Dark Lyrics


1. Hate

Alone, running with hate
Searching the choices
Sick, desperate
Depression is yours

Alone, running the world
Escaping from lies
The story is old
Is the true hard?

Look at your face
It makes me sick
Words from your mouth
Makes me want to puke

die, die, die, die
Lie, pain, towards you
Alive in vain, deny the proof

2. Chaotic World

Open your eyes
Look at the chaotic world
That is spinning around you
War grows all over the world

Massacre, Corruption, Destruction

Dont be quiet, fight !
What do you expect from your future?

Men and women are been killed
Children dying of hunger
And people are watching this
without doing anything like
nothing is going on

Justice for all

Nuclear weapons
are destroying animals
This is a perfect destruction

3. Shadows In The Mirror

Look into the mirror
There's another world
Pass through the window
Tell me which way to go

You can never stop it
Got a a way to top it
No more mystery

Show me your aggression
Afraid to learn the lesson
The guide you'll need

Run to the holy place
You won't see disgrace
But shadows in the sky

Play, together to the end
Life is just a game
Never fear to die

Back to where you live
There you'll be alone
What a waste of shit
They that could be wrong

4. The Future Of Life

Live in constant alert
Feel the fear to every moment
Try to escape from total destruction
It's up to you, to find the solution

Try to smile even with sadness
To fight without knowing who attack
As we dive deep into the madness
Our minds and souls
They're getting black

And you must decide
How is the future of life?
Don't cry, you have to try
Remain your soul being divine
And you must decide

If people have some time
To be hide or get arise
If not, you will die

5. Andralls On Fire

When you think about the past
Salvation had been burned
Remember you were not fast
To get death's overcome

Endless pain, collective suicide
Fire in me, fire in my life
Realize you were not blind
Weep and wait for your rite

In the middle of disgrace
Run away, save your side
Helpless, let's make our trace
Blood, salvation my mind

Andralls - Burning Tower
Andralls - Flames devour

This pain was a fact of time
In my heart I have no pride
To live here I'd rather die
And the worst, it was my life

Nothing to pray, nothing to trust
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Hear the screams
There's no more dreams
I will not win

6. No Chance To Escape

Nothing else, what I feel
By the fire of the sunset
Life is between ground and sky
The solution, I can't find

It's fading like closing my eyes
I pray before I die
An exit is not to cry
When my time to arrive

The moon at midnight
Reflect on my sight

Duel and get the heaven
I have no chance to escape

My soul dominated for fools
Don't push, don't break the rules

One star will born this night
What's the secret of the life
It's fading like closing my eyes
I pray before I die

Run away and find the infinite
The believers may achieve

7. Behind The Light

Maybe my hope is over
It's far away again from me
Destruction around the world
I'm dying of the same way

See it in the loneliness
Sadness brings the tears
Without another choice
Scared by my fears

Turn off the lights
When you ask the time
You don't wanna know
What the evil has to show

Behind the light

In the night shadows I see
Ghost stories become true
Spirits flying around me
Caution is the word for you

8. Fury In Your Eyes

I am the frontman
I am the death angel
I come from apocalyptic past
I come back, so it was written

I come bringing my silver bird
and when I fly down
I pour out bombs on you
Good and Bad - Dying
Fuck off - This is my mission

Fire in hell, fire in the sky
Fire in your mind, fury in your eyes

I was the envoy of God
to destroy this shit at all
You had another chance
And they wasted again

Now you're stupid humans
I pour out the fury on you
Their advanced technology
Their guns, their shields, nothing

I come from apocalyptic past
I come back, so it was written

9. Lady Death

People around you
and the fear of losing your life
Pain wraps your soul,
Lady death will appear from the night
Fear of the death
while your body is destroyed on a bed
heaven is your hope
but hell is what waits you instead

It stole my life
It stole my soul
It came as my lady death

My rotten mind, blood stops to flow
Together decomposed rests

Black Mantle spills all the blood
And ou can't feel the blow
Death let me rest,
this desease is consuming my soul
Discord schyte, you wont get me even
with a trap
After this pain there's always time for
paying back

The time is passing, swearing and belessing,
you try to reach out for peace
Whatever you do, whatever you say
It's coming for you and for me

Hate, disgrace, rotten minds
your life ends, save your cries
Lady death, burning soul
Dying day, you don't know

From this day on
Your soul will burn in hell
You don't know
I won't tell

As life ends
You lie, you pay the price
You lose, you die

10. The Truth

That's my life,
Shows the world my fury
That's my life
Shows the world how it is
The truth is ugly and must be said
That's my life,
Shows the world its face
War, chaos and death
My mind needs attack

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