Dark Lyrics


1. Godless

I’m awakened
Never bound by what I am
I wouldn’t want to be
Whatever “he” has planned for me
“Thou have seen no god before me”

You have met your match
From your womb purest evil is hatched
With your lies, you disguise
All the things that I despise

You will rot alone in the dirty ground
Alone, alone an afterlife will not be found

This isn't hatred this can only be fate
To say the least, your shit is fading away with heresy
It isn't wrong to believe but it's just such a disgrace
That the narrow fucking minds are the ones running this race

Trust me when I say
I know true evil comes in many forms

I will never be whatever you want to see me be
I want to watch you plead on your knees fucking begging me

Their blind eyes see not of the horrors to come
Wasted breath on deaf ears
Children of earth, all guilty of sin
Cleanse them of the ignorance that lies within

Its time to realize we are all

They are a dying breed

I hope you see the reddest eyes draw from the blackest hell
Abysmal wakening, as the darkness fell
The figure stands before as tears of fear fall from your eyes
The devil calls for your hand
And he'll show you where the truth lies

Underneath innocent feet, I dwell in lucid conjuring
Holding dear the broken souls
The lost the damned the wondering
Did your preacher tell you, how unconditional God's love is?
Is it eternal? It is a weakness
Consumed by a culture, leaving you blind
I see no gods, but only meager minds

Fuck your faith

I’m awakened, never bound by what I am
I wouldn’t want to be whatever you have planned for me

2. No Haven

Splinters and fractured bones

Lest we left to rot, broken, beaten, with no hope
Drowning in a sea of sick, coughing up my lungs
Crippling loneliness
Is this what we’ve become?

Strings of my heart, now crafted and bound
Bled forth my soul and displayed in sound

Frozen core, crawling skin, plunging blades deep within
I feel fate sinking in, sanity, paper thin

Skin and bones, faint lips kiss
Bathing in the blood from our wrists

Decomposing from within, the pain is sinking in
Full of tarnished aspirations of what could have been
As I’m rotting to the core, I beg for fucking more
My heart craves for it like a fucking whore

Bury me deep
Execution, infatuation is long gone
Cover the steps; have we sought to end it all?

For miles I have searched yet I see no haven

You rid me of the air in my lungs when I need to…

Suffocating, under the weight you bear
No mercy has been shown
Making me want to break
Every last fucking bone, inside the body
Free me from this rage
You buried me deep

3. A Dark Omen

To my dearest lover, I may never return home
There is a demon plaguing our lands and I must protect our home

Sickness is upon these lands, these mangled bodies in our hands
Behold a day of woe and sorrow
Together we await the storm
A demonic colossus, has death himself come to claim us
Our world has fallen to fade

The sickened disease of this human race has come and gone
I miss my friends and family
I feel so alone
The darkest days approach me, how long can I hold?
My will is fading but my chaos will unfold!

As I walk I can feel the pain
I go on, will I die in vain?
Is this the end of me?

Frozen in still figure, I stood in the gaze of
The beast that the legend has foretold of, this famine
His sickness consumes me
His eyes see right through me
Consuming my courage my fury unleashed

Its revolting appearance pales only in comparison
To its despicable cruelty done unto the innocent

Battered and broken as I lay so weak
Slaughtered in bloodbath, my will achieved

Smothered in victory, my odyssey
My heart turns black, as I become the beast

Purpose has spilt from me
I cannot live this life of disease
The abyss gaping beneath
I plummet away from suffering

4. E.L.E.

Unequivocal to everything that we can be
While slowly going under in an evolutionary plunder
And told are the tales of the incarnations
Illusive arbiters from the void beyond

The answers we seek are written on the walls
Hieroglyphics cover the most ancient of halls
They came to earth to bring our birth
They molded our minds to excel our creation
The gods have come and gone
But have you ever wondered if they left us to burn?

