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1. Earth Erasure

This is where it all ended - and began

The ridiculed humanity
by nature hierarch'es all of them
with characteristic aptitudes
inherited by our kind

and that needles me,
as well as observ them solemn eachother

Commence ignition!

"By melting the earth impact,
is taking our archaic world back - infact"

Plutonium melted the hemming chants
and sirens raised their howl
The stir past - you're (gone!)
Left a thousand chide words
to discern

"Beneath the veiling clouds, there lies our pauperizing
The far past abondoned relinquishment
the nuke was just a miscouncil

-But what about... "him"?

"He will stir into the opposition
but his plot will prevail
Do not worry..."

2. Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands

-The profound impact
put the inhabitants in a gasp!
In which ascendancy
that made their planet descent

The earth will transfigure
into a plantation strict
Of an eloquent exigency
with grit and persiflagness!

"Air travellers and their planes subsided to the grounds
and there was not a single light on the surface of the earth
Power was generated, but not used at all
A comprehensive told of an immense, electromagnetic
pulse in a scale larger than the surface of the earth itself"

This bomb had no purpose of killing!

3. Interloper

The cataclysm caused the waters to rise and fall and eventually render seas dry,
and these barren fields were once more walked upon by men
In the midst of the ever-stretching dunes,
an expidition finds metallic ruins previously submerged,
and excavations revealed a crash site of a vessel
A code was recovered from the insides,
its origin so old that its relations could be found in any culture
before the Erasure befell
There was even further mystifications when the carved
codes foretold the Erasure itself...

Giant salt desert
Laid to waste under the scarring sky
A fitting symbiose for such settings

...Into the deepening desert

Sow men the belief shield,
its splintering here lied buried
Paint men the portrait of consequence,
with motives of dunes

-After weeks traipsing, they saw something

We never imagined such findings.
Are we ment to solve the code,
or is it our undoing?

..And in the deserts roamed lawless men,
existing in the shadow
of what they could not understand.

Ungodly asperous waste,
what crazed prey would risk inhabitance?
Devoutly living off the barren plains
Awe of the relic unaccountable

Ulterior to the sands,
we made our greatest discovery
Unexaminable alloys subsumed,
and a component of uttermost significance

Their greatest minds solved the code partially,
but no one knew what they would find,
ascertaining the existance of the unknown...

4. Desert Messiah

Unbelievable enough, the seas sunk
But the sudden wide, reputable desert...
Thats the astounding!
After leaving the crash-site,
the expedition recovered even more mystical findings
Oversized tracks of footprints,
and rags of fabrics totally unknown to this world
were spread in a straight vertical line,
leading higher and higher
This is a newborn desert, and someone is here already
This is where He emerged...

-Who are you wanderer?

The insight of your own kinds defeat an irony
I am the formula, made and brought above your figment
Also what, you were thought to abhor

See me as the conduct!
I have elongated in the desert for thousands of years
as a nematode in the soil, awaiting this very moment!

-This enigma you bring up on us... Towards what does it lead?

A turning point, the prehistorical truth, adhered to all religious beliefs!

There are evidence
A companionship is what I require
All of you will collect the "shrewd" fragments of clues
that will unmask and then portent the expression; God!

Because I am that example!
Not world dominant
neither the architect of stars
But I represent heaven, just as much as hell!

5. Sowers Of Discord

"Phase two, built on offensiveness and even more untimidity:
a most influenced leader was seen to be abducted
to the ships of the unknown invaders"

Your deduction of superstition is your fiend,
a whole matter to this earth
Fatal as your breaching core

This is the premonition

And visualize this -
An autocracy
For you to obiter-dictum an own

"Every star a search we'we called (for a suitable resource furnish),
the project on earth is the greatest of them all"
It's eclectic correct,
face the manner

"There is nothing to disavow
This is the premonition"

6. The Axiom Depicted

Eventually the concorded general was sent back to earth
and as behested, he went to collct reverence and bonds
with the religious leaders all over the world
This breaking conspiracy unleased another cataclysm
one among peasants
just as predicted in the code...

I am the depiction of God
they have confronted me and revealed the truth
that will reunite us all,
because we're all retainers of the same gods

"Heed as the creator judges
Believe what untruth I've spawned
you only believe what I made
we're all retainers of the same gods"

For those who conspite - in that rediculous matter,
is now the objective of either convert or demolish
If a crusade in form of a civil world war is needed,
we will bring it...

"The testaments is verily the same thread
divided by false prognosticators"

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