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1. Chapter Chaos Begins

[Lyrics: Oscar Souto]

Never above you
Never below you
Always beside you
In this together?
Is this forever?
You're nowhere to be found
The silence is all around
Mute is the sound
Each day is getting worse

Visions of chaos
Foresight Disastrous
Living inferno
Dying minds
Breathing like fire
Burning times
Speculations of a war within
Sad but true
Chapter Chaos Begins

A growing cancer
Mortal behaviour
Sickening torture
Nothing's the same
End of the game
Just endless confrontation
Opposite direction
Brings frustration
Each day is getting worse

We are living a constant fight
We are struggling to keep alive
The passion of creation
Looking through different ways
No matter what, we will stay
As stronger than ever
Our friendship is magic
That's why, that's why
I rather let you go
Than become your foe

2. I Am Addicted

[Lyrics: Oscar Souto]

Always more and more
The war is going on
No one will stop it
I can't control it
Dig the hole myself
While pain crawls through my neck
I am no exception
A shadow on my back

Hostage forever to be found
Searching many ways to put me down
Half of me is very sane
The other one has just gone insane

So hard to resist
Can't get over this
I'm just another victim
I'll cease to exist
And still I insist
No matter what
No matter when
I know how this is going to end
I Am Addicted

System overload
Behaviour uncontrolled
I'm getting weak
Tied with a leash
Becoming someone else
Refusing any help
Blood turns to hate
All through my veins
A shadow on my back

3. Suffer The Consequences

[Lyrics: Oscar Souto]

For all the years of wait
For all the time of Waste
Understand this
It's never to late
My destiny unfolds
Got nothing else to hold
Forget the past
Present will work at last

Twisting my brain to become
Something new
Everything now is about what I do
It's time to rise
On my own two feet
People who dare win

I'll suffer the consequences

The walls are closing in
The vice is getting thin
A time to change
Before it's too late
I'll be the one to blame
If it all stays the same
A time to choose
All hell's breaking loose

Now is the time
To take what is mine
No looking back
Heading for attack
Living for my own sake
My voice will be heard
I was never a fake
It gets on my nerves
I don't give a fuck
And I don't really care
I will be responsible
For all the things I'll say and do
No more regrets
My own satisfaction
Fight for my dreams
A new resolution
Despite what you think
Give me what's mine
A slice of the pie
Arrival's not far
Nothing will stop me 'till I die

Suffer the consequences
I'll take back what's mine
Suffer the consequences
I'll take back my life

4. Fonce Ou Crève

[Lyrics: Oscar Souto]

Les dés sont jetés
Regard envenimé
Le combat ne fait que commencer
T'es là pis tu m'regardes
avec ta petite face de morveux
T'es là pis t'attends que
j'te crisse mon poing s'a yeule

Menteur, t'es rien qu'un ostie de tricheur
Man... J'pense que t'as pas compris mon message
Menteur, t'es rien qu'un ostie de tricheur
M'as t'arracher la face, en laissant aucune trace
Parce que j'pense que là...

Le poignard incrusté
Tout en sang
Tout selon mon plan
J'suis là pis j'te regarde
crouler lentement
C'est quoi? Tu pensais m'avoir aussi facilement

Menteur, t'es rien qu'un ostie de tricheur
C'est le temps de payer c'que tu me dois
Menteur, t'es rien qu'un ostie de tricheur
M'as t'arracher la face, en laissant aucune trace
Parce que j'pense que là...

J't'en tabarnack
Un peu frustré
Pas icitte pour faire
des sourires hypocrites
J't'en tabarnack
Plus rien à perdre
Contaminé par la rage
qui me pue au nez
Maintenant ou jamais
Changé à tout jamais
Fonce ou crève
Maintenant ou jamais
Chargé à tout jamais
Fonce ou crève

5. This Is War

[Lyrics: Oscar & Daniel Souto]

Bombs are being dropped
People drowning in a pool of blood
For greed and power
The world is set on fire
Ruled by a bunch of pitiful liars
While they're watching from
Their ivory towers
We die

