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EP: "TwentyTwelve" (2012)

1. Spineless
2. Reset
3. Funeral

1. Spineless

I still remember what you forgot
I stood by you no matter what
But things aren't always what they seem
You've proven that you're weak
Just know you're dead to me

I don't have sympathy for the one who turn their backs on me
(I won't look to the past)
Because this future makes sense to me
I've given up on you, so do what you do best and leave.

Side by side through it all
I always thought you would have my back
You shut me out and now I see
The truth that's behind your lying eyes

Burn all the photographs
Dissolve the memories
I thought you stood so tall
Never thought I'd see you fall

This is what you've proven to me, you fucking liar
You'll never admit when you are wrong
You'll never stand strong

You said things would be different
but you haven't changed
I wish you'd open your eyes
and stop living in shame


You're just a memory I'm working to forget
I'll die a martyr before I live with regret
Look in my eyes and see there's nothing left
'cause all the world's oceans couldn't fill my empty chest

I will not stand by your side

I'll take this to my grave
What once existed can never be saved

You had every chance in the world
but you let it all burn
Your decisions will leave you cold and alone
You betrayed me
You chose your fucking loyalty

You chose your loyalty
And now you're dead to me.

2. Reset

I never got a chance I didn't throw away, trapped by the things I never got to say
So preach your word one more time because no one's listening
There is no one I love, there is no one I trust
I've learned that everything is gone as quickly as it comes
My cemetery past is where I left my faith
Only I see who I am, please forget my face

I'll never look to the sky for answers because I'll never
Hear a word, you're what the world asked for and you failed us all
Pulling apart the pages for the answers, but you never stop and think
Now it's your turn to answer, what do you have to confess?

Faith healer (no), you are a death dealer
And you will die alone, there is no trace of god in your
When you sleep at night, you haunt your own dreams
Because you know deep down you're just as lost as me


Don't fucking lie to me, don't ever say you would die for me
I set myself straight when I started believing in myself

I've come to realize, you will never make a sacrifice
You wouldn't shed a drop of blood for me, or anyone you meet
You deserve an empty sky and a shallow grave
Maybe then, maybe then, you will find your fucking faith

If there's a light ahead, I must have missed it
If there's a god to hear my prayers, why would he listen?
I can't forgive

It's time to practice what you preach
You make me fucking sick
All you do is hide
But you can't run forever

3. Funeral

I feel myself sinking
I feel nothing, always left wondering
How am I supposed to live like this?
Nothing makes sense, I'm left behind again
Should I let these feeling fade away?
How am I supposed to live like this?

Barely conscious, barely breathing
Always left anticipating
Lost inside my own head
Waiting for something to begin

And if you told me you cared
I'd tell you you're a liar
And if you told me you were there
I'd reach out with nothing left to bare

My heart cannot be defined
I try and try, but I never catch up
I'll never be yours, you'll never see me again
You were always so hard to please

And if I could explain this I'd give it my best
You're so close to home but a thousand miles away

This is the sound of my fucking funeral
And I'm sorry that I left you, but I can't hold on
So never let go

I will never be sorry for this
The heart wants what it can never have
I wish I never fucking existed
I wish I never knew you
I will never be sorry for this, never

Never feel this way again
Not in my fucking head

Thanks to joe.cisco for sending track #3 lyrics.

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