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1. Pursuit

Do you know him
He had lots of friends
Showed up in many places
What was his name
He liked to drink and smoke
Where is he now
No one says a word
They turn their heads away and look down
I searched everywhere
He was a respected dweller and you were seen together there
No justice here
This is harmful
This is vain
And will cost you much

2. Seismic Report

My earth
Bury the fire
Devour the water
Rip the clouds
Under the weight of our lies
Split my earth
Burst with heat
Take the roads
Grind the houses
All is yours
Take us
You are strong
My earth
Our mother
Take us

3. Ecstasy

This is bloodthirsty
This is dense like lust
This is carnal like smell
Fear of yourself
Sticky like crime
This is aggressive
It's in you
The ecstasy

4. Neutral Balance

I sit in front of a wall
I sit in front of a mirror
I sit in front of an abyss
The painting
Fall asleep
I lose my illusions
I am stillness
The headless dream
Without the beginning the middle and end
A less of neutrality
A genius spellbound by silence
Conscience closed in a wardrobe
Free from fallacy an guilt

5. Order

Someone told me to come here
Sign it and see things
Go find ordered
Decided himself
Simplified the process
It's good to be here
People are pretty nice
And feelings quite real
To be deceived
You can be deceived

6. Pending

Suspended between the delusions
I've got blood inside me
I've got mind inside me
I've got a labyrinth inside
With no way out
Pending between the misconceptions
I've got time useless for all
I've got a game
Void of logical rules

7. Remembering Nothing

I've reached the destination
I've reached too far too high
Remembering nothing
I was left alone in the vapor of your dreams about me
I last invoking ghosts
Asking for the gift to feel happiness

8. Barbapapex

9. Psychonaut

In own nature
Rediscover yourself
To make it surrender
To make it obey
To walk without fear
To love without pain
To be on your own
And find the gate
To rinse the soul
Give it the wings
To heave the body
In own nature
Rediscover yourself

10. No

I have no name
No wisdom
No idea
I have no want to pleasure
No mood for fight
I have no appetite
No discipline
No delusions
I have no conscience
I have no talent
But I know who I am

11. After

After there is death
There is uselessness
After there is no fear
It's airless and tight
After nothing means much
A step off the ledge into all the filth
After the death is useless
The pain of animal agony
Now is in you
Here in us

12. By And By

Before long there will be tomorrow
As that thing has to go
The river will polish the glass with its flow
The blood on the feet will be gone
And when you come to breathe easier with the air
The big wind will blow everywhere
Waves will raise and break
Before long maybe we will stand
By and by
In just a moment
Maybe anon

13. Shymrok

14. Types Of Waste

Ending an unreadable sentence
I forgot about myself retreating
I remembered that I was hungry
That might be harmful
Yopu can never risk anything
For the last time

15. Asylum

You used to be better
Anything could amuse you
There was importance in every moment
You left too much things
And have no strength to see yourself youused to be
But now you just keep quiet
I see you get away
But I want you to know
That every road leads to the same place

16. Unreachable

There's silence so bright
Imbued with instinct
There's power so intensive
Born before the thought
There's gravity like penance
Always when you hope
There's blasphemy of a child against his mother
There's time standing still
There's direction unreachable

17. Stars

Lit golden tree crowns with millions of fires
That showed me the road to the world
Were charmed by the sight of stone on the grass
Grey mirror of sky
You have more than you think
Than you can imagine
When you are proud
Standing praying on the sunset

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