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1. Welcome to Ereyn

You, Oracle
Tell us the solutions
To bring back here
Wisdom, peace and serenity

Empyr soils our integrity
We must find a way to keep it
Prepare to fight
My dear old friends

Dark is the omen...

2. Question of Honour

In a time when the monsters
Meet the dwarfs
In a far aeon of tumult
Ereyn is losing its honour
Under the torn mask of Empyr
People don't risk to walk alone
Eaten raw by their own race
A council seems a bit late now
The only answers lie
With the dead

Where is it gone?
All the wisdom?
Knowledge and art?
It has to stop
We have to find
A way leading

To the Oracle
Deep down beneath the world
Far away to the west
Beyond mounts
Where answers dwell

Now that Chaos is rising up
And the coming days
Will be darker
Only one chance is left for us
And I, Amryl, will take up
This burden
My father Arquel was so safe
His age wasn't troubled
By one threat
I have to dig up
The tomb of the pure
The only answers lies
With the dead

Our sky has changed
No more wisdom
But pain and hate
It has to stop
We have to find
The way leading

To the Oracle
Deep down beneath the world
Under peculiar skies
Beyond mounts where the evil lies

It's just a question of honour
That today seems almost lost
For a question of control
Over the realm that we all love
(Let us live now)
To control us...

3. Lords of a World

We are the ones
Who tuck you
In your unsuspected slumber
You poor little pawn
Blinded by fake hopes
We gave you

For the kingdom
For its glory for its splendour
It doesn't matter
The footpath you stride
What's important is to make
Your goal your pride

"I, pure heir of Paon
I swear to defend
The interests of my land
Of my Empyr
The foes' in my way
Still yield under my arm
I'm ready to summon
The dark Chaos of War!"

Lords of a world we'll be
Pushed by our endless greed,
We grow
Abusers of the minds
Storm the rich to the blind
We rule
Ereyn won't resist, no!

We'll soon now control this earth
(we'll be lords of the world)
All will fall, one by one

Glory to our young majesty
Lead us to our great destiny
Glory to our young monarchy
Lead us to the doomed anarchy

Lords of a world we grow
Helped by our silent monks
So strange
Keepers of all our tomb
They will stand
By our swords sharp-edged
Ereyn should shake right now

We'll soon now control this earth
I, Myrrac, the great emperor...

4. Through the Sleeping Seaweed


5. Forgotten

Lost in a tortured haze of sorrow
The maze of my blind soul
Each way leads to a wall
As hard and dense as stone

Oh we're not alone
As long as we got goals
Oh I am so alone
Driven by strange forces
I don't know

Cast in a new coast of the west
Leaving all behind the rest
Oh tell me who I am
Please I beg...
Oh I'll walk alone
As far as my sorrow
Oh and I'm so alone
Driven by strange forces
I don't know

Forgotten in a land
Spared by decadence
The gods seem only here
In their silent stones
Strange is a new world
And its lore of legends
So distressing the way
They're forgotten

A brand new weapon
In my arm in my soul
A gift from a martyr
That lives on and on

But you know when you must go
Called by the unknown
New start with no return
For my past for my future

Strange forest of life
Blurred by the Syl sprites
Haunted by some orcs
Ruled by a white lord

I saved your life my friend
Loyal defender
Our first meet was brief
But in your eyes I see

The future of the world
Surrounded by terror
Will show new actors
Bringing new powers
Forgotten demon's race
Will spit its venom straight
Down into Ereyn
Which is still on unknown place
Lead me

I feel deep inside
That we'll fight one day
Side by side...

6. Lion-Snake

Transcending the black forest
Step by step
Following the dark instructions
Of Arquel
I stray in these green quicksands

Quench my hunger
With some savage pigs
As Sylvester sprites
Run around me
They toy with me and
Say I will never leave

I captured one to
Stop this masquerade
He begged for mercy
Cried its people's guilt
And their doomed fate
Caused by a lion-snake

"Help us seek and
Kill this bad omen
We'll unlock
The doors of the exit"
Started my hunt my bow
In my left hand

Never been confronted
To such a monster
As I saw this endless body
Twirling round a trunk
Wounded bleeding beast
Fleeing and surrounded
And trapped
As I draw the bow but it shifts

(Shift) (Blurred) (Shape)
The angel is hiding the snake
(Pure) (Grey) (Lamb)
Possessed by a lion consenting pupped

"I'm sorry Amryl... I'm doomed
and the sprites have to pay for
me, it's my burden. But drink,
drink and rest, my mirror is yours,
My house, me, and you're mine!"

