Dark Lyrics


1. Consecration

[Music Palubicki; Lyrics Helmkamp]

Bearing at the edges of the world
The hallowed arms of those
Whom death hath struck down
Warriors from the beyond
In ranks both seen and unseen
Of this the desolation
Our enigmatic destiny

Marching off to war
Iron blood and blasphemy
The unvanquished storm

The war bringer unyielding
Wield the greedy weapons
Girded for battle
Under victorious banner
Ever more total
Ever more occult
Breaking the deafening silence
My voice


Lightning hammer of gods
Uphold! Avenge! Arise!

Blessed and bold ascension
Like the firebearing star
Through thousands of ordeals
We are the sons of vengeance
Cast them down
Your cowardly impious eyes
Our gate alone evokes
A spell of destruction


Our storm our war!

2. Envenomed

[Music Palubicki; Lyrics Helmkamp]

Cut off your nose to spite your face
You cannot deny your natural desires
Sell the soul away parade into oblivion
Depravity transgress swallow the fear
Filth decay pollute the conscience
From violence was creation derived
Winds of change cannot awake paralyzed minds
Their choking utterances asphixiated


Mankind innate as one
Embracing the heart within himself
Machine of war dwells beneath the flesh
Enraged possessed by hell
Willing chaos self-destruction
The nihilist awakes to dawn
Entropic predatory force
Abort this putrid corpse


Copulate - decimate
Kings shall spawn from the soiled corpses
Crematory reign
Masturbate - desecrate
Seed of hate spilled forth
Absolute pain

Perversity cancerous devouring minds
The black miasma intrigues me
Nefarious lurid erotic deeds
Drown in malevolent dreaming
Rancid stench death foreboding
interrupts the futile thought of life
Curse eviscerate damnation
Rigor mortis silences any outburst

3. When Abyss Winds Return

[Music Palubicki; Lyrics Helmkamp]

I am the warfare
Blasting in from blazing horizons
I am the abyssic lust
Tasting blood from the lips of the dying

Plague bearer
World shatterer

I am the reaper's blade
Writhe sadistic merciless
I am become death
Caressed by pallid fingers
I am the cruelty
That chaos doth evoke
Bearer of the black standard of war

When abyss winds return

Mountains smashed - crumble down
Bring to boil a sickly sea
Dance in the ashes of my enemies
10,000 years of victory

Plague bearer

World shatterer

I am the flames
That feast upon your fears
I am the lingering coals
Spawn of blessed cremation
I am the malignant goal
Hour funerary sacrifice
A Phoenix born of the Fallen Age
When abyss winds return

4. Lord Of The Funeral Pyre

[Music Helmkamp/Palubicki; Lyrics Helmkamp]

In the mouth of the wolf
I crush their execrations
Sweating out the poison
My skin crawls black with hate
Fall to fire
My vengeance burns across the sky
The scent of war and women
Black sullen thunder flames

The taste is sweet
Their salted tears
The acrid smoke
The smell of burning death
My joyous feast
I purge their souls
I stoke the flames
Inhale the burning death

Statuesque and impure
A cenotaph of treason
Avenge my fallen breath
A blood red crown my wrath
My throne eclipses the heavens

And storms above the stars
Iron judgement handed down
On wings of lightning death


Vengeance war
Skin crawls black with hate
On wings of lightning death

Lord of the funeral pyre
Lord of my hate

5. Black Solstice

[Music Palubicki; Lyrics Helmkamp]

The frozen has lain forlorn too many ages
Wasting away in the crucible of space
Drawing down the hallowed darkness
Arms outstretched embracing ecstacies of hate

Black solstice
Somber wings extinguish the sun
Nocturnal unfurling
Quenching stars one by one

Vomit war crush the sacred heart of kindness
Unholy raven spawned from dying dove of peace
Freezing the light expunge the furnace flames
Adoration of the prophetic release

My immolation the final comet
The hammer of damnation strikes
Pounding the earth my anvil
My life is to kill the light

Find solace in the fact that
Our pestis lays waste in both houses
Neither blind reverence or stark denial
Will alter the discipline of sterile beauty
That follows in the wake of the prophetic sign
And the deification of the strike of mailed fist
As cleansing chaos steals the light
The majestic darkness feeds

My life is to kill the light

The frozen has lain forlorn too many ages
Wasting away in the crucible of space
Drawing down the hallowed darkness
Arms outstretched embracing ecstacies of hate

Black solstice
Somber wings extinguish the sun
Nocturnal unfurling
Quenching stars one by one

6. The Scapegoat

[Music Palubicki; Lyrics Helmkamp]

I who wait and writhe and wrestle
With air that hath no boughs to nestle
My body weary of empty clasp
Strong as a lion and sharp as an asp
Give me the sign of the Open Eye
And the token erect of the thorny thigh
And the word of madness and mystery

I am a man
Do as thou wilt as a great god can
I am awake
In the grip of the snake
The eagle slashes with beak and claw
The gods withdraw
The great beasts come

Goat of thy flock I am gold I am god
Flesh to thy bone - flower to thy rod
Thrust the sword through the galling fetter

With hoofs of steel I race on the rocks
Through solstice stubborn to equinox
All-devourer - all-bequetter

And I rave
And I rape and I rip and I rend
Everlasting - world without end

[From "Hymn to Pan" by Aleister Crowley]

7. Soulflayer

[Music Palubicki; Lyrics Helmkamp]

Firestorm within flesh
Carnivorous limpid eyes
Behind ecstatic lips
The crush of breath expires

Profanation - Violation
Hammering down war
Penetration - Suffocation
Lust infernal storm

Warhead weeping wound
Orgasmic thrust one hundredfold
Flagellate ripping spine
One thousand cuts explode


Lust infernal - soulflayer

Blood exhale from back drawn lips
Hammer bring down war
Cruelty sucking at my steel
Lust infernal storm

Torment fluids burn
Resurrect the suffering
Laid down torn apart
Soulflayer rises again


8. Perversion Enthroned

[Music Palubicki; Lyrics Helmkamp]

Born of sin and sacrifice
The tyrant seed of Germanicus
Destined for kingdoms of slaughter
Morbid revelations and incest
A viper lurking in the bosom of Rome
Wherefore forever stifles the light
He who is fallen

Witching swords and fratricide

Immortalized - perversion enthroned
Canonized - champion of ruin
Serpent obscene - walls bleeding black
Sadistic god - Caligula

Walls bleed black with intrigue
Beneath the throne of veneration
Cruelty's banner full eclipse

Success through suffocation
Where brothers kill their fathers
And murdered sons insist
That the fallacy of loyalty
Invokes a serpent's kiss


Praetorian master
Sacrificial lamb
Persecute - torment
Blood stained hands

Command the in name of Senate and the People
Let Saturnalian rites be raised
Uphold in desecrate mockery
The rigors of defamatory praise
Proud wives condemned to harlotry
To the fornication of barbarism
Wedded to the torture despicable acts
Lust deviance and sadism


9. Sodomy Curse

[Music Palubicki; Lyrics Helmkamp]

Garden of earthly delights is mounting flames
We are burning our way to paradise

The lust for vengeance shall not despair
Blood and sperm - agony
War declared - now hear this

Sodomy curse

Fertile semen corrupted to vile seed
Obelisk of swollen beauty
Desperate ablution


Disgrace wept bitter tears
Spit wipes away but what of the shame



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