Dark Lyrics


1. Temphioth Workings

By the calls ov the averse eye
Luciferian light ov darkness
The abysmal depth ov subconcious paths
Embodiment ov liberation

Summon the sigils to flesh
Dominus Satanas
Breed within me oh serpent ov black

Sub velamine mortis
Nigra veneficium
Antropomorphic apparition
Triangle ov darkness
Divine occultation

Illumminated by shadow and flame
The birthing knife ov libation
Envenomed as a starless night
(Solitude a) Vessel ov conscious awakening

Summon the sigils to flesh
Blessed by thy darkness
Beyond the veil of the death

Clothed in a robe ov lamenting flesh
Tongues ov benevolance
Wraith ov the void (Arezura)
Mysteries ov the depths
Fiery adversary and patron ov the path

2. Carved To Pieces

On remains ov blood and bone I thrive
Holocaustic carnal lust
Madness divine
Let the tongues ov murder be my guide

Prophetic parasitic plague
Vile insects that reside in the shade
Absolute genocide
Eradicate their sulfurous beliefs & shrines
Rejoice in depths ov flesh
Nihilistic hand ov death

Tireless destruction ov the unhinged swine
Darkness unbound in quenchless might
Extinguish the kingdom ov false divine
Let the tongues ov murder be my guide

Endless torture
Reaping life
Maiming flesh

Carved to Pieces
Rancid stench
Entrails lie
I rape and rape
Debris ov aborted life

Set the world Ablaze
Steel carving flesh
Man a cancerous waste
Universe ov pest
Glorious hate
Harvest fruits ov death
Absorb human kind
Revel in total death

3. Inanimatus Absqui Anima

Cthonic Whore
Let’s rob some emptiness from these graves
Tempt the deathwish
Like the raptor on it’s prey
White pulvering bones to ash
Smothered is this swamp ov flesh
Unraveled visions reveal to me­
The sex ­
Her luscious divinity

Aesthetic perversions in the flesh
Lick away the salt from the sweat between her thighs
Blue, cold and passed away
Her body, once alive
Once Alive!

The Rape ov Kore!­

The blade, Her throat, My hands, Feel cold
The rope, Her neck, The specter ov death
Alive no more.
This gracious whore
Cthonic princess. Heleneion whore
!Heleneion whore!

The Rape ov Kore!­

[spoken voice:]
“And now with rising terror from the dark void ­Thanatos­
The atrophy ov her beauty­
Swayed in blood.
A maroon aurora stretches, throughout these tar blackwalls ­
Wherein I beset, Her cold and crimson death.”

The blade, Her throat, My hands, Feel cold
The rope, Her neck, The spectre ov death
Alive no more. This gracious whore
Cthonic princess. Heleneion whore
!Heleneion whore!

The Rape ov Kore!­

And pray that all may come
That vulgarisis body and soul
Eater of innocence
Destructor ov form
The vanity ov your decay
A flourishing myrtle trampled
A Pantheon ov deprived
Corperal sway

4. Crowned In Smoldering Ash

Unshackled from this carnal garment full ov wretched, cancerous devouring light
A desirous carrier ov a venal melancholic lie
Subdued misery
Loathsome in every stride

Profound intense exultation
Vermin ov the womb
Lamb ov deceitful desire

Devouring pallid tides
Taste, Crowned in smoldering ash
Ghastly voices rise
Announce My beckoning death
Desolate freedom
Imprisoned by the murmur ov a formless life
Necromantical screams
Tortured wails
Withers the flame – Maze ov the blind

Embody and nourish
The cold caressing down my spine
Profound intense exultation
Valour – Wields the knife

Arterial purging
Inhale the beckoning yonder
A Numb weary embrace
The jaws ov this lawless hunger
Incised dissonance ov silence
Coagulation ov a pulsating flood
Unrelenting torment – binds this hearse ov flesh and bone
The oncoming wall ov darkness
Endless salvation pierced with poisoned thorns
Ground becomes my flesh
Wallowed in ashes cold