Oh mother
Forgive my soul my departure
The tears on your cheeks
But my only guide
Is my instinct now
I cannot even try to flee

Endless dream
Madness cries its scream
Unknown frontier
Pleasure or pain and tears
Wet by shame
Used for an inversed rape
Surrealist scene
Will I even wake up

(Shift) (Blurred) (Shape)
The angel is hiding the snake
(Pure) (Grey) (Lamb)
Doomed mirror's mine
Blood will open the gates

7. Where the Secrets Lie

Places you're not
Supposed to be in
Ancient walls and fantasy
A place where I stand now

The brook falls out
Of the cave of twins
Stone colossus
With eyes gleaming
Tears on breast
Fountain from high

But why, what is that?
Glints of jewels in their hands
Is this the end

(No way I am lost
front of giants ghosts)
Crawling in chaos

I want to know I am sure
I must fly but I need more
And those eyes staring of me
What's beyond oh mystery

But now!
It's been too many times
I was apart from games
From the lies of rulers
The mirror in hands
Will solve the riddle and...
No what's happening?

(My blood flowing out
The door opens wide)

No eye has seen that
Where the secrets lie
Beyond our minds
(No way we are lost
front of open doors)
One step to the stone
I know I'll be gone

Leaving this fake world...

The answers lie forward
The fountain of tears
The secrets lie here
Beyond Wonderland
Fresh welcoming grounds
Holy shining towns
All our dreams unbound

I'll find the answers
I'll remove the chaos curse
(The way we have found front of giants blind)
Crawling to find...

We'll find the answers
We'll remove the Chaos curse
'Cause there's no end
(Our blood wasted out
the doors open wide)

No eye has seen
Where the secrets lie
Beyond our minds
(The way leading to
Magic is not far)
One step to the stone
And forever gone
Leaving this fake world...

8. The Walk Among the Ruins

First I'm too shocked to see
What is surrounding me
The place that wasn't
Supposed to be is still here
(What was that trip?)

The same old statue is watching
Door lonely dreams demolished
The green queen now has begun
Her total recovery

From this dead town emanates
Such powerful destiny
The wind in tall grasses
Is kind caressing my body

I've been running for so long
Why don't I just rest a bit
Tender cushion is waiting
For me, in this field
I just can close my eyes...

9. In the Maze of a Nightmare

Awakened in a dream
Surprised but not rested
Unexplained loss of time
One day one week or more
Prowling through the ruins
Greener more sinuous
Why did the notes lead me here
Time will tell

No birds no sound but my feet
Won't know the purpose
(of the maze)
Until I reach the end of it

The arch I see
Something is coming
And then I feel catatonic

(In the maze of a nightmare)
You can forever wait
For the time to awake
(In the maze of a nightmare)
It never happens
The scars hurt for real
(In the grip of a warlord)
His four red arms grasp you
And shred your flesh
(In the maze of a nightmare)
Nothing left but unfurl
A white flag and flee

Endless turmoil of dementia
All the exits lead to the fight
Damned town without
Any landmark
All is done to feel an outcast
Oh why I'm here?
One more stone
For the last fine trip
Yes the shrine
The only fleeing place
Ready to confront
The glorious desert of jewels...

(In the maze of a nightmare)
You can forever wait
For the time to awake
(In the maze of a nightmare)
It never happens
The scars hurt for real
(And when retracing your steps)
Nothing's left but to swallow
Your pride and stray
(In the maze of a nightmare)
'Lost a lot and realize it was in vain...

10. The Desert of Jewels

No, this time it's over
No more hope nor illumination
I should have stayed
On the other side
I should never have left dwarfs
I'd longingly burn this parchment
As my body under this firmament

Oh, no ruby, no diamond
Only dry sand...
My open sores bleed and
Stain my already clouded mind
I strive to do a quest
That is not mine
Under this heavy sky...

Burn! Burn!
My skin burns no time and lose
To save water and food
Empty horizon
Showing the lack of construction

No more stone for the statue
No more fountain blue
Not allowed is the return
Only exploration, profound

Zenith strikes straight now
The only thing to do is suffer
Until I crack
Until my flesh starts falling off...

"His back against a rock
To find a shade of cold
Amryl vanished, far away
Without realizing it..."

Poor Amryl
Lost in his thoughts
Poor Amryl
Already gone
Out of his corpse
Forever and ever
Alone be disappears

This is paradise, vision divine
And now I know how it ends
Nature rivers never dry up
And the illusion is perfect
Dear saint leader
Horse defender
You brought me there
Blessed you are then (thanks!)
In my paradise I now can die...

Thanks to Xavier-Lukhas for sending these lyrics.

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