Dark Lyrics


1. Prelude

2. Birth Of The Pariah

scatter the ashes. ra`wach shager. ruins of our lives. salvation by fear. the changing of the hands. self annihilation. with every breath I ingest a thousand razors into my chest. how could liberation and death coincide? ambivalent suicide. behold the cosmic sadist. his veiled allure. the faceless henchman's baited breath. for the next miserable murder. coerced into guidance. rasha'yad and folly. this caustic coercion. unwarranted conversions. in these arms is solitude. mind and body revolt against my very nature. i face everything alone. a bent knee is a velvet noose. how long will I pray until you cut me loose? the gallows are your gallery. who is my indigent savior? how long will the blind lead the blind? how long will I sleep in oblivion? when will sanity be mine? SHARAH ABADDON: the destroyer. ABYSSUS ABYSSUM INVOCAT. DE PROFUNDIS SHARAH ABADDON. ACCIPERE QUAM FACERE PRAESTAT INJURIAM. when the streets run red with the blood from my chest and the knife finally rests in my hand.

3. Corpse In The Silo

i can feel its decrepit hand. beneath my chin. intent to strangle me. its soft caress. sweet death. free me from the confusion that cripples me. stumbling through oblivion. 'neath the shade of overton trees. drowned myself in cult blood. worshiping the god of sorrow. his victims know him by many a name. in the mouths of the deceased love and hate taste the same. in a sense so serpentine. innocence of a child. endearment like a false hope. adoration benign. one touch of her rotten hand. the vile stench of spiritual death. decayed bride of primal lust. her coffin is her bed. i can see the infirmary in your vapid eyes. you've nothing to offer me but toil. you are whore's breath and royalty. you are cadaver's saliva and fine oil. your hands un-calloused by labor. sought to bury me in the soil. alight you are in a pyre. for venomous witchery. crying for my hand. a violent task. to strike you down with the rest of the damned. your self-inflicted torture. happy burden on your chest. promiscuous kiss. escape artist. the whore of developmental unrest. your life is an unkept grave with no mourners to see. buried 'neath the autumn harvest. you are a ghost of who you could be.

4. Virulence

every breath caustic air. poisons breach my lips. shackles of skin burn me. lonesome for a world where no one lives. i don't belong here. next to saints and thieves. i belong amongst a void in an absence of feeling. i must be destroyed. to rest. un-tormented by waking hours. unscathed by uncertainty. never to be taunted by an ambivalent god. to rest. un-tempted by the flesh. unscathed by uncertainty. never to be taunted by an ambivalent god. diem perdidi donatio mortis causa. HATE. HATE. HATE. HATE. we are a legion of vermin. the dominant species, a parasitic race. the time has come for an interregnum. come armageddon. i beg you to come. end this madness. we deserve nothing at all. none but agony. humanity must fall. coerced by nonexistence. my morbid request. into the void. bring us all death.

5. Overton Trees

the scent of oak breathes death into me. but filters out through the hole in my soul. bury me in autumn leaves. my god had left me, or so it seems. barren oak and silent soil, blackened withering artistic toil. enveloped in my drowning narcissism. the winter's breath just behind me. the evening's low-lying fog. the amber shroud of overton. sovereign sorrow. desperation leaks from this pen. held dear to its warm hand. the air is burnt and sundown is a breath behind. early. to be forever ensnared in the cold. folly and dread. with my hatred for life and the fear of the noose. it weighs heavily on my head. overton trees. whispering introit. sharpens the pendulum with every swing. a lachrymose line at the brushes tip. it carried me away. blurry gray vision. press your damnation in me. singed smell of october. in a world full of deceivers. lying. bringing in the sheaves. a sermon with an invective tongue. hallow otiose intent. i'm the ghost of a man. i am undead. victimized to repetition. crucified to the past. let every breath be my last. an abode of an ossuary.

6. Returning To Autumn

to welcome the withering. the sweltering has come to an end. burnt and empty just like me. falling into autumn. open up the flood gates. submerging capernaum. we are all messiahs. we are all heretics. it fears me but not my words. nor callousness. nor disgust. buried deep behind my eyes. swells beneath my disguise. it fears me but not my words. nor callousness. nor disgust. in emptiness I reside. the fragile hollow of a beautiful lie. there's no peace in decay. and in life there is no certainty. there's no peace in death. not until I can hold it. the serenity that death offers me. the silence of the soil. i've bricked and mortared the east gate. there's no sympathy here. i'd rather writhe in perdition than slip through martyred hands.

7. The Great Divorce

fall into the arms of my phantom limb faith. the gentle touch of christian psychosis. the christ syndrome transitively realized. this masquerade: religious neurosis. savior haematidrosis. swallow the pills. kneel to the cross. pray to the savior. accept my loss. steeples to burn in a world full of heathen. spiritual subservience is the road to ignorance. i commit my self to restless oblivion. to the soul harvest and its scarecrow crucifixion. a life time of love’s labor lost through the stigmata hands of a mandrake savior. anything to feel alive. swallow the pills. fill the void inside. lithium. salt for my wounds. the blank eyed congregation at the sermon of doom. gagged and bound to only our denial. it’s not faith but our willingness to believe that is so vile. ignorance is bliss. even as i am aware I persist. with martyr's blood wipe away the judas kiss.

8. The Weakness

abandoned in the plains. i have fought my way. through the winter of my sadness. through the desert of my anger. and bereft. circumvention is mine. for a father's hand is weak. and his love is futile. i have ground my affection in gnashed teeth. and cast away a lifetime of lies. there's deception in my blood. and in the end you will drown in it. the loss of your first born son. not to death. but the things that you have done. i am the bastard child of a broken heart. and bereavement is all i call my own. forsaken by my blood. i have vanquished armies of men alone. your guidance was currency. your compassion: criticism. your love: abandonment. blackened memory fading. the stains they shine beneath. your compassion. your concern for glamour. stakes great pain in me. a union of mandrake: silent. symptomatic. a cycle complete. repetition is your poison. one adulterous hand. one hand on scripture. the smile of a debtor is in your face. the tongue of a traitor beneath it. you recognize your fear and turn your back to it. you coward. in a moment of clarity. stillborn is the air. our shoulders have become your bier. because you are dead inside. your austere voice and morale. merely a facade for your cowardice. in a home where you play the master. in truth you are the mere apprentice.

9. To Sleep

sinking. broken ribs. heavy behemoth within me. another journey around the sun. useless endeavor. weathered stone. timeless touch. falling into another. hopeless revolution. another journey around the sun. useless endeavor.

Zachary Kerr ‒ Bass
Adam Pierce ‒ Drums
Austin Lunn ‒ Vocals, Guitars, Songwriting, Lyrics
Samuel Hartman ‒ Keyboards
Zak Denham ‒ Guitars

Thanks to band for sending these lyrics.

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