Dark Lyrics


1. Testament

It was never a choice between right or wrong. It was a choice between surviving or being pulled down. No matter what I face I have this cutting edge paving the way for better days. This heart still beats. Unbroken. Unchained. This heart still beats. Right here. Undetained. This heart still beats. To the fullest, untamed. This heart still beats. Unrestrained. I found self-confidence through my sobriety. I found a place where I feel safe. A testament against the grain.

2. Hemingway

Running out of words. Writers' block. Running out of reasons. These tired eyes seek a place to rest from the downfalls they've witnessed. I fought sorrow with these beaten fists. I've come to learn time won't heal a thing. I've cursed the skies, I've cursed the sun, for it's been burning me alive. Let the skies open up so the rain can remind me of who I am. Let the sound of the earth drain the outside world and give shelter to my mind.

3. Awakening

Born into a life never meant to be lived. Treated beyond our comprehension. Valued only for the profit her body will give. An object to the industry. Never meant to be anything else. A beautiful being, full of life, taken by the butcher's knife. Throat cut and hung by the legs. The line of production never ends. Vicious and torturous practices, all in the name of humanity's arrogance. Mankind, hungry for blood. So much for love. No perspective, no compassion. Who will be their voice?

4. Echoes

We hide in the shadows. We mourn by the shore. In debt to the dreams we had but let go of. Washed away by the stream that took everything and now nothing remains but the echoes of our tortured cries. When the power we possess we use to sell ourselves then what of the days and opportunities that pass? The trumpets of life have long since silenced and left are the echoes of our tortured cries.

5. Recovering

They say I am an impatient man but I've been waiting my entire life for something to happen. In absence of peace I run but at the end of the day time is running from me. While time is running I'm down on my knees. Falling behind, losing track. Trying to get up, trying to get back. With chaos carved into the soul the world spins out of my control. I need to live, I need to leave every worry in the world. With chaos carved into the soul it doesn't matter where we go. They say I'm an impatient man but I was never given a chance to be anyone else. A life of restlessness. I've stayed awake searching for something to calm this turmoil inside my chest.

6. In Sickness And In Health

We're from a place that no one knows, where fear reigns and shame grows. We're from a place that no one knows, where closed curtains hide stories of war. We're from a place that no one knows, where rest is uncertain and love compromised. We're from a place that no one knows, where promises are words that don't mean a thing. We're from a place that no one knows, where no trust survives and dreams go to die. Where parents betray and children suffer. We had no one, we now have each other.

7. The Insight

Imprisoned youth. Directionless. We are all being brought down the same. Feel the pressure. Feel the judging eyes. Feel them paralyze. Generation after generation following the same old road while there are better lives to be lived. Visible for those willing to see. Be not misled, be not afraid, be not defined. Be not misled, be not afraid, be not confined. Out of the inferno into the calm. We are not in this alone. Never alone. Forget your dreams, this is the only way. You'll learn with time, that's what they say. The nail that sticks up they'll try to hammer down. It's the way of their world until you're buried in the ground. Oppose the violence, live not in fear. Dwell not in silence, live not in fear.

8. Lake Elsinore

I have seen the best of them fall short on their own convictions. Seeking the truth in the darkest corners of this crooked world. Weakened bodies, polluted minds, broken dreams is all they'll find. Troubled souls. Heavy hearts. All torn apart. Must stand the test of time. Won't let the weight of these violent times pull me down under the surface to view the world from the bottom of a lifeless ocean. Can't run from this fight. Must stand the test of time.

9. No Love

Woke up with a scream. Coming back from eternal sleep with eyes that can see we’re not meant to be slaves. We were born unbound and all the barriers of steel and stone can’t keep us down. We slave underneath the crown and kneel by the throne. Silent words are whispered of tyrants overthrown. This won’t become our casket, like it became our lives. Dictated and devoured by our masters. The flames of discontent ignited in our spirits to outlive them all and give us peace. For every dream that’s crushed. For every system that enslaves us. And all the chains that stain our hands with rust. For every dream that’s crushed. For every system that enslaves us. All the chains that stain our hands with rust. No love for anyone that climbs up to control us.

10. Sleeping World

As thousands prosper, billions still starve. I see burned out bodies in a sleeping world. Streams of thoughts have been locked out. No reflections of what we’ve become. So powerless, so distant from ourselves. We pave our way to hell with the illusion of a paradise ahead. We’ll kiss that image of salvation goodbye because it’s going to burn us from the inside out. I see the future unfold. A world gone to waste and we allowed it in our name. I see the future unfold. The chain tightens around our necks.

11. Skies Of Confinement

Under skies of confinement we have been kept. Shackled by fear of sins that heaven won’t accept but we have pumping blood and we have beating hearts and we are more than dust under the feet of gods. No hellfire. No eternal life. No fear. No god. We’re born of nothing, to nothing we’ll return. We’re not afraid to live, not afraid to die. I defy a moral standard that makes us amputees. Bowing down in servitude. Crawling on our knees. In the eyes of the obsolete we’re all guilty of crimes we never did commit. No casting stones, we just walk away. This fire needs to burn out. Drop the torch and let it die. We just walk away and watch it die.

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