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1. All Our Fans Are Gay

Why do you think we throw stuff at you?

You own all our CD's- you're gay, you're gay
You own all our 7"s- you're gay, you're gay
You bought all our t-shirts- you're gay, you're gay
You go to all our shows- you're gay, you're gay

[Chorus:] All our fans are gay [x4]

You think you know what we are singing about- you're wrong
You think we care about the underground- you're wrong
You think we won't fuck up your club- you're wrong
You think we care if you like us- you're wrong


If we're nice to you, it's because we're broke
Or unless you got some drugs to smoke
When the drugs are gone, then we are too
Then we'll go back to making fun of you

[Fan voice:] "But I've supported you guys for so long"

2. Limp Bizkit Think They're Black, But They're Just Gay

Fred Durst is a fucking faggot
He thinks he's black, but he's just gay
He cancelled a show 'cause he sprained his ankle
He's also a fucking midget

You're not fucking black, you're just fucking gay (x2)
You're fucking gay

The guitarist wears a mask
To hide the cum stains on his face
They're the gayest band I've ever seen
And I've seen the Culture Club live


Fred wears a hat to hide his baldness
I refuse to believe blacks think he's cool
I wish he'd beaten and raped by some black guy
And see if he still wants to be black

3. You Were Too Ugly To Rape, So I Just Beat The Shit Out Of You

Rape [x4]

I drank a case of whiskey
And you looked like Jeanine Jizm
I drank another case of whiskey
And you looked like Roseanne Barr

You were to ugly to rape, so I beat you up
When I looked at you, I had to throw up

I drank a case of whiskey
And you looked like Sheila Micheals
I drank another case of everclear
And you looked like Ileana Douglas


4. Hebosaurus

You're such a fucking hebe
You're always freebasing pennies
You went to a plastic surgeon
And got your nose enlarged

You've got a tattoo of a penny- you're a hebosaurus
Your uncle's Murray Lender- You're a hebosaurus
You know all the words to Yentil- you're a hebosaurus
You're breath smells like a bagel- you're a hebesaurus

You have a yamaka welded on your head
You've tried to shoot up money
You beat off inside of banks
I want to stuff you in an oven

You've got a tattoo of a dradle- you're a hebosaurus
You idolize Gene Simmons- you're a hebosaurus
You think Scott Ian's cool- you're a hebosaurus
Your breath smells like matzoballs- you're a fucking hebosaurus

5. Even Though You're Culture Oppresses Women, You Sill Suck You Fucking Towelhead

You fucking towelhead
You wear a towel on your head, you fucking towelhead
I hate women, you do too
But you have a mustache, you fucking towelhead

Towelhead, towelhead. Towelheaad, you fucking towelhead (x4)

It's cool they beat up women when they show their head
It's cool they beat up women when they show their face
Those cunts have to cover their fucking ankle
You think you're cool 'cause you ride a camel


6. If You Don't Like The Village People, You're Fucking Gay

Jacques Morali wrote the heaviest music ever
Glenn Hughes had a deeper voice than Will from Mortician
He wore chains before Slayer and Venom
Jacques Morali was portrayed by Steve Guttenberg

[Chorus 1:]
If you don't like the Village people- you're fucking gay
If you think Jeff Olson was better cowboy- you're fucking gay
If you think Ray Simpson was a better cop- you're fucking gay
If you think Y.M.C.A. was their best song- you're fucking gay

All death metal songs were ripped off from Village People
"Evil dead" by Death is actually "Liberation" from the Village People
Will Rahmer looks like he should be in the Village People
No, Morbid Florist wasn't a reference to Will Rahmer

[Chorus 2:]
If you think Death were good after their demos- you're fucking gay
If you think rape is wrong- you're fucking gay
If you think the holocaust wasn't funny- you're fucking gay
If you think of Hellhammer as the drummer of Mayhem- you're fucking gay

Y-O-U-R-E-G-A-Y You're gay

7. Obviously Adopted

You P.C. fucking faggot
You're trying to win an Oscar for adoption
I hope your kids kill you and rape your wife
Amistad is the stupidest movie I've ever seen

Obviously adopted, obviously adopted, obviously adopted, fuck you Spielberg [x2]

How coma all the black extras and slaves
Had names, but the white ones didn't
I fucking hate you and your gay movies
Amistad was an excuse to bully your way to an Oscar

8. Walker, Texas Corpse

Your characters supposed to be 40
But you have to be at least 80
The make-up department should win an Emmy
For making people think your alive

Chuck Norris- you're really fucking old

You're the worst singer I have ever heard
You're even worse than I am
You should be climbing out of a grave
While you sing the fucking theme song


You look like you just got embalmed
And were shopping for a coffin
Your partner looks fucking stupid
Being black and wearing a cowboy hat

9. The Word Homophobic Is Gay

I'm not afraid of faggots
But I like making fun of them
It was made-up by some P.C. faggot
To make fag haters look stupid

Anti-homophobe by Brutal Truth
Is a pathetic attempt to be P.C.
Kevin's obviously not a homophobe
Because he's a fucking faggot

