Dark Lyrics


1. Denied

[music Waters/lyrics Comeau]

welcome to darkness the future is here
destruction and pain are my friends
explosions and fires that rip through the night
surrounded by bodies of death

burning, crying, helpless
burning, dying, in the dark
burning, crying, helpless

fire in the sky
watching and praying and waiting to die
fire in the sky
no hope for tommorow, denied

smoldering ashes and flames rise again
nothing to breathe from this life
flesh is beginning to pour in the streets
death is my saviour tonight

final solution of means to and end
a product of science and man
no way to take back, just what have we done
fire in the sky rules the land

2. The Perfect Virus

[music and lyrics Waters]

creeping through the system
spreading like a disease
a cancer-like affliction
to bring us down to our knees

created for the masses
systematic crash and burn
to pillage and to plunder
this cyber-hungry world

circulate, devastate,
re-create the perfect virus

entering the main-frame
like a rogue, killing, hunting machine
weaving its' web of destruction
like nothing before ever seen

artificial intelligence
wiping it all as it learns
crucial data corruption
the chips are down and they burn

i will deploy and terminate
i will expand and annihilate
you will scramble to vaccinate
you will find out that it's too late

picking up the pieces
in the aftermath of the war
a technological genocide
the likes never seen before

seeking restitution
as the world comes crashing down
the creator of this trojan horse
has vanished, never found

3. Battered

[music and lyrics Waters]

help me, i'm shattered again, life is dripping out of me
a pounding like never before, it's time to end the agony
a whipped dog, programmed to obey, i've got to do this right
got to retaliate, find the strength and mount a fight

battered, got to fight back
you are battered, a vicious attack

wing in a fantasy world, it's all but make-believe
stalking, never let me go, hunt me down if i try to leave
insults add to injury, re-live it again and again
the sentence will be bloody and swift, it's time to put this all to an end

got to find the strength inside,
just one more chance, i'm getting tired
i'm not going to take it anymore
no more

help me, i'm shattered again, i've got to take control
no more, the end of the pain, i must re-claim my soul
tell me, my life is coming back, am i the chosen one
beggining fore mercy, i did what had to be done

4. Carnival Diablos

[music Waters/lyrics Comeau]

the devil has a play ground, nothing you can see
wickedness disguised for you and me
darkness rules the day, the circus comes to town
slowly riding in, come to take us down

carnival diablos

a fire in the field, smoking out the sun
minions throw their chains on everyone
caught in by the crossfire, sky is turning red
adding up his souls as we count our dead

creeping, sneaking, he tries to deceive
fighting off the devil, got a hold on me
he won't let me leave

freaks, thieves and jesters, they all know your name
calling out for you to play their game
caught in by the crossfire, sky is bloody red
adding up his souls as we count our dead

5. Shallow Grave

[music Waters/lyrics Waters/Comeau]

i've really got some vices, the way you spread your disease
all the lying and deceiving, look what your're doing to me

i'm down in the gutter
i think i'm going insane
the next step i'm taking
i'll be headed for a shallow grave

just forget about the money, cause my addiction is for free
you're pulling me in every direction, why can't you see

i'm down in the gutter
and i'm going insane
the next step i'm taking
i'll be headed for a shallow grave

hight steppin and high rolling
c'mon and roll the dice
you think you're not coming with me
you better think twice

so get down in the gutter
so get down in the pain
the next step we're taking
we'll be headed fore a shallow grave

6. Time Bomb

[music Waters - lyrics Waters/Comeau]

condition critical
condition grave
target invincible
target insane
built to terminate
built to kill
to crush its' victims
destroy at will

a plague of agony
of sacrifice
bodies, they multiply
deadly device
creation, time bomb
creation red
un-holy overkill
one billion dead

die screaming, bleeding, pleading

7. The Rush

[music Waters - lyrics Waters/Comeau]

take me, take me to the top of the world
please me, got to pick me up, i'm miserable
feeling, like nothing ever felt before
dealing, it's got me coming back for more

can't stop, you can't stop the rush
spreading out and taking all control
one taste and your'll need it
once in, you never leave it
so don't try to stop the rush

slow kill, i know i'll never be the same
evil, the torture, gonna drive me insane
feeding, the ritual begins again
breathing, overload of adrenaline

8. Insomniac

[music Waters/ lyrics Waters]

tossin, turning in the darkness
you try so hard to get to sleep
your mind is racing, seems so hard to tell
is this the end or is this hell

torture in the head, going round and round
spinning in the brain as you hit the ground
you got a fever but it feels like a freeze
i'll bring down, down to your knees
a full blown insomniac
you're getting ready for the next attack
so go on and try to rest your head
but you just can't, just can't can't get to bed

say goodbye and try to slip away
you close your eyes but suddenly you wake

9. Liquid Oval

[music Waters]

10. Epic Of War

[music and lyrics Waters]

war, welcome to
war, the garden of
war, can you smell
war, can you taste
hate, no release from
hate, psychological
hate, can you tolerate

look at the devastation,
fear of annihilation happening right before
my eyes
now that the end is near,
tell me what i'm doing here,
looking for answers from the divine

flesh, welcome to
flesh, the garden of
flesh, can you smell
flesh, can you taste
blood, welcome to
blood, the garden of
blood, can you taste

i don't want to kill anymore, i won't kill

the sky above is raining red from a
hundred thousand dead
but the general wants a hundred thousand
move out and take that hill, the order is to
maim and kill
it's time for us to even up the score

as i race into the fire, i have only one
let me see the light, another day
bombs bursting all around, shell-shocked
as i hit the ground
i struggle to my knees and start to pray

can't tell if my brother's breathing, and i
just can't stop the bleeding

i am my mothers' only son

torture, welcome to the
torture, the garden of
torture, can you smell
torture, can you taste
pain, no release from
pain, psychological
pain, can you tolerate

11. Hunter Killer

[music and lyrics Waters]

silent, waiting for the kill,
stalking, prey on weak and ill
smell the fear in the air
ending life without a care

i see you, i hear you, i will not stop, i need you
i will attack and take you down
i am the one who makes your flesh creep
and then i'll drink your blood
i am the hunter killer

got the victim now in sight
taken down without a fight
tightening the bloody screw
there is nothing you can do

die out, submission is the rule
you cry out, but your time is through

die out, i'm gonna hunt you down
you cry out, hunt, hunt, hunt you down

12. The Box

13. Riff Raff

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