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1. Antimateria – Intro


2. Etereo

Fervour, invisible touch of soul,
mind controls the strength
Emerged! Human! You are not a servant!
Caress of existence, quiets
The sort of Change!
The spirit journey
Etereo, emptiness, unformed reality
Nobody knows the absolute truth
of all that it lives and evolves
hope to entrap you in a dream sphere, into the plain visions
Heaven and hell, inventions! Human irrational shelter
Individual pain, no control for it, one’s way in life
Useless art, to deny itself with the invisible human deceit
External side, remains, and the terrene, the essence in life transpires
Sorrow and lunacy into human mind’s edge
Crossing your mind, concerning, waits for a life of dignity
Follow a way, to find the equilibrium and existence
Guiding your mind, don’t confuse the lie with pain and despair
Ardour, internal enchanted mind, timorous of that is not
Suffered life, hate against, misanthropic screen
To be or not! The unbe! Now the answer is completed
Searched before and found then, authentic mean to be
Nobody knows the absolute truth of that it lives and dies
Hope to reach an unlimited strength, scenes of a lived life
Heaven an hell, inventions! Human irrational shelter
Individual fear of inhuman acts
futile struggle through chaos and well

3. The Involution Philosophy

Beyond the uneven mind’s signs part of you
Spirit assumes the features of the human strain
Pain is nectar flows between the hurt of soul
Fear pervades the corner of despair, filling empty thoughts
Confused research of imaginary traps, unconscious known
Mind fails! Mind switches! Dying in itself
It escapes from you, it escapes from fate, unaware pain
Feed your soul feed your self, looking you around
Can to see where the limits die,
can to see the human ways invented by the soul
With the eyes of mind you can look far,
close your eyes to feel the spirit inside, it’s the call of soul
Past wedges between the hands, far beyond the reality,
misleading human scopes
Dim lights of dispersion, collapse forming the end of to be
You cannot see with your mind the obscure path of the lie
Untruth is sweet and your brain receive it it’s the impulse of unknown
Philosophy of involution
Mind violation contains all forms of uncertainty and trust,
you don’t believe to your pain
Virtual/ confliction, harm of life, the ways of disgust
Don’t known the meaning of all that you know
The involution philosophy
Ethic, refuges I’ll never conceive
Abstract forms of complexity
Combined greed to domain the obverse complete
Illicit fears for human sacrileges

Fragments of the human decay take their superiority
Eluding the equity of any balance, base of the existence
Life assumes the meaning of inhuman tragedy
Imperfect ways of the pain, of human futility
Where’s your scope? Where’s your soul?
Mind fails! Mind switches! Dying in itself
Escape from you, escape from the fate, unaware pain
Don’t cease to exist, form your reflex, looking you inside
Can to see where the limits die,
can to hear the last atrocious silence of a dying call
With the eyes of the conscience,
fading far,
close your eyes to feel the spirit inside, you’re breathing free
Past wedges between the hands
A human voice is dying, a useless body with no soul


Poem of falsity
Tells as the truth is denied by the mind
Between ash of hatred
Children of reality play with the lies
Falls the flag of delusion
Sign of a symbol of mankind unrise
While the dignity dies
Politics dance behind the table of disguise
Guiding the soul through the journey of misery
Vain are the voices, ethereal promises
Silent belief, eyes of the destiny,
tell me your pain, man with no land
Fading away the meaning of life
Abandoned paths uncultivated fields of the verity
The existence is defiled with the hypocrisy
Need to exist, a solitary dawn consumes so far away
Staring eyes within the horizon
Every time I feel to search my way
Illusion is dark way can be so long
Painting hopes with a whisper forever more
Every time I feel the cold through my fate
In my eyes a spirit mirror to reflect my await
Illusion a dark way can be so long
Covered hopes with the whispers forever more
Poetry of decay
Tells as humanity cries for the dying
Children of despair
Take the remains of reality, in lie
Miserable is the value of identity
Strong is the sense of authentic/exist
respect of a man in peace
respect of a man belongs his land
forging the soul through the journey of misery
vain are the hopes, eternal vengeance
silent belief, eyes of the destiny, tell me your pain man with no land

5. Impoverishment God Existence

Failing God of the subtle existence
Failing God on the falling throne
Obverse decay to a forged reality
Human eyes watch the dawn of regression
Human eyes
human breath of pain
Engraved the dreams screened by hypocrisy

Walkin' on a thousand of forms,
Human trap in a circle of life
The last salvation to born again
In truth the dethroned God raises the chalice of mistakes

Betrayal in the undefined symbol of misanthropic existence
Delusory intentions to perforate nucleus of conflicts
Annihilating all that could be a sign of dignity
Poems of the dying presence deny the laws of morality

Failing God Existence
Failing God Existence

Innocence, eyes of the resignation
Upon the throne of the ethereal pride
Ignorance of the inhuman sub existence
Suffering, bleeds the altar of the rights
Nothing more into graves of seclusion
You can not see the burial of the lies
Impoverishment of the god existence
Ethnic trial, extermination sign

6. Corner Of The Answers

Voice inside, that declares..
Voice of mind is screaming through your deceives
Don’t relieve the pain with tears of despair
You can see but you close your eyes
You cannot see so you want open your eyes
Not remain, in your dialogues of solitude
Human envy twists the mind
Human mind is twisted, concrete delight
Sublimizing any apparent identity
Refuting to appear yourself
You search an answer and bite your hands
disappear behind your individual failures
Accusing you to be the cause, don’t inflict faults to your exteriority
You’ll find residues of existence, undervaluing your personality
Escaping from your shade, you’ll don’t meet changing reality
Abusing of your silence, you cannot see the deformities
Around your fears
Feel the pain, in the (the) corner of the answers!
As fear that silent waits
As anguish in you takes you by hands
Show you unable in front your possibility to react
Human hate twists the thoughts
Human thoughts are twisting, convulsed morse
Don’t search the way with farce of the rancour
You can be deviating your life
You cannot be yourself, simulating all the time
from your potential spiritual rivalry
So you scream against you
All around of you turn with no change
Look in your hands and feel your vitality

7. Reflected In Her Eyes


8. Mind Surrounds, The Cavities Of Fear

Turn the keys of mind, closing in the voice too
With the eyes of fears, you scan through the edge of identity
Wrapped of lying words cannot perceives the evil
That you see so far is trapped in your mind of inferiority
Spiritual posture to ignore the spirit
Sculptor of the thoughts imposes its relief of malevolence
Unable mind of hesitations, impede to look beyond any limitation
Inside the soul, mind hears it self and then, compressing to reality
defeats the fears
Voice of the insane who silent breaks the inconsistent wall of normality, become voracious
Uncertain to see the end, you shut your mind
Overturning the summit of choices, don’t compromise your reasons
Asymmetry of angular thoughts, fear and pride
Understanding the meaning of life, you know your destiny
Don’t close your eyes
don’t be afraid of that you feel
and your fears cannot injures you
Mind surrounds, the cavities of fear
Turn the keys of mind, closing in the silence too
Fears are in you contained, but you know all you certainties
Mirror of the soul, reflects that cannot see
That you feel so far is now here but your mind is shut again
Sculptor of the thoughts impose its relief
Breathe your spirit, lead your mind of sanity
Unable mind to support the unconscious, finds refuge into commiseration
Inside the soul, fear rejects it self, it breaks the harm of reality
cannot assails your thoughts
Mind with no defence, who silent breaks the inconsistent wall of normality become voracious

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