Dark Lyrics


1. Terrorstorm

There were lots of warnings, but somehow they couldn't see it.
The facts don't add up and I'll never believe in the spout of lies and deception.
Now we hand in our freedom for what they are calling protection.
A terrorized population and then look what happens to our administration.
Who benefits? Who benefits? Who really benefits from the world ablaze?
Welcome to the new American century where pearl harbor is right around the corner.
Even when airplanes are falling from the sky they are counting on the fact that we will never ask why.
Ask why it has come to this. So many lost.
Where was the most advanced line of defense in the world before the nation crashed down to the ground?
The war on terror is a hoax and we are all being lied to.
Act courageously. Fight the real enemy.
The greatest threat to our freedom is not terrorism, but what our government does to counter it and cover it up.
The inhumanity is repulsive.
Go beyond the sound bytes and oversimplified official report and open your eyes to a profit driven massacre.
Terrorstorm. It has happened all through out history.
Cover-ups and false flags used to deceive and mangle our hearts and minds into supporting war.
The time has come to stop using the flag as a blindfold, to stop waving our guns and our gods at the world.
We must seek truth and justice.
Take a close look and see that we the people are the victims of a violent terrorstorm.
Fight the real enemy.

2. Tooth Grinder

I wish I could pull this off me, the weight is dragging me down and it's getting exhausting.
Frozen in time but the clock keeps ticking.
I fear to look at my life and see that there is something I'm missing.
Each day, I lay awake.
Empty Inside looking for the next break.
I am seeing and I am breathing but I am looking for a goddamn reason.
As my jaw proceeds to separate off of my skull, I wonder how to dig myself out of this hole.
I try so hard, but I just can't win. But here we go again.
The weeks pile up and I'm ascending downward, always looking for a plan for the next few hours.
I lock it all in and I shut myself up. This is not normal, This is not me.
Isolated and alienated, my foundation has been decimated.
Forlon and fucking war torn.
Problems of the world leave my face with a bitter scorn. Please return my carnium.
And no has one fucking word to say to elaborate on how everything is going to be OK.
Grief, despair, anger, animosity.
I feel hollow, but filled up with sorrow, but I keep my head up for a better tomorrow.
Grinding my teeth down flat. Morning comes along and my incisors are gone.
Lift the curse off of my face.
Relieve me of my burden, so I can know my own name.
Take a deep breath and blow away the storming rain.
I want to reassume my body. I want you to recognize my face.
If I could turn back time to a better day, then maybe I would stop grinding my teeth.

3. Bombs Over Rome

Disgusting, these twisted priests.
I would smile if every last parish perished in a smoking blaze.
So let the bombs fly right into the heart of the holy city.
Because what more harm can they do to a child.
Next time eat his little heart.
Break into his will and tear his entire life apart.
It makes me sick, a spiritual leader who can't even control his own dick.
To what extent does forgiveness reach?
If pedophilic abuse and rape is the lesson that they really teach.
And they continue to preach, but my sermon is much more clear and simple...You are the scum of the earth.
Hypocrites and robbers, what more can they do to wrong the world?
Next time smash his brains out.
Psychologically fucked and there is never going to be a way out.
Take the family's money, and their child's virginity.
So I say fuck that bastard Nazi pope, there's been a dick down Benedict's holy throat.
Right under his nose, thousands are violated.
It is for you twisted creeps that I wish Hell actually existed so that by any and every means possible punishment for your ghastly abuse intrusion and the desecration will be shot right up your righteous assholes.
You make me fucking sick.
I say let the bombs fly, right into your houses of god so you can know how it feels to have your heart ripped right out.
Let the bombs fly.
No more pardons.

4. Evangelicult

Holy shit.

5. Animal

I am the animal, I am life.
I am my choices and I am yours too.
You might watch me suffer and you may see me survive.
Spit disease right in my face and I'll fall to illness maybe death.
Shitfaced you crush me in your truck and you might get to feel my last breath.
I try, I try and I try but I can't say as much for the rest.
I am just an animal in the jungle and I can only do my best.
Vigorous heart of the lion but it still could mean my head.
I belong to you, I belong to this world.
So I wouldn't be surprised if I went spinning off the face of this earth.
I want control, I want control, but I'm just an animal surrounded by beasts.
Beasts are everywhere and catastrophe is inevitable and no matter how rabid or tame an animal the hammer of calamity indiscriminately strikes and it could strike you down because sometimes us animals get smashed.
I am the animal.
Feel me breathe.
Hear me roar.
Suffocate me and I am going to choke.
As we are pushed into the jungle, deeper and deeper we see that this is where the animals live and this is where us animals die.

6. Plunder Incorporated

In a world just dying for a little bit of love, is this all really what we need?
The trampling, the rape, the deceit, the deterioration, the weakening.
I would say that I refuse but now it's nearly impossible to defy the stronghold that they have on us.
Malpractice becomes too common.
And since it costs less for them to feed us cancer, begin your goodbyes and prepare your will.
In the face of all life in decline we give them tax cuts as punishment for their crimes.
Destroyer of worlds for the rest of time.
The corporation means the end of mankind.
I won't accept domination.
I won't accept livelihood and you blood.
I want to see you monsters fail, but it's too hard to take on them all.
What the fuck have we done?
What the fuck have we done?
And they need your money now even if it means that a few thousand more starve or are grossly deformed or are born without eyes.
I look ahead on our path and all I see is fucking doom.
Plunder and Rape.

