Dark Lyrics


1. Thieves

Stripped down, emptied, left with nothing
What the fuck did we work for? To be taken., castrated
I would give anything just to know your name
So I can have my part in your fall
I really just want to take back what's mine
But what goes around will come around to you.
As I walk into an empty room
Struck by an instant heart beat
I feel the impending sense of doom
Weigh down upon me
I need a name along with a face
To displace the outrage
When nobody knows a goddamn thing
Its time to realize we're fucked
It's hard when there's no solution
and we try to face the world with broken limbs
If and when you're found then you'll be the one
Then you will be the one to be left without a single fucking thing
I'm falling to the ground
And I'm feeling sick
But really we are the ones who have been taken for our everything
A barren sentiment of hopelessness attacks me
Caving in my brain amazed it happened to me
And the stress that follows is the part that really is tearing a hole inside of me
I try to look ahead for some sort of resolve, but while they are still breathing then the problem can never be solved
Defenseless, helpless can't stop thinking about taking my vengeances
Can't believe that we were the ones dealt this, numb to the world, feeling senseless
I guess I just accept the beating and try to forget this, and it not my fault but I still regret it
It's not about pity and aggression
Numb to the world and feeling senseless
When you break your fucking back for some asshole to walk off with your life
It is hard to see the fucking point I try to be productive but
I can't escape the animosity
Consumed with daydreams of cranial departure, I wan to smash your fucking face
So this is to whoever you are I hope that it was worth it
So this is to, whoever you are. I'll sleep with one eye open for you
This is to whoever you are... FUCK YOU

2. Commoditism

What is the capacity of our lives?
How much shit can we fit to satisfy the fetish
Of material commodities
Possession, the ruler of happiness
I can't resist the overindulgence in this shit
In order to truly understand our ridiculousness
I would have to been stripped
Taken away from my ever growing mountain of bits
It's not just a disorder of the rich
It's nearly American to be stuck in this ditch
Even when the majority is living in the pits
At what fucking point can we agree that we really have enough?
As the mountain forges upward, we suffocate in an abundant heap of our own chattels
Assets like a drug, to satisfy
Sufficiency is a dream
The modern perception of adequacy is a fucking disgust
Desire is an infinite void with out borders that can never fulfill the eternal lust
If only we could see the boundaries
Perhaps we would be able to draw the line to separate what we truly need
Self-gratification seems to come wrapped in plastic
With a price tag on it and every fucking store seems to have it
We are told to soak it up
To keep a full cup
And this is considered a blessing
What the fuck?

3. Holy Shackles

How can we grow if we are living in the past?
Where progression is condemned and life is only just a path
To an unknown unreal existence
Better yet how can anyone believe it?
You told me that Jesus loves us all but you sleep on the streets
You pray to god every night but your family can't eat.
I know you aren't stupid, so what are you doing?
It is not just yourself its the fucking world that it's screwing
His eternal love has bred an epidemic of hate
Killed off our free will and replaced it with fate
Until our seeds are born unpoisoned and uncontaminated
Future generations will only know miseducation
It's a scary situation when it's captured most of the entire fucking nation
I wish more than anything for society to change. Stop killing!
Stop dying over religion an relying on a god to feed their children
Living life without feeling
It's a degradation to humanity, to believe that we all subserviently accept a life of disease and wage slavery and they continue to teach kids their lives are out of their reach
The cyclical onslaught leaves a bloody red chord in the name of the imaginary almighty lord
Everyone is killing each other because god loves us all
There's no hope for change unless this bullshit falls
There can be no peace until we murder the lord
Religion is a drain on society, and has held us back for centuries
Countless acts of violence and atrocities
Committed in the name of a supreme being
Evolution means anti-religion, and until we get there society is living in a fucking prison
Because of an unsightly regressive history decorated with war
There can be no peace until we murder the lord

4. Empires

What the fuck
Petrified frozen
I can't believe it
I was wrong but what the fuck are they?
All 60 million of them
Remove my blindfold of optimism so I can feel the ignorance come alive
What is the appeal of deception and ignorance?
This is bigger than your front door, your gun
I cry for the work and every Fallujah that will ever happen in our future
To the rest of the work just know that we are sorry and that we care whether you live or die
Feels like I'm fighting against a brick wall and I can't help but feel like giving up
Come on... Wake up and see that there's some other shit going on!
It goes far beyond and unfortunately I learn that in this war I am just a pawn
There is no hope, seems like my only option is to not give a fuck an cope
Because when ignorance reigns it really rains blood in the rest of the world and at home we're still all fucked
Just take a look around, look at what we have become
I can't lie to myself I boil in disgust when confronted with what's real
And this time it was, but what about the rest of us, and those whole will die all because
So give in to the empire, let the bombs fly
I pledge allegiance to nothing
What is left to hope for?
When things continually get worse
And what is there to love, when I despise what I see happening I can't lie
To myself I can't love what I hate
I am sorry but you are failing me and you failed the entire fucking world
United they stand but divided we are
All spit on your name until the day that you fucking fall

