Dark Lyrics


1. Button Button Who's Got The Button?

2. You Can't Keep A Cool Wizard In A Cage

We've been walking so long
your lips lead us on
Weakened by the lights,
but when your eyes are closed
you will see the sun

We only hoped that this would all be
one in the same in the end,
but you cannot help jealousy
when you're lusting through,
but my eyes will be fooled
by you and your tainted ways
you lie
lie to me

Watch as we all fall down to the street
wait to the side
wait here in vein
fight through the fog
you cannot hide
we will not stop, dont fight

[x4] Don't let us in, You cannot win

It's time to tell the truth behind the lies,
this is for you

I only hoped that this would turn
and find it's way back to you,
and everything you went through
this will be tied
no end this time
When you get out of breath,
write it down then die
god bless them they'll help you
until you have finally lived

We stand in silence
we stand inside this so we can see you standing silent
We stand inside ourselves so that I can see the truth
handing out a false impression
This will be you,
write it down on my heart

Stand inside
stand inside this so you can see you
Stand inside
stand inside yourself

3. One Man Wolf Pack

So this is what you wanted,
when your hands are tied behind your back and so content
You're a rook with no moves,
emptiness now ensues
and now you will feel exactly what it was
to rip away the paper mache
behind the mask it was you
behind the mask
it was you

I can taste the fear as I watch the tear
drip from off of your smoothed down porcelain face
break through the chains
of dispair and pain
Watch as the sun, it falls to the sea
you, feeling the same
run to the ship as it sinks in the bay
now we'll do the same
until they proclaim...

and we'll descend to the bottom,
of this empty hole,
that we claim is our home now
yet we still must dwell
on the actions dishonored
by you, burn in hell
bury all of the weakest
pray this is done now
we'll slowly die
we're still treating you wrong
don't make one false move
you're on the edge standing still
we'll bleed out the pain that's inside
bury yourself,
I confess to you it says,
run down
let this all go
but you didn't
now you sit

holding your head in your hands
block out the demons inside
praying to god, but only to pretend
your ignorance is innocent
Only to pretend, your innocence is pure

I will be left up on this hill,
that you died upon
The stars will die to see,
you picked his will
You pushed his will on us
to bind us to

I'm afraid that in footprints i've made
I'll look back and i'll feel records of my mistakes
even animals leave footprints of men
this time i'll hold fast to your hands
as your feet
are nailed to trees

4. Noob Saibot Versus Smoke

Repent, pray the storm will slowly go,
and wash away this guilt overtaking me,
and now
wipe the smile from off of this face and replace it

Blank stares fill the room
and yet all,
eyes are on me and I cannot see
You still feel the poison
rushing through your vains

With a quivering jaw you stand and stare right into the eyes
of the devil and he stares right back at you
and the devil he will stare right into your soul

Pray that the storm will come and flood me in the end
but I can't say what I want to be when i'm all alone
my god, we will never let them win again
we'll sit down

I dig deeper,
to pull myself together
no scars will be left upon
this body of mine
I want you to feel
the pain you left on them
the scars wont heal until you show us
what it means to feel this time
with your light

We are all the kings
you can't defy us
when you've only come this far

5. Leash On A Freak

So they said
all of you said
that this would never last
we proved them wrong once again
now it's time
oh its time
to pull the curtain
above their eyes

they said
they said
that we cannot walk the path they have laid
they said
they said
that we still walked out on you once again

my eyes have seen the glory of this unbecoming
oh its time, open your eyes,
and see what all this is coming to

they said
they said
that we still will doubt the path that they laid
they said
they said
that we cannot mark the book
they were wrong

Yet we stand right up here
in front of all of you and your kings
as we
sink our teeth to the bone
right to the bone

and it feels sincere,
when you take this all and you throw it back to me
bearing down all this pain
I can see the sky
as it parts and I rain down
the shells of the blood on your head

oh they came
took this land
well they took and left dried up
we will have nothing to pray about
oh it's time
open your eyes and see the future
and I can taste your flesh
when I sink my teeth right into your
open wound
open your eyes and see the truth

I will not be fueled by your endless lies
we are just waiting on all of you
it's too late for us to save anyone else but us
no time for this
we are stuck in your head
lets go,
we'll take the shadows that are covering the sun

These are the signs that we left
for you to lead on
These are the signs that we left
for you

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