenden Brücken, über enge Schluchten,
Deren Grund so manchen Wandererkörper empfing.

Auf jenem Wege wandelt sie, versteinert ihr Gesicht,
Ein offenes Buch über das Elend, an dem sie zerbricht.
Keine Seele der Welt teilt ihren Schmerz,
Nirgendwo schlägt fur sie ein Herz.

Der Mond scheint blutrot, Wolkenfetzen ziehen über den Himmel
Wie einsame Wanderer, die zielstrebig das Nichts suchen
Und ständig ihre Gestalt ändern.

Zu beiden Seiten des Pfades erheben sich schwarze Tannen,
Wie riesige Wächter begrenzen sie deutlich den Weg,
Zu schützen den Wanderer vor Gefahren der Nacht.

So kommt sie an das Ende des Weges,
Ihre Bewegung ist langsam, ihr Blick so leer,
- ertränkt in einem Meer aus Tränen.

Dort, wo der Abgrund die Leere küßt, wo das Hier und Jetzt
Nur einen Schritt vom Nichts entfernt,
Soll die Natur zurückerhalten, was ihr entnommen war.

Die düstere Leere erwartet ihren Sprung,
Der Wind heult mit den Wülfen,
Der Himmel verbirgt sich hinter dem finsteren Tuch,
Um diese letzte Tat nicht zu sehen...

7. Dominion

I dreamt dreams, holy things they were
Visions wherein all the future was laid out.
I'm the one, the one they placed on the throne of night.
Under the moonswept skies of the surface
So long ago...

I'm your captor, prophet king of an elder age
Who has returned in fulfillment of the prophecy.

For did not the Holy One banish me?
Punished for the greatness of my vision?

The long wait is ending,
Soon we will have our vengeance.
Destiny has prepared us a destiny,
Achieved with the death of the heir of God.

I'm your captor, prophet king of an elder age
Under the nightswept skies of the surface.
I ascend the throne of the night again
Under the nightswept skies of the surface.

Where before there was silence
The shadows are now filled.
Filled with the sound of sharpened claws.
Captured with the piercing toneless song.

8. Behold His Arrival

Infernal regions filled with souls,
No hope of resurrection.
Well kept in this dark surrounding,
Left to cruel subjection.

But the King of Glory, spreading light, draws near
To give salvation and to dispel all fear.
He came to release and save
Those lost and burning souls that crave... him!

The Prince of Death and his Prince of Hell
Exercise their godless might.
In a permanent state, state of darkness
All their pieces of mankind.

The Lords of Hell commence to quarrel
On Satan's sentence, sentence of death.
Their sombre impious, impious dominion,
Subjection lies ahead.

The bringer of light approaches them,
Trampling on the Prince of Hell.
Sets him under the reign of Death
And leaves the Princes to themselves.
- to themselves.

Infernal regions filled with souls,
No hope of resurrection.
Well kept in this dark surrounding,
Left to cruel subjection.

[From: The Apocryphal Books: Nicodemus, Chapters 16, 17 and 18]

9. Nobody Will Miss You

I am not insane. You frighten me.
Leave me alone or I must defend myself.
Defend myself against these voices, against your presence.
I can't go on - leave me alone.
I will destroy you, bring all this to an end.
You won't torment anybody - Nobody will miss you.
Your blood will be my salvation - I will swallow your heart.
I'm in service of God, in service of MY God.

Feel my despair, feel my wrath
I have warned you, now you will find your rest

Your skin will protect me against the chilling frost of night.
Your flesh will be my nourishment.
Your blood will blend with mine.
I swallow you - you swallow me.
Feel my punches, feel my love
I delivered you from life.

Now you will find your rest.

The feast of love is over, in far distance is your yelling.
I'm not insane - you made me thus.
I had to defend myself somehow.
To kill you, to deliver you was my deed.

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