Dark Lyrics


1. Paranova

Will the hard or soft target be the one that they take
When the rites are going down?
Will this terrible silence be broken with agitated
Calls to hunt you down?

When the stage is set, the line is drawn
The curtains up, the lights are on
And you’re on your own

When the fever’s set, the crowd is hot,
The gloves are off, the knives are out
And you’re on your own

Where the song has gone to grain
Here the faceless conjugate and breed

2. Monochrome

And under the sun, the ignorant ones
Between the earth and clouds they lay
Awaiting a sign, a movement deciding
How to think and what to say

Turn to the same page, skip to the same frame
Oh how it feels to feel the same
Oh mirror of lies, come forge a disguise
Copy and paste, copy and paste

Is that all there is?
Conform and display

And the answers drift through the air
Illuminating those who hear
It’s all illusion-weaving but still
Comfort the masses unfulfilled

What’s a dream to the dreamer, real?
Like it never was tainted by the earth
You may not be the best that you can
But you’re safe and sound in the end

Hide in the whores

3. Fear Of A Unique Identity

Of all the foals upon the tallest hill
With aching intent to walk
Who has the salt to stand of their own will?
With no consequence at all

Fear of a unique identity

To seal in stone inclusion with the pack
Where safety comes being one
Every move must be part of the act
And not overstep the mark

To stand alone is to be exposed
A shining light in a concrete world
A target sign for the legions and hordes

With fading I, the lie is born
Stealing minds from the vacant halls
Sold alive to the dominant law

4. Firewalking

As a man you’ll understand liberty
But stay aware when you hear the sirens ring
Know your foe, for where he walks you will never perceive the colour of freedom

You can walk with your eyes wide open through coal
But the harder you try it’s blowing so slow

Build a wall between your soul and reality
Only then will your head be truly free
Paint a face over your veins so nobody can see the horror you’re feeling

Are you praying for an end to this?

We’d all love to fly away

5. Here Come The Men

Here come the men, they understand
Each other’s need for other men
For all alone there’s no defence
There’s no saviours

Here come the dogs they’re on the path
They sense each other’s comfort breath
They’re sickly drunk with confidence
So give it up

It’s not the way they change, but how they stay the same
In the coldness of the hollow streets here

Here come the men they’re in their cars
Here come the men with scarecrow arms
Here come the men, let’s be alarmed
As the contest begins

Get on the daisy chain, and forfeit sense for gain
In the coldness of the hollow streets here

Are you big enough?
Are you strong enough?
Are you hard enough?
Are you flush enough?
Are you hung enough?
Are you straight enough?
Are you white enough?

6. Uniformed & Black

They’ll wake you up when you’re sane
Come rape what morals remain
And love you to fold away
When they spill out on display

Don’t breed on me

The mindless will fall into place
No will to hold back the parade
And then when they’re forced and arranged
They’ll move like the wind shifts the rain

Embracing a lie
Got stuck on rewind
Requiem in constant replay

7. Wide Awake

Here in this severance we’re calmly incomplete
We’ve always tried so hard to keep emotion from our sleeves
No small change in a paper cup no hint of deity to promise Eden

Who’ll shout our names in marble halls for everyone to hear?
While hollow masses plot the course of grace so insincere
Seems everyday they print the names of those who tried to make a change
Who’s next in line to try?

The deaf fall back to making claims to immortality
By congregating, playing games designed to drag your days away
Is there anyone real, is there anyone real who feels right to be here?
In this concrete lie

While the sea is so cold
We leave the toys on the shelf
Try to kiss through the snow
And as the callous grow, the mild remain in here alone

If the cuts should fall from the air would the lines still hang somehow?
Could the walls regain in pride after all has dared to transpire?

Here in this severance were calmly incomplete

While the sea is so cold
We leave the toys on the shelf
Try to kiss through the snow
And as the callous grow
They bow down in droves
To the loudest throne
And we hide as the uniformed clone

8. The Parade


9. A Place In The Sun

From a place up high it’s been decreed
That crimes against your God shall set you free
For all the holy men will take a seat
And advocate the cause with apathy

And if you make enough mess when the working day is done
You’re guaranteed a place in the sun

If the plates were laid out differently
In your honoured place I’d rather be
So if you hesitate or lose belief, just believe
And think of all the cunts that you’ll receive

And if you make enough mess when you murder number one
You’re guaranteed a place in the sun

Music and lyrics: Mick Moss
Members: Mick Moss (vocals, lead guitar, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, synthesizers, piano, programming, samples, producer, mixer)
Guest appearances: Colin Fromont (drums), Vic Anselmo (vocals), David Hall (violin)
Mastering Engineer: Maor Appelbaum

Thanks to antimatterorders for sending these lyrics.

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