Dark Lyrics


1. The Trend

Dress the part, plagiarize
but you can't fake, you can't disguise
flash in the pan, make believe
sold your soul, so damn naive

Stealing from a generation
how do you sleep at night?
disgrace the institution
just a parasite

En Vogue, Pretend, Follow The Trend

Try your best, impersonate
play your part, masquerade
fool the young, play them well
counterfeit shit, is what you sell


En Vogue, Pretend, Follow (Jump On) The Trend [x2]

(Hey man I think they're having a sale down at Hot Topic let's go!)


We bring it back, is what they say
true to the core, so what were you yesterday?
false pretense, coporate lie
ride your wave, and watch it die

2. Coward

Listen up you bastard, I'm on to your game
This is the last time that I will speak your name
You always put yourself first, and thought of nobody else
She always gave you everything, got nothing for herself

Prey on the weakness, taking all you can get
Prey on the weakness, I will never forget

There is no way that you can hide
I will not be denied
I will deliver pain
When our two worlds collide

Did you think for a second, that I got nothing to say
You better sit your ass down, so I can ruin your day
You've cheated for the last time, and now it's come to a halt
Repent for your transgressions, and admit it's all your fault


Coward, blind man, look at me when I'm talking to you
Coward, blind man, can't you see, your time is through

Listen up you bastard, we're on to your game
Before the day is over, you will remember my name
She don't need your bullshit, and we don't need your lies
She's better off without you, we see through your disguise

3. Ambush

Mission, to hunt the evil down
Creeping in without a sound
Prepare for silent attack
There will be no turning back

Penetrate, Isolate, Decimate, Ambush
Silent supremacy

Stalking picking up the trail
Never retreat and never fail
Got the target move in for the kill
Take him out fire at will



Campaign over, battle won
Supremacy second to none
Vanished, gone without a trace
Assassins for the human race

4. Betrayed

Set up, sole intention only to use
When you want out, threaten abuse
The perfect family, but it's all for show
False accusation, The lowest of the low

Betrayed. Like A Rat

Just feed them drink drugs and anything they want
The perfect mother, it all comes back to haunt
Dad's just a liar, scheming from the start
Watch your twisted world as it falls apart




To make them something, to relieve your guilt
Would you stop at nothing and would you even kill?
your only dynasty is, lies and scum
All you've done is taught them, evil they become

5. 25 Seconds

No one to help me, I can't explain
No one to make a translation
Where do I go, What do I do
So tired and full of frustration

25 Seconds to Die
(You gave him)
25 Seconds to Die

Where is my mother, I cannot see
I break this table and chair
Whipped into frenzy, I cannot think
Why doesn't anyone care


No one took the time to evaluate
No physical force, no pepper spray
Four on one with a tazer gun
Fifty thousand volts deliver pain

Convulsing, but shot again
Excessive force has been applied
No pulse, the heart has stopped
No attempt to revive


The fault of police, security
The YVR and immigration
The airline, travel agency
A disgrace to the nation

6. Nowhere To Go

A teenage throw-away
Sleeping on the street
Addiction paradise
You cannot defeat
Each day a nightmare
Surviving, only hope
Gotta get some food to eat
Gotta get the dope

No one to help me
They don't wanna know
There's nowhere to run to
Nowhere to go

No protection from the heat
And no protection from the rain
No asylum from the freeze
Just need to kill the pain
Hiding from the bad kind,
The abuse and the rape
Given up and almost dead,
Taken all you can take



These are forgotten children, without a choice
Slaves to a broken system, without a voice
It's time for sanctuary, give them a chance
finance a place for them to end this dance

7. The Other Side

I thought I had it all, living the dream
The perfect union, or so it seemed
Eternal commitment, sealed with a kiss
But you said you loved me, with an open fist

The anger the rage, locked (trapped) in this cage
It happens again and again
The violence and force, denial of course
The time (cycle) has come for an end

Other Side
So Fucking Tired

So fucking tired you being told what to do
Don't need your blackmail, and I don't need you
Blood dripping from the head, hit with the phone
Again the sirens wail, and you call this home?


The Other Side [x2]


Condition critical, you turn and run
(Run!) to another victim, continue what you've done
Violence is justified, in your twisted head
Someday someone will end up dead

8. Death In Your Eyes

Power, The meaning of control
Start the war, to purify your soul
To purify
Your sense of purpose, your self control
To nullify your sense of reason
Your destiny to sacrifice, reborn to the skies

Separate the Mind

Now it's time
Time to die

Lead the way, with death in your eyes
Seize the day, they'll suffer for their lies
For their deception, they justify
For sacrificing countless innocents
Divinity within your sights, just do what your told



Fuck the war, the politics of hate
Murderers all blinded by their fate
By grand illusions, by their belief
That death would make them saints and martyrs
Your leaders' safe, at home in their beds

9. Payback

Convicted, a brutal act of sin
The sentence did not fit the crime
Outrage, screaming bloody murder
Released, done the time

Hey You!
Remember Me?
I am the last thing
you'll ever see

Payback, I'll make you suffer
In their name, I shall avenge
Hunted, just like an animal
The innocent shall have their revenge



Payment due
Payment is you
Payment is due
The payment you!

Cowardly acts of violence, the ultimate betrayal
An eye for an eye, true justice will prevail

Squeal, how does it feel to you
Like a pig, down upon your knees
Scream, as I squeeze your life out
And rid the world of your disease

10. Romeo Delight

[Van Halen cover]

I told her "Never in hell, no special reason"
Musta lied 'cause I ain't leavin'
We're in for a very long night
Heard a vicious rumor from your mama's tongue
You a desperate woman, need a man with a gun
High crime zone, in the city o' lights
Baby please, can't take it anymore
Ah! Baby please, can't take it anymore

I'm takin' whiskey to the party tonight
And I'm lookin' for somebody to squeeze. Uh! Uh!
I hear you're lookin' for somebody to fight
Baby, don't get uptight
Baby please

Wanna see my ID? Try to clip my wings
Don't have to show you proof o' anything
I know the law, friend
At the 'leventh hour I'm goin' back outside
Ooh, give it a try. I'm your last loose end

Baby please, I can't take it anymore
Oh, baby please, I can't take it anymore

I'm takin' whiskey to the party tonight
An' I'm lookin' for somebody to squeeze. Uh! Uh! Uh!
Hear you're lookin' for somebody to fight
Baby, don't get uptight
Baby please

[Guitar Solo]


Oh, baby
Oh, baby
Oh, baby

Uh feel my heartbeat
Feel my heartbeat
Feel my heartbeat
Oh, yeah

Feel my heartbeat
Feel my heartbeat (Ah)
Feel my heartbeat
Feel my heartbeat
Feel my heartbeat

Baby please, I can't take it anymore. Oh!
Yeah, baby please, (Ah-ha!) I can't uh take it anymore (Wow!)
Baby please, can't take it anymore
Whoa baby please, (Yeah) I can't take it anymore. Whoa!

I'm takin' whiskey to the party tonight
An' I'm lookin' for somebody to squeeze. Uh! Oh! Ow!
Hear you're lookin' for somebody to fight
Baby, don't get uptight
Baby please, yeah!
Baby please

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