Dark Lyrics


1. All Things Must End

2. Self-Enslavement

Feels like a nightmare, I'm crawling, I'm falling, there's no way to break out, I'm trying, denying. Escape from myself seems so hopelessly useless, feeling so different, not knowing where I'm going. I have become a slave to myself, a victim of my twisted mind... Turn into someone I don't know, take me to places I don't wanna go. No one sees, no one seems to care, I just know things are getting clear. I'm changing my mind, I change to someone I have never met before. Who am I, please tell me, will I be lunatic from now 'till ever more? I'm changing my mind, turning to someone I don't know, I change to someone I have never met before. Who am I? Won't you please tell me, will I be a lunatic from now till ever more? Will I Fight myself to keep the sanity, who can say how will tomorrow be?

3. Of Magic Illusions

Riding through the darkest night, everything so strange. Endless, timeless, fearless, behind this illusion. Nothing's what it seems to be, I cannot see my (future) destiny. My life and dreams are shattered, and left alone in tyranny. Dreams of a twisted tale, a terrible vision to behold, and forever gaze into time, feel the bitter tears, time closes near, can it all be true? Endless dreams, love and tragedy, Save us from this magic illusion, time closes near, take me to a different dimension. Dreams of twisted tale, open your eyes, it's true

4. When Sense Dies

It's so quiet here, deep inside myself -let no one in. I loose track sometimes, loose track of time and place -fade into this picture. Fearing, the night, will take me, away, fearing, the dark, will bring me, the end. Sometimes, the fear, poisons, my will, sometimes, the tears, are drowning, the pain. On an autumn's mourn, the mist is hanging low -above the water. All the moments gone, finally reappears -still feeling hollow. Abandon, the ship, when the rats leave. Surrender, yourself, when sense dies. This mask means nothing now... when the soul is naked... I can't move, I can't see, I can only feel the fear of being lost. Embrace you in my mind, pretend that you are mine. Undress you in my mind, pretend that you are... mine! I woke up, hoped the dream had found me, but as I open up my eyes; I realized the search ain't over, that night I looked into your eyes...

5. Separate Worlds

One body, two different souls, fallen too deep into two separate worlds, don't be afraid to hold me tight, don't be afraid to close your eyes. Why do we stand out in the rain, trying to wash away all the anger and pain? Time is so unkind. Screaming, dreaming. There ain't no standing tall -in the shadow of the shame, when everybody knows -I'm a victim of the game. In my mind I see pictures flashing by, and I wonder if it's time for me to say goodbye. Trying to find a reason to fight, but all I can see is myself on a downward flight. I pray my saviour, and beg him to tell, that I'm bound for heaven, released from this spell, for I feel I've done my time in hell. There ain't no light when I'm standing in the shadow at night, I feel the fright when I'm the victim of the game at night. Things haven't changed since I picked up those broken pieces, I can only admit it, I have no future with my past. Why do we stand out in the rain, trying to wash away all the anger and the pain? Don't be afraid to hold me tight, don't be afraid to close your eyes. The big print was the truth, words I didn't understand...

6. Crash Of Silence

I have been warned, against this maze, a hazard in this century, is this world's haze. Judgement day -enter the gate, let the future take control. There's no victory, in this life's journey, tell me what's the story, there ain't no glory. Judgement day -enter the gate, let the future take control. Playing with death, playing with fire, sensing the breath, of nocturnal desire. What is this place, beneath this glaze? The eternal center of the twilight zone, a single voice explains the crash of silence. Break free -from my fantasy, run away -from my dreams. Here's the call -from a higher power, here comes hell -from up above. Echoes of thunder -explosion of birth, a sound of destruction -the distance to earth. Where is my shelter -what is the answer? there's no mercy -there's no faith left. This is the moment -this is the end, trapped in this silence -this darkness forever.

