Dark Lyrics


1. Tortured With Hate

Tortured with hate
To exorcise the demons
Purging all the hostiles
Outlasting the suffering
Alone, my stand

Fighting the maggots
Surrounded by fools
Who blindly wander as sheep
I live through the illusion

The beast has been revealed with
all of those damn... Sick plans
The truth has been revealed and
your face is now exposed to the world
Ill intentions that deceive

Your self-conceit...
Your pride... will... be your... ruin...

Hiding behind your masks
Only covering up for a true weakness
Tortured with hate I fight the madness

All souls lost in a storm
Convulsions of agony
There is a price to pay
Taken away to the void
The Law...

2. Contempt

As I witness the facts
Can't believe what I see
Blinded by sight, deaf by words
There's only deception in me, frustrated

While losing all control
You’re drifting desperately
Maybe a selfish reaction
Only fueling your pride

Wasting yourself away
All you find is demise
Ripping everything i believed in
Finally revealing your true face

I am holding nothing but contempt
and all i see is more of the same

Using people with no remorse,
false… Manipulate and lie
Dwelling in chaos, you’re foul
Turning your back on others

Another pawn, another piece
Uncontrolled impulses drive you
You’re just a part of the game
Just another illusion

I am holding nothing but contempt
and all I see is you denying the past

3. Sacrifice Of Existence

Caught in yet another trap, self ambushed
Incarcerated in a hole, your pain is feckless
Tied down to a cycle of grief and torment
The enemy dwells in your shadow, merciless

Becoming nothing but a desert of agony
Your heart looks like a depiction of hell
Sometimes it feels like it's impossible to be
What cannot be changed dries the well

Sacrifice of existence

Surrender is not an option during warfare
Only the sovereign triumph, join the thrills
There is no place for hesitation in bloodshed

It’s your choice… Live or die, win or lose
No one can help you but yourself

4. At War

Never thought I'd pass through this
Now it has become a war
Alone in my confrontation
Everything is at stake

Destiny is being written
The line has been crossed
There are no more limits
A war for life is fought

War is at full fury
No fear, clear mind
Rise up and fight
A warrior is reborn

Battling against myself
Evolving and learning
My will has become my strength
For this, I've been meant to

This inner war, I can't escape
I’m at the point of no return
There’s only one more thing to do
Arise and make my own stand

Rise up and overcome
A warrior is reborn
Rise up and conquer
A warrior is reborn

5. Illusions Of A Mirage

Masked perception
Distorts the face of truth
Subtly corrupting my eyes
Awkwardly blurring reality

The lights which dare to shine upon me
Are mere glimpses of lies
It's twisted to live through fish-eye lenses
What I behold never is what's real
Is our reality really what do we perceive?
A nightmarish depiction of life
Mislead by torn spoken words
Blinded by a childish damned hope
Unable to cut through the mist
Longing to discover a passageway

Inadvertently building up expectations
Enslaved by naive behaviors
Lacking the knowledge of how I imprisoned myself
Incarcerated in a frustrated state of mind

Lost in a desert of desolation
Cheated by manipulated visions
Engulfed in darkness, straying away from the path
Confused by venomous voices
The truth is in fact within myself

So still I crawl in black mud
Drifting away unaware of the facts
Surviving the midnight sun
Sliced by the blade of belief
Throughout the density I pierce

I yearn for wisdom in my illusions
Illusions of a mirage
To comprehend existence

6. Atrocities

Take a glimpse into the other side
And unravel the mysteries of life
As the misdeeds consume the soul

Uneasy your life still goes on

Listen and see the atrocities
Committed in the name of self

Insects crawling devouring the flesh from
Dead bodies forgotten, wasted
The decay, a pile of corpses
Spreading sickness

Listen and see the atrocities
Committed before your very eyes
As mankind kills itself
The atrocities

The armies of unbalance
Rise to spread chaos
Upon this very world
Apocalypse has begun

Sweeping across the world
Dominating all the blind

7. Hear Them

The day has come... I can feel it here
The madness is around me again

It calls me by my name, it makes me fear
Insanity comes back again

Its speech is full of rage
Suppressing all reactions
Invades me, dominates me
Tries to take over my actions

The face I now see in the mirror
I tremble before its gaze
It keeps repeating the same words
and I hear them again and again...

The day has come... I can see it in my eyes
Pulsating inside my brain
It drives me insane, I can’t control
I think I'm losing my mind

I must fight back, I can't retreat
Can’t let it have me
I have to take control
But I hear them again and again...

8. Kathairein

Completely frantic and chaotic
Plunged in arrhythmia and despair
Inside this bottomless pit

Still I remain stuck, no air

I’ve been dominated, I've been weak
A mere puppet of my own demons
Drain my energy and possess my mind
They want both body and soul...

Abreaction, purgation
Breaking all delusions
I'm coming back to life
Surviving all around

Trapped within confusion
I refuse to stay beneath
I crawl out of the chaos
Resisting all foes and defeat

It's time to wake up and realize
What my eyes never saw before me
How to leave this misty limbo
And reach out for my way

Abreaction, purgation
Reinventing myself
I am being reborn
Fighting against the storm...

9. Disbelief

I walked away from life
Lost man drifting around
Like an ephemeral nomad

Disconnected from faith

Abandoned by myself
Embracing delusions
Distorted perception
Twisted senseless belief

All around I see envy
All around I hear lies
All around I feel pain
All around, only disbelief...
This sickness infecting me

Crawling as if I'm no more
But still wandering around
Still confused, I now realize
And search for answers to
those unasked questions

Black sun and dry sea
I, corroded man
Banished from the world
Returning from the dead

Fábio "Nitra" - Vocals and guitars
Daniel Pacheco - Guitars
Diogo Silva - Bass and vocals
Gabriel Teykal - Drums

Gabriel Teykal wrote all lyrics.

Thanks to heavymatadouro, gteykal for correcting these lyrics.

Submits, comments, corrections are welcomed at webmaster@darklyrics.com


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