5. The Black Page

Wake up, Fight back, open your eyes and see that we are under attack
Take it for granted and they will take it all right back
Right back is where we are going, regression to the Dark Age
Open up our present lives and it's another fucking black page
Read between the lines and it's another black page
Prepare for the oncoming storm, the shadows will plagues this world for years
Social apocalypse from fucked up politics, prepare to be ruled
Welcome to the hell you have created, not even your lord approves
I hope you are all happy, but I want change or I want out
The association with this addiction is far too shameful for me to just smile
Acceptance is castration
Apathy is too difficult when disgust boils my blood
Welcome to a world eradicated of love
Soon I am going to explode
The cultural divide breeds believers of the lies
No solution on either side, just waiting for a change of tide
Chaos, all I see is madness, how the hell could anyone let this happen?
Cause when it's all fucked up, maybe they will realize that they're all stuck
Soon we're going to crawl back to living in a cave
Face the consequences because you dug your own grave
The setback and atrocities will be the markers of our age
The next chapter of our lives is just another black page
So here I am screaming, tired and ugly
Get the fuck off me, you can't fucking touch me
Wake up, Fight back, open your eyes and see we that we are under attack
Take it for granted and they will take it all right back

6. Life Advocate

Pressure is building I'm gonna explode
I can't escape this self destructive mode
Hang in there it will be OK
I promise there will be a better day
I won't let you turn your back
We will struggle through the days
I cant watch you check out
On all the promises that you've made
I'm there for you all the time
I wish I could stop you from this better Crime
I forced myself in, I locked myself out
Now I'm just another face in the crowd
That's not true you're one of a kind
Don't let this world pull you behind
Time are rough
I think I had enough
I've got to break from from the world's hand cuffs
I want wait until the fucking end
If you wont do it, I'll put a bullet in my head
Grab my hand for my last breath
As my tortured soul creates death
Hang in there it will be OK
I promise there will be a better day
The tears in my eyes wont me see what my own fucking mind is doing to me
I wish i could save you this needs to stop right now but all I can do is ask myself HOW

7. Manhunt

Everything is fine did you really believe it
Sold to the nation. But just simply repeated
Could not imagine it was all their imagination
Indoctrination of a mere creation
Towering over the world
It's all for the safety of your family
But any further questions
Render you the new enemy
Its like war is peace
And freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength and is treated as bravery
Payback for daddy
And all your buddies are happy
I won't believe the fucking lies
An Orwellian nightmare seem to be the times
I was marching in the streets because I saw the fucking signs
Of a worldwide onslaught to feed the giant
I will not believe the fucking lies
I can't take anymore news selling a product
Try to keep me quiet, I won't be silent
They told me to soak it up fast and join the national brainwash hastily
Pop back your prescription and god bless us all as the world goes fucking crazy
Pledge allegiance to the lies, and to the disguise
So we can dampen out the cries and let the bombs fly
To what ends must we contend?
Overpower, control in the name of defense
I don't know how the world is going to deal with it
Since we're stuck with another four years of this shit
Now they found your man but when will we see the final cost
And in the end, how many lives were lost
Not yours, or any of your peers
Tear our fucking families apart, and now for over a year
I would rather die, than to kill for you.
You fucking scumbag, FUCK YOU!!!
Sell it to the nation like it's the fucking superbowl
But I know not to play their role
I can't stomach another dose of their lies
Kill for this! Die for this! Even though the truth is right in front of your eyes

8. Plutocracy

The dream is dead and seldom lived
So there has to be a better way than just hoping to be rich
But I look around and what see
You're purpose is to pollute me, to degrade me
Sign my name unwillingly agree to fucking slavery
I know it fucking sucks, but what can I do, I've got to hold on have to try to make it through
When we are left on our own to freeze every man is the enemy
Spend my life to improve his
Toil while he is spoiled
It doesn't make sense
Everyday it kills me
But what can I do?
To be a part of the system is to be ruled
No one is given a fair chance and at times life is a gamble
Brought it to existence born already wearing the capitalist shackles
Push me tot he bottom and crush me into the earth
How low I go or tall I stand traces back to my birth
Use it to defile my freedom and despoil my home
Desecrate my mind and my life as a whole
I know there is more to life than this but I can't just forget
You want to feed yourself, then place your bet
The only true freedom from this shit is isolation
But I won't live interned to a cage in captivation

9. Shut It Down

Self soothing. Self improving, but not long till we start shooting.
Trained to be insane and punished for the same
Consider this a withdrawal of my own name
Where the fuck are we after two thousand years
What have we become?
Just some cavemen with guns, almost like life is a game and we do it just for fun
Disable your brain and make your move to insane
Just do your fucking job and you wont be the one to blame
We are always the ones to blame
I want to live free, no master no gods
Stay young until I die but somehow that's odd
A purposeful facade suppressing who we are... They ruined freedom so I am going to shut it down
Progress is less than gradual when we are still killing each other, seems like we will go a full circle end up back in trouble
I'm going to stand tall above the oppression above the hate
Stand firm on my own two feet, I know it's hard but I am going to carry my weight
Fuck ignorance, I'd rather be the invisible man and stay the fuck out of their master plan
Live my life, the way that I am supposed to as a human, not as a fucking drone
Every day, I look around and I see what we value and it boggles my mind
I can't participate any more
Shut it down!

Thanks to Alan for sending these lyrics.

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