7. Forsaken

Forsaken - left alone I am. Tranquility - embraces my cold being. Morbid thoughts - of eternal suffering. Insanity - is slowly taking control. Existence - (is) the feeling of pain. But no answer - to my wondering why, Trying to breathe - in the vacuum of eerie presence. Realizing - that time doesn't mind at all. Daylight's gone, damage done.Spellbound by my haunted dreams, now it seems, the final hour's closing in. Feel the sin, the temptress' power... Raised among sheep, black is my colour, my -fate is sealed, shortest straw (has) been given to me. Drift into oblivion, I have lost, you have won. My tomorrow's dead and gone, my life's creation here is done. Left alone, embracing my cold being, eternal suffering is slowly taking control. The feeling of pain to my wondering why, realizing faith is healed, time to kiss this world goodbye. Drift into oblivion, I have lost and you have won, my tomorrow's dead and gone. Time has ceased to treat me right, giving up without a fight, now I kiss this world good night. You're still hanging on, blacking out the part that hurts, you are drowning, but you won't let go. You are blinding yourself, to the cold hard facts of life, someday you're giving up, simply more than you can take.

8. The Silent Season

The shadows on the wall, that creeps up from behind. Abandon sanity, (when) it penetrates your mind. Whispers in the night, that makes the heart beat fast. A breath upon your neck, will this minute be your last? Just vague memories of unfinished dreams, in the end maybe nothing's what it seems?A scent of snow in the air, the silent season is approaching. Covers everything under the shining sun, leaves this earth white and pure.

9. Enveloped

[Rapture cover]

Here we are
Together in this darkness
Enveloped in the
Deepest shade of black
Connected through this misery
Lingering in the air
Lingering in the air

The burden of goodbye
A heavy ringing in my ear
It's a silent reminder
An afterthought of sorts

Bad dreams, hollow sleep
Of dark rooms, empty homes
And things without names
Memories of murder
The shades that fell
The shades that fell

I wouldn't prefer to answer
The question
The last quiet cord
To be severed
Nothing to take with you
Nothing left for you to keep

The music is over, there's no-one here
It's snowing heavily
I can't even see my breath escaping
Never to return

The burden of goodbye
A heavy ringing in my ear
It's a silent reminder
An afterthought of sorts

An afterthought of sorts

"I lingered around them,
Under that benign sky;
Watched the moths fluttering
Among the heath of harebells;
Listened to the soft wind
Breathing through the grass;
And wondered how anyone
Could ever imagine unquiet slumbers
For the sleepers in that quiet earth."
[Emily Bronte (1818-1848)]

10. Whispering Voices

You the ones, come to me, chosen, step into the mist, Come towards me, leave your life, step into eternity. Loose your fear, ask no questions, come to me, it's time to go. Close your eyes come towards me, step into the dark with me. Come, come, come to me, come, come, come into darkness. Let the darkness embrace you, closing in behind you. Once you're on, there's no escape, you must stay eternally. Take my hand, let me guide you, you will see, I'll set you free. The life you have must be forgotten, now it's just you and me

11. Ringer Of Death

Blank thought spinning in the wise man's brain, wondering if it shows that he is going insane. The distance between idiocy and genius is me. The late ringer pulls in his rope to give a sign, that death has not taken his soul for endless time. The distance between life and death is free. Drowning, falling, dying, fading... The candles fading out and leaves the seeing blind, just like the future hopes for the entire (lost) mankind. The distance between past and future is now. Lifeless statements told by our superiors each day, the road to Armageddon seems to be the only way. There's distance between love and hate somehow. Drowning, falling, dying, fading...

12. Cross The Sea

I'm standing here all alone, by the sea between life and death. Waiting for the ferryman,to take me to the other side. The life I had I leave behind, a life of eternal sorrow. Staring at the other side, knowing: there's my freedom. See the blood dripping from my wrists, feeling my pain drift away. Now I clearly see that, mortal life is not meant for me. He's getting closer, the man who'll take me there. I'm leaving this world, the world which didn't understand. Darkness in my mind, I've finally found peace in my soul. Come on over, cross the sea, you will find eternal peace of mind...

Isadora Cortina - Vocals
Tor Arvid Larsen - Guitar
Eddie Risdal - Guitar, Harsh Vocals
Atle Johansen - Bass
Børre Iversen - Drums, Percussion

Thanks to lozmodial for sending these lyrics.

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