10. You Converted To Judaism So A Guy Would Touch Your Dick

You just broke up with Jaime from Hatebreed
Even Chris Barnes won't blow you again
You heard all kikes have to get circumcised
You fantasized about some rabbi grabbing your dick

No one would touch you, now you're a Jew
You fucking hebe, now you're a kike

After you got circumcised
Guys still wouldn't touch you
It's bad enough you were a fag before
Now you're a gay faggot Jew


11. Bonus Track #4

12. You Quit Doing Heroin, You Pussy

13. Fred Shitbreath

Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Shitbreath [x4]

Even Paula Parsons wouldn’t kiss you
Your breath is worse than GG’s ass
I almost puked while you told me about a TV
I wanted to get out of there really fast

His name is Fred and he looks divorced
He’s a loser that works at Ann & Hope
Only Tom Pascual rivals his shitty breath
I wish he’d drink a gallon of Scope

[Repeat everything]

14. Beating Up Hippies For Their Drugs At A Phish Concert

You’ve got no fucking money and your girlfriend is ugly
So I stole your drugs [x2]
Your van’s a piece of shit with a Dead sticker on it
So I stole your drugs [x2]

First I stole your nitrous
Then I stole your acid
Then I stole your mushrooms
Then I kicked your ass
Then I stole your pot
Then I stole your beer
Then I stole your tickets
And sold them for crack

[Repeat everything]

15. Anyone Who Likes The Dillinger Escape Plan Is A Faggot

Harvey Fierstein told me you guys ruled
John Zorn called to tell me you’re great
The caller ID was from a gay bar
You guys fucking suck

Any guy who likes you
Likes Neurosis and dicks up his ass
You think you’re so fucking original
Gay bars used to be original too

You never get bad reviews
Because all the writers shoot up cum
Everyone who likes you
Is a gay homosexual faggot

16. I’m Glad You Got Breast Cancer, Cunt

Guys always used to buy you drinks
And they’d always kiss your ass
Now you have just one tit
Ha ha you stupid cunt

I always hoped you’d get AIDS
But breast cancer will do
Now you’ve got just one tit
But you used to have two

A drunk guy tried to feel you up
But there was nothing there
So he punched you in the teeth
And stole your money, cunt


17. The South Won’t Rise Again

You toothless inbred retard
Why do you still even care?
There’ll never be another Civil War
You’re mad 'cause your trailer has a flat tire

The south won’t rise again [x4]

What could you possibly gain
By breaking the country in two?
Your overalls are gay
Let go of your sister’s tit

I think it’s cool that you make moonshine
It’s even cooler when you go blind from drinking it
How come your ancestors didn’t realize
They’d lose 'cause their president was named after Boss Hogg


18. I’m Glad Jazz Faggots Don’t Like Us Anymore

We just wanted to sound like shit
But you thought we were avant-garde
You thought we went to art school
But we worked at gas stations

You thought we were cool
But you didn’t know we hate you
You thought we were cool
Fuck off all you fucking faggots!

You didn’t know we were a bunch of assholes
You thought we were liberal and arty
You tried to act weird and pretend you were violent
When I whipped chairs at you, you ran off and cried


Once you realized we hate people like you
You finally stopped coming to our shows
Now there's less faggots, less people with glasses
Less know it all eggheads, no more jazz fags


19. Bonus Track #5

[Sung In The Key Of Gene Simmons Counting Money]

You'd better watch out
I own a bank machine
You only took out 10
I charged you for 19
I said you’d better watch out
You'd better watch out
I’m a Jew named Gene
I said you’d better watch out
Better look out
I said you’d better look out
Oh yeah!
Better watch out

20. Ha Ha Holocaust

I got bored of writing rape songs
Then I remembered the holocaust
I couldn’t write because it was so funny
I’m glad lots of people died

Ha ha holocaust [x3]
I’m glad lots of people died

People are too fucking PC
To admit Hitler was funny
How can you not laugh your ass off
Watching people bulldozed into a ditch?


21. We’re Not ‘In Da House’ You Fucking Wigger

Real niggers always use you
Real whites think you suck
You want to give us props
But we hate you, you wigger

You think you're black- you're not
You think you're cool- you're not
You're not black- you're gay
You think you fit in- niggers hate you

Talk like a white man
Or I’ll beat your face in
You're not Doctor Dre
Stop thinking you're black


Tracks 1-11 originally released as “Defenders Of The Hate” 7” EP by Menace To Sobriety Records.
Tracks 12-14 originally released as songs on the “Thrash Of The Titans” compilation LP, released by Know Records.
Tracks 15-19 originally released as a split 7” with Flachenbrand by RSR Records.
Tracks 20 & 21 originally released as songs on the “13 Band Who Think You’re Gay” compilation LP, released by Menace To Sobriety Records.

Seth Putnam – Vocals
Josh Martin – Guitar
John Gillis – Drums

Backing vocals: Seth Putnam, Paul Kraynak, Mark Fields and Derek Coughlin.

Thanks to lard for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to spikeass for sending tracks ## 11-21 lyrics.

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