Under attack
This is the end
Once again
We'll never learn
Terror is back
History repeats itself
This is war
This is hell
This is pain
We all shall pay

Pay false innocence
Taking lives without any sense
Illusive freedom
The evil never sleeps
Taking advantage of the weak
Still we let the fools decide
For us

Hopes to see you down
Lock you up, demented crowns
The rise and fall
The end of all
No freedom in sight
We all will die

6. Technology Kills

[Lyrics: Oscar Souto]

Creation of new needs
Bite the hand that feeds
Losing all the will

Everything we are
Everyone you know
Everywhere it goes
Everything we hate
Everyone you love
Everywhere it show
Situation is so critical
Action taken so minimal

Lying that we're dying
From the wounds we're hiding
Kill... Technology Kills
Without a trace
Kill... Technology Kills
Our race
Kill... Technology Kills
Such a disgrace
Victimized, Computerized
Falsified, hypnotized
Paralyzed, Dehumanized

We're our own enemies
Still we beg on our knees
Mercy... Please

Everything we see
Everyone you care
Everywhere it hides
Everything we fear
Everyone you lied
Everywhere it kills
Our conclusion is not
No solution, dysfunctional

Who we are
What we know
Where it goes
What we hate
Who we love
Where it shows
What we see
Who we care
Where it hides
Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill

7. Terremoto

[Lyrics: Daniel & Oscar Souto]

A mi me llaman el terremoto
Porque yo soy un poco loco
Un desastre de la naturaleza
Una catastrofe gigantesca

Todo lo hago a lo bruto
Lo hago todo, terremoto

A mi me llaman el terremoto
Porque yo soy muy peligroso
Puedo ser muy devastador
El epicentro del terror

No hay quien me aguante
No hay quien me comprenda
Individuo sospechoso
Nunca voy a cambiar
No pueden resistir
A mi ataque final
El suelo tiembla
Los muros caen
Y no queda mas que

8. Faster

[Lyrics: Oscar Souto]

We live in a time
We're nothing last
Always looking
Something new
Always searching
Something true
Obsession brings
We're never gonna make it
Possession of the last version
Our salvation

Everything has to be faster
Everything's done
Everything has to be
Better than the day before

They're taking control
You just pay the toll
Update warning
One more time
One way ticket to paradise?
Obsession brings
We're never gonna make it
Possession of
The last version
Our salvation

Competition has no end
Not now
The only thing that counts is performance
Stand tall, alone in the field
Power, Control
A scene so obscene
Do as you please
Take what you need
Empty our pockets for your own greed

9. Coupable

[Lyrics: Oscar Souto]

Je cherche comme une bête
Mort de faim et de soif
Sans queue ni tête
J'ai su trouver ma proie
Un regard si perçant
Un sourire invitant
Guidé par mon flair
Plaisir de la chair
À n'en perdre la raison
Une passion obsessive
Vicieuse et corrosive

Tranquillement vers elle
J'ai mordu à l'hameçon
Elle est si belle
Impossible de dire non
Son parfum, je respire
Son corps, je désire
Instinct animal
Besoin si vital

Coupable d'avoir osé
Coupable d'avoir aimé
Coupable d'avoir pêché
Accord mutuel
Je m'offre à celle
Qui voudra bien de moi
Amour éphémère?
Être très chère
Offre-toi à moi

10. Abusive Mental Anarchy

[Lyrics: Oscar Souto]

Witness how your life is
Falling to pieces
Crawling your way to the ground,

Stand up, stand up
You don't have to fight alone
Rise up, rise up
Doing things on your own

Contractions from within
Controlling all your sins
In which you're drowning in
Abusive mental anarchy

Consume your energies
Self-destructive way
Feed those patterns that
Will lead you astray

Wake up, Wake up
You're falling from the top
You're trapped
You're caged
Lost inside the haze
Wake up, wake up
The nightmare never stops
It's always near
Something to fear... to fear!

Live and die
Not the same
Live to die
Is your game
No tomorrow
Live your hell
Still your game
Live it well
You're insane
No tomorrow
Walking headfirst
Like a blind man
Into traffic
Abusive Mental Anarchy

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