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1. Before The Devil Knows Your Dead

Apocalyptic obsessions have led me to believe what was the spark
What we once called home, you won't even find
You all have noticed, before myself, this place I once lived is burnt to the ground

Keeping cover under my own will, hoping they're not out to get me
Sentenced to inner correction, I wont believe a single word you speak

What has become of this structure?
Breathless, I can't plead my case to anyone
or caught up I will be in the incline

I want you spread across the pavement

Altercations are expected from those unaware
Recognition is the first step to ability
Greatness will come as intended
but only to those deserving I'm willing to show them

On the surface, I may seem faint,
but given the chance, I will inflict this beyond ruin
Don't question my virtue
I will never let up until your existence is your past

I'm far past the point of exchanging words

I'll have you laid out on the pavement

2. Nature Of Monsters

When there's an end, fictitious figures won't stand before me
No one will make me kneel or bow, when the screams slowly die,
emptiness will fill this world
If I collapse it's your head breaking my fall,
as the white noise fills your brain, clouding your sight

Step right up if you think you got it
One by one I'll take them all on
Be prepared for a loss of senses
and hope that mercy will find you
Oh, we're going in, put your best foot forward
Break out the strongest of your men, and keep the loyal

These days are growing cold again
Into the foreign land we fall right in
Before I alter my demands with dark intent
How can I make you understand

So this is what it comes to, despite all the warnings
You still extend your fist with the hopes of leaving me impaired
Surprises may come quickly,
as the last thing you expect was to be left unconscious at my expense

I have brought death upon us all, I have brought death upon us all.

3. Expirations

Who are you to tell me this is permanent?
Are you not convinced by our afflictions
That there is a lapse refusing to let us advance
or are you fixed on rejection?

For eight nights, I watched, as our race died
The cause, as in my visions, has left us in refute

White flags are not enough, I want them red
White flags are not enough, I want them red

Take care of the defensive
and cease all witnesses

You could have prevented this
but now your cries are left unheard
I'm thirsty for control
I'm starving for that final word
you could have prevented this

Prepare for the worst, but give in to nothing

Who are you to tell me is permanent

4. Time Left

I watched this, as it grew grew and conquered
I saw it at its greatest of triumphs
So be it, I killed what I helped create
just to continue a greater cause
I can't fix what I did not break
I can only help further the sincere

Shifting memories
They come and go
Haunting me
Night and day

Forever chasing after what was right within my reach
I will hold on to this
We know this is more than a calling
It's a granted abduction

Call it what you will, but in this war of two sides, I must look after myself

Waiting to hear your voice again
(I'll never let you go)

What have I done to let myself fall into this vicious cycle

5. Villians

What should I make of this?
I'm trapped inside a terminal
Forced to choose between two burdens
Both of which I can't live with or without

I could tell someone, and live with truth
Or tell myself, and live without regret.

Failure is haunting us, but only if we believe it can
Fortune is grabbing us by the throat, though we must allow it

Reasons beyond our control have taken everything from us

Just as it seems to fade, it returns
Stronger than it was before
I'm left to deal with this ambush alone
An army of one is no army at all

Broken are my attempts, by both my own
To signal peace will never be the case

I'll put in what I plan on getting out
I put my life into this

Will I feel again?

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