7. Operating From The Ditch

It's sick, operating from this ditch.
It boggles my mind we still have to put up with this shit.
We have been dragging for years.
And if words mean nothing then why are we talking.
So many times I wish I had the strength to turn around walking.
It's beyond an injustice, the way that we are trampled and it still blows my mind.
Just save your sleepless nights of abuse and binges for when I need you the most so I can regret my faith in you.
Now my heart is pounding at the sight of your stupid glass eyes.
Can't see straight, can't walk straight, can't live straight.
You just spit in my face knowing that I'll be there tomorrow to drag you along.
You're a liar, and you are taking years off my life.
Jaw clinched tight even long after you are out of sight.
Prove me wrong, if prove me wrong then I would gladly forget all about this song.
But somehow you continue to surprise me.
How long can I sustain this?
Dysfunction leaving me brainless.
Scornful derision is the message your sending.
A throat full of curses is inevitably pending.
You can't hide shit from me, that's ridiculous.
Try to play it off you can't be serious.
I wish there was a way out.
Got to find a way to cure what's inside of you.
I am having dreams at night of my hands violently wrapped around your neck, and I want to return the pain.
It's hard to believe where I have placed my priorities in life knowing who you really are.
I am just glad that I'm not you, and I will never be like you.
I got my guard up for another let down, and sadly enough it prefaces your name.
And here we are again.
You make it so hard to just be proud of my self, sooner than later I might just be somebody else.
Take a look at yourself.

8. You Can't Win

I never wanted to fall from the top of the world but here I am.
And now I am tired and fucking ugly and I hate it but it's all I can be.
Locked up, fucked up but I know I'm not the only one.
I hear that life goes on, but I guess just not for everyone.
Consumed by bliss that now all I do is miss.
The memories can make me happy but now I'm fucking pissed!
Irrationally searching every single dimension to find a way to bring me closer to you.
It's night like these when my jaw is being pried off the sides of my face and it feels as if somehow I swallowed a fucking shoe.
I want to tear out my throat so just for a minute I might be able to finally breathe.
What has happened to me?
Not a day goes by when I didn't wish I were still living in September 2005.
I never wanted to live this way or to feel this pain.
And I can't stop asking why.
Now I see that life is just a game.
Sometimes everyday with out you, is another day I wish I didn't have to go through.
It still hits me like a brick everyday and it will never go away.
I never wanted you to go away.
I hang my head deep into my chest, tormented to realize that for now this is the best.
I want my life back, I want your life back more than anything.
I never wanted to fall from the top of the world but here I am, and to some degree I always feel like shit because your...Gone, forever.
Gone, taken from me.
Gone, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
I used to think depression had nothing to do with me.
Now every day of my life I'm faced with despair and misery.
Because some dumb fucking asshole made some bad choices, and he landed on you, and we all pay the price...Now I know the meaning of being alone.

9. Progression In Defeat

Where are we now?
And where are we going?
In an era of seeming defeat, how do we find the strength to get back on our feet.
Because I know that we are never yet truly beat.
There has got to be hope.
Standing in the witch graveyard I have seen movement.
In the eye of a crumbling world where trust is nothing.
I search for hope for the ones that I love.
It's hard to look forward with each day collapsing.
I dig deep for the triumphant achievements in our history.
Or simply for the fact that no one in Salem was crushed to death with rocks today or burned alive.
Sometime, I have to ask where is the light in this world of darkness?
Progress is hiding in the cracks even when looking ahead seems like a series of mistakes.
I can see the beauty of failure in that we have got a second chance.
Standing over the witch's grave, I can see a change.
We have seen change.
In the eye of a crumbling world where trust is nothing.
It's hard to look forward with each day collapsing.
Hopelessness is getting tired and I want to come alive.
So I am going to strive for the best because dreams are what makes this world turn around.
Sometime, I have to ask where is the light in this world of darkness?
Progress is hiding in the cracks even when looking ahead seems like a series of mistakes.
I can see the beauty of failure in that we have got a second chance.
Standing over the witch's grave, I can see... Where are we now?
And where are we going?
In an era of seeming defeat, we look ahead for change to get back on our feet.

10. Elucidation

And on the day that I die, should it be soon...take this from me for clarification.
And when I come crashing, and it could be too soon, just know that I lived for change.
Don't take this the wrong way.
Sell all my shit and give the money to my brother.
Make sure Milo has a good home and a hill to run.
For now I know, that I could be next.
Just don't take this the wrong way.
I have not a deathwish but rather a less inaccurate understanding of what it means to be alive.

11. A Passionate Journey

Today I dreamt of life on earth and I boarded a train ready for the world.
Descending on the streets where the sky is scraped and the crowds collect.
Confused and alone I try to find my way.
My heart beat as I chased my life through the street.
Walk with me.
Cold world, embrace me because I am lost in the chaos and I feel all alone.
Nothing to call my own.
I fell in love today and it was the best thing I ever felt.
No more confusion about who I am because this is who I want to be.
I woke up with a purpose and I laughed back at the crowds drowning in modern bullshit.
I planted a tree in front of my home and I can no longer see out of my window but it makes me smile just to watch it grow.
And I opened my eyes to the beautiful things that make my world spin around.
Today I heard that another hundred men were killed.
Many people joined me in dismay and we crowded the streets.
Today everything was taken from me, stripped down to nothing but a bag of bones.
Today I ripped out my heart out of my chest and I stamped it into the earth.
My face turned to raw bone and I danced with the stars.
And the pages stopped turning in my passionate journey.
They just couldn't tame him.

Thanks to killzwitch for sending these lyrics.

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