Dark Lyrics


1. Twelve Twenty Two

As innocent life is born.
Behind locked foors and concrete walls.
It's injected with poisons.
Eyes melt, skin burns.
It cries and it bleeds.
Until finally, finally it breaks.
I can feel the misery,
I can feel the cold in your heart
No compassion, no love.
You're stunning, you're beautiful
You would kill for attention
What will it take to cure your apathy?
500 deaths a day for your beauty.
Where is the science?
There is no benefit,
Only fraud and mass murder.
It's blood is statistics,
But smells of burning flesh.
Just a haze of blood and shit.
I will stop at nothing to make this right.
Got to find a way to set this world free.
To set their world free.

2. Wolves & Cowards

Tonight's the night, we come clean,
Truth is, I got nothing to say.
But you can't see your desperation anyway.
This is the point when the lights are meant to go
You and everything seems to hit?
But the lights just get brighter
And now the crowds start to form.
The words break and the silence hits.
Relentless, crushing, can't shake the disbelief.
It's hard to think I once called this place my home.
So I retreat to the only place I know,
The only place that holds me.
The only that holds me,
The only place that I can go.
I take the spotlight it seems
And look into the dark
(instantly surrounded by wolves and cowards)
I see the hunger in their eyes,
But they wont feast tonight,
Cowards, words not faces, liars, disgraces
You wont break me, you wont break me.

3. No Regrets?

I used to be a better man,
But these years have seen me fall.
I held the taste of glory and pride.
But that life has gone, sour in the sun.
Days are shorter, nights are too damn long.
Now the bitter taste of failure sits on my tongue,
Full of cliches, full of shit.
But I like the way the sky shines,
When you look it through open eyes.
I like the wya the city burns,
When you see the flames of freedom spark.
I still am, that better man
And these years have seen me tested,
I still hold the taste of floury and pride,
My beliefs are strong
They shine with the sun,
Still full of cliches, still full of shit.
I know now, the colour of regret,
Its blood red (I'm blood red),
I guess I'm better for it.

4. The Golden Years

So you stare in disgust at the face in the mirror
Bloodshot, your eyes are hazy
And the mist from the shower
Doesn't hide your neck sagging onto your bare chest
You look down but you can't see the floor,
Only thick white, flesh.
Liver spots texturise,
And you can feel it dying too.
Every drink, every step brings you closer to the sun.

You rest on a crutch, never wanting to walk
You'd rather crawl, rather slither across the floor
You stare in disgust at the face in the mirror
Cursing life for being so unfair,
You bought it all, the lies, the freedom,
Everything had a price and you paid

The sun is setting, and you are sinking,
You are broken your flesh is diseased,
And your bones are brittle
And you still don't understand, that you lived a lie?

5. This Gun

This gun is resting against my head,
I'd sooner pull the trigger than hear your voice again,
I'd rather be dead.
You talk, you fucking scream right through me.
Nothing but fear and silence is all I hear.
Its all I hear, its all I fucking hear.
One thousand cliches could never describe your ignorance.
You ain't fighting for difference,
You're just clinging to an old tradition,
That you don't even understand.
You are scared of change.

6. Bleached

Living with the feeling that you are never good enough,
Haunted by your mistakes,
No substance can erase that bitter taste (although we try)
Never feeling, that what you have is enough.
Stuck in the heart of this parasite,
As it pushes the sides out to die.
Concrete falls apart & cultures are left to rot on the outside.
Always wanting something more, always asking why,
The powers that be are trying to create a one world homogenized society.
The constant removal of variety in other cultures & people.
I feel like I don't belong, constantly fighting demons on the inside.
Constantly fighting the self doubt this culture grew inside of me.
Life is nothing I saw on tv, I don't see the happy ending.

7. The Twilight Years

I've watched the sunset on this western paradise.
I've seen the faded edges, witnessed the lights burn out.
Now the world is freezing, and it is fucking dark
The blood red tide is rising and there's no high ground.
Arms bound and legs shaking, we can't kick to save ourselves.
The faint flow of burning flags sends shivers down our spines,
This is what we fought for?
A desolate wasteland, raped and scorched.
The waters will rise, to wash away the filth,
But the blood they spill will never match their guilt.
Once stood a shimmering city, full of soulless sheep,
Under mountains of concrete that pierced the sky.
The privileged kissed the stars and we kissed their feet,
But now this city build on sand has finally sunk beneath
And now we swim like sharks through the roughest of seas,
Trying to salvage the shipwreck of humanity

8. We Are The Dead

A world built on fear and flesh.
With x's on eyes, we sit complacent.
These burning lights they blind our eyes.
Thirsts are quenched from our veins turned rivers.
I beg to question, what makes you different?
I beg to question, what you do for difference?
You are alive, open your eyes.
You are alive, open you eyes.
So who wants to be so pathetic
That they spend their final days
Bathing in their own self pity?
Now's the time for our actions
To speak louder than our words.
Let the silence end, here and now.
We are alive.

9. Celebrity

While plastics kept our beauty to your last breath.
No science could keep your heart from embracing death.
You died an angel, on top of the highest mountain.
You stole the love of thousands
And your death only glorifies the pain
Of living in a star glazed world.
You took that last breath as we watched,
Hoping for the world,
To collapse with your lungs
And so after all these years kept alive
From the glow of our eyes.
Nothing, nothing, could save you from time.
Never aging in books, plastics kept your looks,
You spread the infection.
They would die for beauty,
They would die for power,
Just a kiss from the heavens.
So powerful with your beauty,
So captivating, so ethereal.
Your wisdom shines like a vacuum sealed dream,
But that pain, that infection,
Will never find a home in me.
You will never exist in me, praise be!
Prophets of delusion,
Prophets of material things,
I don't believe in you.

10. Misery

Soaked in blood, bound by hair & skin.
I won't carry this flag.
Murder and torture, aren't virtues I can hold
And apathy is a disease that will never consume me.
I sleep with my eyes open, waiting for the tides to change.
To bring you to your knees, if only for one day.
To see the suffering, you will taste... misery will have her revenge.
As the animals die, you stand fit to prosper
But when the cancerous tumors explode inside of you
And the soil beneath rots away,
They will see you in hell and you will be... judged.
You will pay, misery.
We are gold, in your world of filth.
We are gold and we sleep with our eyes open.

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