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1. Unpunished Massacre Messiah

I remember that cursed day
When our bodies were sunk into hell
extreme sentence to die
Conceived behind religious lies

It was the hand of hatred to destroy me
Watching the light of the end
Organized gestures of death messiah …for this way!
Suffocate them with their own arid blood
Vindication of their god’s side
Their violence ceases beyond the holy ways
A sacred earth they will never have
Orgies of blood, behind the vain God
increasing mass deceases
human remains on the land of despair cover the spits of humanity
existing state of spirit decay dissolves with next abuse
their empty souls consume
carnal rites upon the cross
amassing corpses for war
Souls inhales stench of hate
Carbonized flesh, adornment of the cries

Losers in their spirit as sign of false creed
Under an endemic flux of lunacy
Condemned minds compel for suicide re-act
Hypocrite alliance to obtain the last unholy salvation

Spreading the death in the name of god, the endless pain
Perishing in the pit of existence
Another genocide, new executions, graves of blood (blood and graves)
I feel inside my mind those atrocious screams
Consecration of peace and the unholy wars
A tomorrow is denied to the principles of hostility
Flag of dismay is bleeding again and their voice disappear
Behind the podium of dissection

2. Impoverishment God Existence

Failing God of the subtle existence
Failing God on the falling throne
Obverse decay to a forged reality
Human eyes watch the dawn of regression
Human eyes
human breath of pain
Engraved the dreams screened by hypocrisy

Walkin' on a thousand of forms,
Human trap in a circle of life
The last salvation to born again
In truth the dethroned God raises the chalice of mistakes

Betrayal in the undefined symbol of misanthropic existence
Delusory intentions to perforate nucleus of conflicts
Annihilating all that could be a sign of dignity
Poems of the dying presence deny the laws of morality

Failing God Existence
Failing God Existence

Innocence, eyes of the resignation
Upon the throne of the ethereal pride
Ignorance of the inhuman sub existence
Suffering, bleeds the altar of the rights
Nothing more into graves of seclusion
You can not see the burial of the lies
Impoverishment of the god existence
Ethnic trial, extermination sign

3. Failed Creation

Sacred shine, apostles of creed, human seals across the godless reign
Betrayal crown, burns in the blood, context of peace, theme of useless sense
Archaic laws for a nuclear god, religious faiths, hatred is the sign
The master’s war, eyes of scorn, corrupted soul rots into the senselessness

Man! Inert, you see the truth through the webs of ideology
Verses of pain, obscurity of light, we wait for the last opportunity

Voices of the time, the beginning of a new way, touch of the sacral mentality
what mind cannot see, tangled in the blood, strained in the failed creation
searching the way of persuasion and belief, under the rite, the edge of disgrace
the breeding lust, emptiness mind, ancient creeds disclose the regression

Mourning light, mourning sites, failing runes of the godless reigns
betrayal crown, the treason walls, context of peace, theme of useless sense
nuclear war with rocks and swords, paradox of sub-reality
the master’s war, creation of chaos, institutional souls live in the ignorance

Make your last choice/ crying of despair
See through the hate/ terms of existence
Sacrament of blood/ violence in my eyes
You are the only god/ failed creation

4. Sentence Of War

Sentence of war, sentence of war
Signs of decay, total recall
Crossing the gates of the world disappears
The hands of war through my eyes

Sentence of war sentence of war
Signs of decay, total recall
Thousands of people, the eyes of fear
The desecration of light

Sentence of war sentence of war
Praise of decay, deadly recall
Raised to hatred, violence and fear
Victims of their war crimes

Sentence of war sentence of war
Screams of decay, total recall
Thousands of people, hear the words of fear
Soldiers kill in the night

5. Tormentor

Riding in darkness through the hell of the night
Give all your torment to the heaven's might
In the name of Satan spread all your fear
You feel his anger you know he's near
Casting a spell
Lord of all hells
Ripping the angels
God has fell
Baphomet's calling death is now real
Helldogs and demons waiting to kill
Pentagrams shining Lucifer smiles
Fucking the virgin rip out her eyes
Drinking the blood
Fear no god
Now you are dead
Your flesh is dot rot

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