We have a view of heaven from a seat in hell
We have spent an eternity trying to get back from where we fell
The guidance of heaven has been present in our past
Our zenith lays close but just out of grasp
Accepting of a life far beyond our own is a step forward to shatter the throne

Building their structures intentionally grim
A luster in the lights
The cultivation will commence with flood arisen again
For total destruction

Oh how I wish to feel weightless amongst the depths of space
To ascend to the heavens, not to fall 
from our grace
Shrouded in this world of disgrace

Impossible structures built in their names
They are the ancients of ancients and we bask in their fame
They are creators of life we only bring them shame

They embrace the finite figure locked inside the flesh
But they'll never know the truth of a sickness that’s in need of divine cleansing

And I for one am thirsty for awakening
But the river ran dry and I'm aching waiting for the rains to pour
Again and again so the flood can drown
All the hate and the hurt, until the sun goes down

The abominations filled with desolation
Stepping on faces of
The frail and broken masses as if we can
Redefine who we are
There’s no hope
Humanity is losing hold

All I see scrounging in the dirt, the cold and lonely hearts
Will cease from breathing from the decimating will of god

Descending on our salvation, god now walks the earth
These are not the revelations, greater consciousness has birthed
I know you don’t want to, but you have to watch as our world burns
The manifestation of creation, collapsing under force

5. Dissentient

Sought to ensue the bloodlust of your false integrity
Your masses, Sheppard fences will not save you from me
I lick my lips with the taste of vengeance tainted by your Ignorance

The blindness of the common man
A product of the holy land
We don’t need live your lies

We’ll seize you when you're sleeping, bite the neck to stop the breathing
Feel the fear suffocating, drowning from the blood you’re bleeding
Corpses of your mangled kin, punished by my fangs
My will shall bring your reckoning, punished by my power

Your hate means nothing to me
Your words won’t make me weak
Closed eyes, closed minds
All your weakened minds
Feeding off these fucking lies

I took a toll for all the torment that you put me through
Now you’ll pray to me
As the storm approaches
I will show no mercy
As I welcome you into the woods at night
Jealousy struck upon a suffering colony
Will only be uplifted together

For we have witnessed
Weakness, distraught lies
That’s all you ever preach
Sickness, falter, pain
Faceless and insecure
All you’ll ever find
Is cowards always die
So try to run and hide

Follow the leader and become the fool
Your weakened minds all drown in the red pool
Wasted science
Wasted life
I’m drenched in disappointment time after time

Be weary where you walk for us wolves will be sure behind
We despise why you are alive
We long to feast on your flesh
No one gets out alive
No one gets out alive

And when I walk among them
They hate me for what I am
How can one judge a wolf?
When they are just a lamb

And as the storm approaches and the walls are crashing down
I will let you run and hide, so try not to be found
We know your hiding with your lies they will not help you to survive
So try to run and hide, no one gets out alive

Be weary where you walk for us wolves will be sure behind
We despise why you are alive
We long to feast on your flesh
No one gets out alive
No one gets out alive

6. Citadel

7. Shia LaBeouf

Why do you squirm?
Why do you squeal?
How do you think all the lives that you burdened feel?
Let’s see what it looks like first hand
When I'm peeling back your skin just because I fucking can
Do you feel the sting?
Just like all the rest
That you put in this placement that you too detest
I'm sorry; I'm not good at this
I think its time to bury you with all the rest

Twisted in torment and sick from abuse
I envision your death as you hang from the noose
Bleeding and choking and screaming for air
No one will answer your screams of despair

You pray for forgiveness yet this is the end
You’ve dug your own grave six feet deep you’re sent


Breathe it down
You’re sickness, like a fucking plague
You’ve never looked so weak
Begging, pleading on your knees
“Kill me”
But there’s so much more blood to bleed
Trust me, it gets fucking worse

I am here to be
The darkest motherfucker in history
I am here to be
The darkest motherfucker in history

In darkness I am found
In death I am bound
A home for my madness
A shrine to decay
And a shallow grave for the bodies to lay
Only death can cure this starvation

“Can you forgive me?”

You make me want to break your fucking bones
To hear the snap and the crack I feel so at home
No remorse for the wicked, I won’t forgive
You’re such a 
piece of shit

I'll beat ya till your nothing but a leaking blood bag
Full of broken bones, yeah you know that's a fuckin’ drag
And now you're gunna get it just like you said to them
I won't let you go cuz it's initiated

8. Into Oblivion

I have this dream where I’m in a field
Flowers and sunlight, a place so surreal
And I can see you standing just out of reach
And as I meet your embrace you always sink beneath

Molded conclusions, forged in our illusions
But when the mind’s still, there is no burden
The hour of my blood runs stale, I let go
Existence opens up its jaws, swallow me whole

