Dark Lyrics


1. Morbid Castle

I see the chapel stare at me
What Evil doings are done by that shrine
Rites of hatred is at hand

Curse are the one who enter
An ancient evil is waiting in there
It's around this castle
Join with the dead or prepare to be sacrificed

Enter these halls and accept your own death
Or stay outside to be untouched and alone

In this evil place, the place to find wicked darkness

The castle is calling to me "Welcome in!"
I can't resist thee "I shall grant you peace!"
Oh, numinous castle "I am no fiend!"
Please, let me be!
Oh no!

Your holy cross is doomed
Doomed to hell
Feel the spirits dwell
In this evil chapel
Only the black candles is alive
Only evil is welcome in here
Only evil is true

2. Dawn Of Doom

I am floating in darkness
My fate is true
In endless agony I will realise my defeat

My soul is now lost
Haunted by the thrusting dead

I am lurking in the shadows, but there is no hope
For my dying veins
My life is forsaken
The words of ancient times

My anguish is deep
My soul eternal bleed
The black moon burns my fate
I start to realise the end is near

I am a living dead fiend
I can eternally feel
I can eternally see
Through the moon and the sun

I can now eternally feel
I can eternally see
Through the moon and the sun
I'm a living dead fiend

The dawn of doom

3. Chaos Judge

The obscure presence of him
None can see his imperialistic path
Flawless in all its shapes
Shameless in all its actions

She can see the signs
Also hidden in the white mist
Able to follow he who dwells
But unable to conquer

As the serpent manifest
The stench of deceit reeks
For this is a kingdom of None
A limitless plane where no one reigns

The snake of Obscura hunts
For the entity of greatest might
Our father, our sun observes
He knoweth what to happen

With no success the serpent draws back
The vicious and the wise comes forth
To slay the weak reptile
And empty its blood

With the blood of the serpent flowing
With their own, its knowledge is now theirs
She, with her already great wisdom ascend
He, knower of Death descend into oblivion

Both now opened up
With nothing obscured
And with thrusting might
Both breathing disgust for each

Victims of the occult meaning
With every angle and shape so perfected
Invincible in all its forms
Targets for the other gods

Flexible like fluid and strong as gravity
From the chaos womb they descend
Through celestial gates they feed
On all that lives, and that are dying

Dematerialized spheres and black stars
Marks their presence on this cosmic altar
From the seas, from the earth, from the dark beyond
A mockery against the cosmic creation

Tearing atom from particle
Waves from Sound
Horror from fear
Cutting the strings of existence

The Chaos Judge

One dark winter night
Lying dead in the blazing cold
Like cocaine so imperialistic white
A magickal scent, horrific to hold

A repugnant vision, stiffened
Its shell flashed red as fire
The dead eyes alive, observing
She has seen the malign of the liar


With her tongue and her tail
This Daemon binds herself to me
From a dimension far she hail
Giving a warning for all to see

Death is coming

4. Womb Of Equivalent Doom

Far away in a violent world
A phenomenon is escalating
A vast belief of sacred healing
Rather a wish to die for nothing

The legion of magicians assembles beyond
They aim at the numinous altars of madness
As the travelling party enters the dominion
The akrolytes of the altars of madness reacts

Stumbling across watery tombs and rotted graves
One man figures out the meaning about the mist
A coversation between him and the moon is born

The birth of an invocation which decipher the words

Initiation is now complete

The mystical magick of the altar will now be released
Darkness will run like blood by your feet
Chaos troops and doom are now unleashed
Every dimension lies in strong fundamental kaamos
All because of the womb of equivalent damnation


David ‒ Guitars
J. Dee ‒ Vocals
Anton ‒ Bass
Ralle ‒ Drums
Kribbe ‒ Guitars

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