Dark Lyrics


1. Intro


2. 12 Gates

Through The Gates He Must Pass, Through The Gates He Pass.

Candlelight Light Stairs Well Down The Stairs We Go.
And The Sound Of Screams In Each That Blow
Take My Hand My Child, Come On Let's Go.
I Will Show You The Secrets Of The World.
Just Follow Me, Hail To The Mighty Pharaoh
He Has Passed Through The Firing Lakes.
He Shall Defeat The Snake Apophis.
Faces Do Come By.
Full Of Screams And Cry.
Give Me One More Chance.
Give Me One More Chance
To Purify My Soul.
I Have Lost My Crown, No Longer In Control.
Will I Be United? No You're Not.
Ra Has Decided, To Change The Plot.
Vengeance Of Legends.
Of Kings And Queens.
Once You Were Mighty.
Now On Your Knees

3. The Battle Within

Once Upon A Time
A Story Has Been Said
About The Man In Your Head.
The Eternal Battle Between Evil And Divine
Shall Go Until The End Of Time
I Am The Shadow, That Dwells Within.
I Said I Am The Shadow, I Feed On Sins.
I Am The Shadow, At The Back Of Your Mind.
I Am The Shadow, And I Will Keep You Blind.
Can You Hear Me? Calling Out Your Name.
I Said Can You Hear Me. No I Got No Shame.
Have You Seen This Face In Your Dreams Before ?
Have You Looked For The Answer Behind Each Door ?
I Can Feel The Light, Shining Through From Deep Within.
And I Am Getting Tired Of The Demons And The Sin.
Can You Hear Me? Yes I Do, And You Will Never Take Me Alive.
I Shall Win And Pass Through.
Yes I Will And I Will Survive Day And Night
I Am Here Battling Deep Within.

4. The Dragon And The King

Long Time Ago, There Was A King.
In A Land Far Far Away From Home.
Long Time Ago, There Was A King.
He Had A Fearless Dragon Kept In A Tower Stone.
Release The Dragon, Release It From It's Lair.
I Want To See The Fire Burning Through The Air
You Will Never Take My Land.
I Have Got My Dragon And Sword In Hand.
The Dragon And The King x4
I Am The Mighty King.
I Shall Be Victorious
I've Got All My People And My Loyal Warriors.

5. Headbanger


6. Pandora

I Have Decided To Curse The World, Zeus And My Voice Shall Be Heard.
Lies And Treason Fills The Sky
Cry For Me Pandora, Cry.
Don't Dare Open The Box
Or The World Shall Be Cursed
Take Me Through The Shades Of Evil
I Am Losing My Mind
Save Me From The Blackness
I Can't Believe I Was So Blind
Grey Sun Like No One Seen
Bleeding With The Color Of Madness
Innocence Stained With A Touch Of Darkness
Burning Hearts And The Tongues Shall Be Poisoned Of Lie
All The Sinners Be Masters And Righteous All Die
Should I Leave It Open? Should I Close It Back?
And The World Is Turning Round And Round
Can You Hear The Voices Of The Torn Souls Inside?
And The World Is Turning Round And Round Upside Down.
Hope Is Lost Forever
And No One Shall Be Saved.

Hazem Sherif – Bass
Nayer Osama – Drums
Peter Ayman – Guitars
Ahmed Raouf – Guitars
Adham Kafafy – Vocals (lead)

Thanks to mdafa for sending these lyrics.

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