At one with peace as I drift ever listlessly
In my dreams I can live for eternity
Can this be my illusion of denial?
I am forever dreaming
As I wilt with the wind my reflection is dying within
Longing to rid my body of decay, my blood runs cold
This grip around my neck tightens its hold

Dive into the gallows of perpetual blackness
Of all the love
Photos and memories, moments of ecstasy, losing my sanity

Now I refrain to the blackest oblivion
As I wither away, reality is haunting me
This body yearns to be free
Tilting on the verge of sanity my mind is but calamity
This world will be the death of me

I long to sleep
The clock is ticking
I’m losing hope
I’m at the end of my fucking rope
I’m too tired now with every breath I choke
Into oblivion
I will now float

Dances of this lucid dream are taunting me
Let the river take hold of me

My vision is all but dark as the melody warms my heart
And as my final breathe now leaves my chest
All I feel is weightlessness
And as the icy grip of death warms my soul
Colours and memories begin to flow
To dream forever is a dream in itself
Its fucking beautiful come see for yourself

All I know is you’re by my side and now I can breathe
For in a field of flowers I found blissful peace

9. Abysmal

When the flames fade only dark will remain
Somber cascade of decay
Abysmal blackness, Cimmerian shade
Of seemingly perpetual despondency

Forever black

We must learn to burn in solace
There is beauty in the pain we bear
Vomit the darkest part of your soul and let that darkness take you whole
Hold it, and never let it go and you‘ll be stronger than you know

We don’t need sight
For eyes are blind

I know your eyes will see tomorrow if you embrace the black
Embrace your burdens

Feign eyes paint illusions false but also in truth
Nightmarish visions plagues the mind, withering are the youth
I found in the darkness a lonely place
I took from my heart to the physical plain
And may the day be friendly to you
You cannot image what darkness can do

Here lies your fate; it’s not too late

Separating the illusion of what we define as hell
And there is only hell here to see
Through all of the glory we find in the hurt
We see through misery

Memorized by glowing eyes
Reflecting in the eerie night
Motionless I stand before thee
Filling your heart with fear

And as the skies were filled with fire I let the dark take hold
And what I found is the weight had been lifted
As I let my darkness go


This is illumination
Incineration of the contamination
The Silhouette of what used to be
As the pressures building all the victims to the vicious binds are nothing
The silhouette of what used to be
Cease the bleeding

10. Leech

You're a fucking coward
No pity for the weak
Sever the ties
You suck the life out of me

My eyes are dry tonight
When I put you in your place, it almost doesn't feel right
Then I remember all the shit that you put me through
It almost feels like a burden just to fucking know you

I can feel my body weakening beneath the weight
Because you take all I have inside and you leave me insane
I can feel the hollowing continuing inside
I'd like to tell myself that this is all a waste of time
But I know I'll learn, I'll grow
As I'm sifting through the pieces of the rubble
I have always known forgiveness
I have always had a heart
But you pushed me into dark
Now watch it all fall apart

Sometimes I feel like I can't fucking breath
You hold me down for your own bettering
I feel your fangs sinking deep
Leeching off of what I reap

Pain you cause me
Emotions they taunt me
Carving me of everything
If I was your fucking puppet
I'd choke you with the strings
How far will you bend me before I fucking break?

I'm engulfed
Engulfed by the flames
My tired eyes are weak and in pain
Resolutions follow through as your walls of hate fall on you
Crippled and writhing bathe in your shame
You live so carelessly taking no blame
The sentiments we made will fade
I won't miss the memory so just fade away

Oh, may you forget me

This never-ending cycle
A vicious spiral, eating me alive
It's all about give and take
But I have given all that I am
I don't owe you fucking shit

Every time you take from me, do you feel justified?
Every time you belittle me, do you feel satisfied?
Every time you close your mind everyone's an enemy
Every time we say goodbye you're always crawling back to me

Pain you cause me
Emotions they taunt me
Carving me of everything
If I was your fucking puppet
I'd choke you with the strings
How far will you bend me before I fucking break?

I'm engulfed
Engulfed in the flames
May my afflictions bring me shame
For all the karma I bestow
You now can drown in the undertow
In which you forged upon yourself
And now I yearn to be without
Parasitic company
I wish to live in harmony

And no on
Said it's fair
But nor were
You to me

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