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1. These Cities, Our Graves

We are dying.
We are diseased.
We are the cancer that is killing these streets

2. The Walking Dead

I watched myself dying.
Choking on this pathetic consumer...death.
My eyes are burnt.
My tongue is cut.
And I am lying in a pool of my own blood.
Coloured black from this parasitic poising.
Coloured black because I hate myself.
And I just opened my eyes.
To see I'm sitting still in darkness.
This world is shit.
This world is not mine.
And I cant rise above this filth.
Dragged back down.
Knee deep in shit I'm drowning.
Choking on this pathetic consumer wasteland.
And I'm buying.
I bought it all.
I bought my freedom for $9.95.
And I don't feel a thing.
I don't feel anything anymore...
Are you searching for something?
Never feeling quite complete...
No one knows what they want.
Who they are or where they are going.
Because there is no answer.
We're already dead

3. Hollywood

Hollywood is the rotting heart of a decaying nation.
And this heart wont stop beating until we burn it down.
Silhouettes, streetlights your selling yourself.
Just distractions.
You weak motherfuckers your living your life on your knees.
You weak motherfuckers.
Modern culture is a disease.
You ain't living your just killing.
You ain't living your just consuming.
Hollywood is the rotting heart of a diseased population.
And this heart wont stop infecting until we burn it down.
And this heart wont stop beating until we burn this city to the ground

4. Show Some Heart (Go Vegan)

The weak are getting weaker.
And the youth are dead or pacified.
Your living your tv dream.
While the innocent are bred to die...
I'll take a stand for those who cant.
I'll scream for those who cant speak.
Caged and slaughtered.
A life of misery.
Just to line the pockets of rich companies.
While we suck at the hand of media and corporations.
We grow fat and sedated.
We kill and destroy...
Our life is over consumption.
Go vegan

5. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

What has this become.
A loveless parade of inhibition?
A lack of morals and respect.
Now I'm a lover.
Never a fighter
But this shit has to end.
Show some respect.
Your still a whore nothing more nothing less.
Keep your dicks in your pants scum bags.
Keep your dick in your pants

6. The Birth Of Tragedy

We are all fucking diseased...
A cancer rotting in these concrete tombs.
We built the cages.
We joined the chains...
Now we lie motionless in these cities our graves...
As soon as I opened my mouth to breath
I was choking on the irony...
Theres no salvation left.
I tried to find it in a lovers eyes.
And in them I saw this city ablaze.
The tragedy we play out..our lives burning.
Like the crosses we cemented on the hillside looking down on us.
A reminder of the disease that flows like blood through these streets.
This is the age of hate.no second chances.
I live a life of spite...
I made my choice and I will fight for my convictions.
I made my choice and I will fight for my beliefs tonight

7. (Not Even) Silver Bullets

After these years of running against their walla.
My body is bruised.
I'm bleeding.
My hand is numb but kept alive my hope.
But hope for what?
A fucking revolution?
Our fucking salvation?
The sun has already set on the ignorant years of my life.
We watched it burn to a bitter ending
in the dawn of a jaded light.
Now I'm at your daggers edge.
Waiting for the final curtains to fall...
Jokes on you mother fucker.
You cant kill whats already dead.
Theres something left in this cold heart
That tells me this ain't over yet.
Jokes on you mother fucker.
You cant kill whats already dead

8. Suicide Girls

Cold skin to shaking lip.
She is a shell for you.
To be beautiful is to be raped... By love?
Just a lifeless longing for touch.
Screaming and clawing for more.
With those 523940 eyes.
She thinks its love.
And in those m12 amethyst lips.
She thinks its love.
As you caress her cold body.
Shes shaking.
Shes empty.
Just another shell for you.
Fucking magician.
Fucking mind control.
Cold skin.
In all its beautiful lust.
Cold skin.
You stole her innocence.
You stole her beauty.
She is empty.
You clawed out her eyes

9. Q. What Do You Call Getting A Handjob From Mrs Calloway In The Back Of Her Jaguar? A. A Fucking Lie

All innocence is dead...
You can't lift your head.
Don't act so proud.
With your forked tongue spitting out my life.
A sitcom vulture.
Preying on peoples lives.
Like you had the higher ground?
Your life is a soap opera praising apathy.
Masturbating over fantasies.
Not one word.
We'll tear your throat out.
Cut you open to find there is nothing left inside.
Your empty.
No more words.
We'll tear your throat out.
Leave you speechless forever

10. Distance

[Re-release Bonus Track]

Hollow eyes, but alive and still diseased
Everyone is screaming, but no ones saying a thing..
1 thousand empty words from a thousand empty voices
Won't change a thing..

No culture,
No movement,
No expression,
Just distance.

Romanticised failure and apathy,
Their cross's keep burning, blind eyes keep turning
Centuries of progression for an age of ignorance
Do you feel the guilt? do you feel?

Lifetimes spent longing for an image
No consequence just decadence and greed -
Nothings gonna make you live forever
Do you feel the guilt? Wash the blood from your hands..

Blackened eyes, are you breathing?
Empty words, is your heart still beating?
You can't live forever, we just want to live now.

Find your voice, find those words, take it back
The time is now.

11. Stranger

[Re-release Bonus Track]

I still remember who you were and who you claimed to be
...and still
...inside and out
...you're fucking empty.
Nothing but a shell.
With different clothes, fake emotion, feigned personality.
I still remember who you were and who you claimed to be.

...with every word and every letter from every language,
I could not construct a single sentence,
That could do you justice.
That could express my disbelief.
At your pretentious lack of judgment...
The tongue in your cheek.

You said the world has changed,
That you haven't, that you just stayed the same.

It's sad to say that you became EVERYTHING YOU LOVED TO HATE

If you had any substance left,
I could look you in the eye and shake your hand,
To apologize, for the day when I snap
And I finally cut that tongue from your cheek..

Your jealous mouth may poison me - and your touch may burn my skin
But the rotting wound where your heart once was,
Will do more damage than I could ever give

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