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1. Intro

2. Where There's No Tomorrow

Darkness is sowing, weak souls are growing, under the hands of the great emperor. Your time has come now, you'll see that somehow, once you get something you'll reach for some more. Fools, like all of you, will lead you to... eternal autumn -nights, without the light, no hope in sight. Dark visions from the -past, no joy will last, all glee is vast... until the day will -come, when all is done, when all but one... have turned their backs to you... You'll repent. You'll get to. You're penitent, it's haunting you. Black forces rising, no compromising, beyond the lands where there's no tomorrow. All that you live for, lust when you want more, your self destruction won't give me sorrow.

3. Whispering Voices

You the ones, come to me, chosen, step into the mist, Come towards me, leave your life, step into eternity. Loose your fear, ask no questions, come to me, it's time to go. Close your eyes come towards me, step into the dark with me. Come, come, come to me, come, come, come into darkness. Let the darkness embrace you, closing in behind you. Once you're on, there's no escape, you must stay eternally. Take my hand, let me guide you, you will see, I'll set you free. The life you have must be forgotten, now it's just you and me

4. Posessed

Never arrived, came on the wing, suddenly there, -out of nothing. You settle my body, occupy my mind, destroys the faith, all that you can find. Guess I'll never find out... Guess you'll never find out... Whatever (that) comes this way, however, posessed I'll stay. My insane thoughts, my darkest fear, your presence - my pain, twisting my mind when you're near. Could've been better, could have been worse, I'll never find out 'till you're carrying my hearse. Guess I'll never find out... What can I do, what takes it to, I soon need to know, -to get rid of you. Could've been better, but not much worse, I'll never find out 'till I'm lying in my hearse. Now, finally released, pain, now it has been eased, my mind, finally forgot, the vain, cured by a shot

5. Ringer Of Death

Blank thought spinning in the wise man's brain, wondering if it shows that he is going insane. The distance between idiocy and genius is me. The late ringer pulls in his rope to give a sign, that death has not taken his soul for endless time. The distance between life and death is free. Drowning, falling, dying, fading... The candles fading out and leaves the seeing blind, just like the future hopes for the entire (lost) mankind. The distance between past and future is now. Lifeless statements told by our superiors each day, the road to Armageddon seems to be the only way. There's distance between love and hate somehow. Drowning, falling, dying, fading...

6. Solitary Soul

In spring of youth it was my lot, to haunt of the wide world a spot. The which I could not love the less- So lovely was the loneliness. Of a wild lake, with black rock bound, and the tall pines that towered around. But when the Night had thrown her pall, upon that spot, as upon all
And the mystic wind went by, murmuring in melody. Then- ah, then I would awake, to the terror of the lone lake. Death was in that poisonous wave, and in its gulf a fitting grave.For him who thence could solace bring, to his lone imagining. Whose solitary soul could make an Eden of that dim lake?

7. Valley Of Unrest

Once it smiled a silent dell, where the people did not dwell; They had gone unto the wars, trusting to the mild-eyed stars, Nightly, from their azure towers, to keep watch above the flowers, In the midst of which all day, the red sunlight lazily lay. Now each visitor shall confess, the sad valley's restlessness. Nothing there is motionless- Nothing save the airs that brood over the magic solitude. Ah by no wind are stirred those tree that palpitate like the chill seas. Around the misty Hebrides, ah by no wind those clouds are driven. That rustle through the unquiet Heaven, uneasily from morn till even

8. Emptiness

Take a walk in my mind, surely you will find... pain, Eternal emptiness, driving me insane. Dark forces of night, calling out my name, How much more I can take, I don't know, I don't know. Take me away, I can't take it anymore, Take me away, I can't stand another day. Empty eyes of death, staring into mine, Dead among the living, damned for all time. Silent screams for help, nobody hears, Eternal emptiness, I am in hell, I'm in hell

9. Cross The Sea

I'm standing here all alone, by the sea between life and death. Waiting for the ferryman,to take me to the other side. The life I had I leave behind, a life of eternal sorrow. Staring at the other side, knowing: there's my freedom. See the blood dripping from my wrists, feeling my pain drift away. Now I clearly see that, mortal life is not meant for me. He's getting closer, the man who'll take me there. I'm leaving this world, the world which didn't understand. Darkness in my mind, I've finally found peace in my soul. Come on over, cross the sea, you will find eternal peace of mind...

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