5. Nekrovaginal Secretions

Passion of heat enclosed between her thighs
Her body quivers from seduction
Pacified gazing eyes
Echoes ov her mourning

Morbid touch full ov dark desires
The pale skin lies corrupted
Vertiginous beauty
Lingering in demise

Muted by the dust and soil of the grave
Shadow tongue from beneath the burial drape
Wreathed in infectious decay
Imprisoned by a slumbering haze
A Deathless sleep
Enslavement ov the freshly pale

Robed in the vile stench ov death
Casting spells – Sacrificial offering
Carving knife – Etching Paths
Somber sanctum ov her suffering

Pacify the hunger
Mouldered flesh
Bearer ov worms
Exalted crown ov death
The warmth ov decomposing searing cunts
Taste ov necrovaginal secretions
Mount the lifeless garment
Ritual masturbation
Muted beauty – bridled carnal lust
Necrophagous devouring
Tempestuous desire nourished by fertile rot
A mangled bleakness – tantric awakening

6. Gospel Ov Perversion

Wade through echoes ov terrestrial flesh
Temple ov decomposition
Breathing wounds
Grotesquely disharmonized
Ravenous….erotic desire

Salacious sounds ov mournful suffering
Rapturous communion with the dead
Mangled cunt depraved and gaping
Lurid deeds ov wickedness

Thighs enclose the mouth ov withering
Unfold moist draped tender flesh
Swollen tongue swirls through her labia
Fungoid slime
Drips from the cleft

Miasmic voluptuous harbour
Breathing in the pungent scent
Purity ov sin upon the altar
Banquet ov the pale……
and withering
Maculate grey veiled garment
Ritualized passionate flesh
Putrid lust for the woeful dormant
Harlot ov……dismemberment

7. Morbid Rites

Wielder – ov the blackest crafts
Black Magikal Fire
From the seething cauldron
A Sepulchral – gong reverberates
Through out the temple
Burial vale

Serpent harlot ov the death
Rites ov nekrophilic acts
Cloaked in phosphorescent paleness
Burning loins ov wickedness

Resplendent – impious darkness
Beckoning frantic wails
Despair absorbed by dust
Boundless – devouring eternities
Odious essence
Veils ov carnal rot

Quench the thirst ov this profane void
Lamentations from beneath the mouldy soil
Tongue ov flame hissing ash and coal
Exhume the rotten flesh from its barren abode

Withered within a profane grave
The infants blood
Balm for the slumbering pale
Imperious – sexual lust
Rapturous communion
Glorious lamb ov carnal rot

Procession ov the formless grey
Within damp tomb caverns
Putrefied skin like glistening clay
Devotion ignites the flaming crown
Cadaver Mausoleum
Death’s beauty unbound

8. Tevfelskvnst

Nebulous reflections
Nurtured by blood & flame
Servitude to wickedness
Beyond the shadows ov the Grave
From the river ov blackened waters comes forth this dormant creation
The desolated beauty in a cascade ov abomination

Hallucinogenic forms
Seas ov eroded bones
Pathogenic whores
Born from the withered womb

Frozen tongues
Sing a requiem ov woeful cries
From the depths ov Irk-al-la
Shadows dance like a rapteuos blazing pale fire
Salvific darkness runs through venal clotted veins
Pacified hearts revived by morbid grace

Nocturnal sacrifice
Purity defiled

Self-deifying sexual rites
Incestuous crimes

Daughters ov Cain
Communion ov pale
Gospel ov whores
Invocation ov the nine brides

The light ov the crescent moon
Engulfed by a blackened storm
As the daughters ov mist
Take anthropomorphic form
Naked mantles nourished and mothered by her deamon blood
Shadow flesh servitors ov her sexual lust

9. Open Casket

[originally by Death]

M — Drums
F — Vocals, Guitars
S — Bass
J. — Guitars

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