Dark Lyrics


1. Rise Of The Leviathan


2. Keeper Of The Plaugelands

I am the ruler of these plaguelands; my reign drives fear into the heart of any man
None will appose me; these corpses are mine.
Their blood forever stains the land for the ravens to feast
Their corpses are mine, none shall leave
None shall leave.
I am the ruler of these plaguelands; my reign drives fear into the heart of any man.
The ghastly sight of blood and entrails leaves my mark across the land
Warning signs for those who appose to show them who's the man
Mother Nature cowers before me, clutching at her creations
Bowing down and realizing I am the new god in town
She can now see, I rule this land

3. Human Dust

Crushing, bludgeoning you into dust
Mushing, pounding you into dust
Smashing, ripping, pounding your bones into dust
I'm here to bludgeon you
Now here I come, here I come to bludgeon you
Ground down, viciously, pound down, horribly
Ground down, viciously pound down into dust
Crushed down into human dust
I have come to fuck you, smash in your face
The time has come for me to end, leave you in a ditch
The time has come for me to
Pound you with my dick til you're unconscious
Bitch, I've shown you who's the bigger man

4. Sludge City

She bled from every fucking hole!
That bitch bled for days, she bled from every fucking hole
Blood dripped from her exits
First step; rip out entrails, through her bloody cunt
Nothing but a piece of meat, a disease ridden slut
Sick and tired of fucking whores; I'm trying sodomy with saws
Let's see how fucking hot she is with her asshole ripped to bits
Straight up her ass goes my blade, thrusting deeply
Nothing but a whore
Yeah nothing but a whore
Disembowel her fucking body,
Make her feel it
When I'm done with you, you won't have a cunt left
I guarantee
When I'm done with you, you won't have a cunt left
Blood seeping for her gash now, just as it should
I don't know how many times I told her
When I'm done with you, you won't have a cunt left

5. The Childsnatcher


6. Prosthetic Erection

Selling limbs from a bag was always my forte; I get my stock for perverted clients
This is my store
Thrust my rotting member deep inside her oozing gash, pushing deeply
Pushing deep, as deep as I can, feeling blood squelch against my cock
I like the feel of the worms against my shaft
Fuck my stock, just for fun, just for kicks
I like the feel of the worms wriggling on my cock
Found my victim in the streets, told her body I needed it
Then down in my basement I carved her
Storing her parts in jars for my clients
I drained her blood, so to embalm
Death gets me off
I am sick and I cum bile

7. Years Of Disgust

My knife is deep inside your fucking uterus
Shut your fucking mouth as I'm thrusting
My knife inside your sexual organs
You should never be allowed to reproduce
I'll make it my priority to wipe you out
You fucking plague on humanity
I'll watch your body twitch and squirm
Carve your cunt like a 6ft ditch
I only called you over so I could commit murder
And rid this world of one fucked-up cunt
You're the queen of filth and hypocrisy
Spinning your web of lies and hate
You don't deserve life, you fucking disgust me
Your soul is dead
And burning, you'll bleed for me
For years and years you've sickened me
Left a path of destruction in your wake
You're the queen of filth, spreading hypocrisy
Your soul is dead
For years and years I have lived
In your filth
Your soul is dead
Sew my cock in your cunt
So we're eternally fucking

8. Fisted To The Point Of Regurgitation

They call me a creeping oozing son of a bitch
Because the smell of infection gets me stiff
I pound down on visions of perfection
Using my fists just to get my erection
They think it's gonna stop but its only getting worse
As she starts to choke upon her bile
Just a few more times my darling, your throat's about to split
From all the built-up bile that is now filling it
That's right, just let it out
The bile burns your mouth
The stomach acid corrodes your teeth, there is no doubt
Jeez, I love that smell, so I rejoice in it
Watching the blood drip from her ass is a sight not to be missed
I fist them til they're sick

9. Deities

Did you really expect me to bow down to you
And follow without question?
What do you mean, I'm living in sin?
There's no nice way of informing you of this
But I'm a living infection, I've come to cripple
Once it starts I wont stop until I hear the crack
So just remember to swallow
There's an everlasting taste of failure
Did you really expect me to
Bow down?
I will never bow down without questions
I won't stop and and I don't stop and I'll never stop til I hear the crack
I wont til I hear the bones separate
I will never bow before you, this is my throne
This is my throne, no god rules me

10. Before The Throne Of Infection

Kneel before the tomb of disease
Decimate all
Standing at its doorways, ghostly shrieks approach me
Distorted by the air
Kneel before the tomb of disease
The stench, the smell of dismemberment pleases me
This place will be my tomb; it haunts me
Ghastly shrieks, pungent stenches, this is my resting place
This will be my undead fortress
My soul reigns eternally
On my throne

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