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1. Eulerian Path

Twilight and high tide.
Drowning myself in the darkness.
God’s light removed.
Innocence lost in the current.

Born from the stars of a different hemisphere
I am the black flame
Swallower of light.

Abuse to photosynthesize.
Fictitious peace blooming in distress.
Morning glory mourning through
Vegetation whispered lullabies.
Looming dawn tearing at the night.


The world tree’s void is my seed
embracing ideation fantasy.
Nowhere to hide but eternal night.
In reflection, through taking the helm
Divine presence deceased
Truth within this solitude
No trinity, only me.

Violence, heralding in a new path.

A new era of unrelenting woe
Imprisoned within my caustic flesh.
A sentence not placated by time.
Abandoned and misled from life.
No guided path back from sacrifice.

2. This Cursed Blood

All my failures begging for an end.
These false promises becoming anchors
Drowning with the hopes of something real.
Estranged to this person I've become
I feel contempt and diseased.
Solidifying my hatred of forced existence.
Pestilence pulses through my veins
Paralyzing me.
It keeps me from draining it all.

This place I dwell is a hollowed man.
Boarded up and black with rot.
I dream in better lights with less reflection.
Shadows upon shadows cast inside

Like death masks piled on until there’s no identity.
I know there must be more to me.

I raise my eyes upward, into the night.
Into the darkness that existed before the light.
Downward to death, the foundation of all life.

Sigil marked for non-existence.
This cursed blood can't kill what's already dead inside.

It becomes misplaced to those I call friends.
As I attempt to terraform this misery.

Caustic is my nature.
Eroding life around me
Self-hatred binds my will to change.

As a lion let me drink from blood of your Christ
Awaiting salvation with open jaws
Shepherding hope into the belly of the beast.
Digesting tired faith and shitting out lies

I don't deserve happiness.
I haven't earned the right to self-peace.
Preservation through malice is the irony
As I'm consumed with thoughts of death.
When time comes
I'll enter my forest with no ribbon, just rope.

3. Death Mimics Life

Desired by none if not myself.
Time spent in ill will and tail in mouth.
as every moment proves worse than the last.
This broken currency enough to repeat forever.

So many mistakes
and with those even more regret.
A claim of ruined flesh is now ruining me. Endlessly.

Yet so many things broken inside and out.
I carry the torch you left behind.
A charred reminder of how this fucking ends.

Eulogy laced with a silver tongue
As rind is ripped from the fruit of life
Boring out a void
And consuming the earth around me.
Until there's no further down to fall.
No success worth sharing
No markers to prove my worth
No words to match the power of yours
Only timeless loss.
Mimicking your misery
Becoming you in death
and knowing when it can end.

All that bound us was illness.
Now it’s only mine to bear.

Forgone is this cycle.
Endless desire to obtain fulfillment
Forgone is the desire to find peace
Within something so subhuman.

I don't seek fortune
Just acceptance from the dead.
Egocentric as dust lining everything
Taking claim to age and time.
Existence lining the corners of a box
Marked for forgiven lies and physical abuse.

4. Abyss

Hope slumbers
In abyss.
The light.
Long since leaving
This world behind.
Infrequent and feeble.
Bound to its imperfections.

Entombed together within this common enemy.
Endless search for answers.

Together in this void
Prodding the kindling anew.
Now there's nothing
Left to burn.
Nothing else to give.

Freedom is a finite being.
This decorated cage will wash clean,
Its biomass cycles
until the ground is gone.
Foundations collapsing all around
Footprints in the sand, drowning with the tide.
Infinity swept away as dreams become denied.
There is always something
But in the end, its ambivalence has to die.

5. Bountiful Godless Life

A sea of hollowed stalks
Breaking in the wind.
Weathering the torment
Without sickle bringing end.

Diseased wrought and dying
Lusting for the dust.
Soil longing to be nourished
Selfishly awaiting the rotting husk.

In this bountiful godless life!

Call to the end.
A playwright always has a stop.
Burdened by social taboos
Nailed to the fucking cross.
Ending life before god’s time
A testament to true satanic rite.
Transcending beyond all light.

Illuminated by fire
This weakened state
Like a temple set ablaze.
Tearing at the roots
To purge this buried fear.

Shedding this christian skin
To be reborn in blackest sin!

Scorching this field of purgatory
Intent on ending this plague.
Every grain blanketed by ash
As pantheons
Dawn a reddish haze.
I'll lay down my arms
When everything I know is dead and gone.

There is no dying, alone.
Only leaving or being left behind.

In this bountiful godless life
Nothing is forbidden.
Doing what must be done
through self-annihilation.

No honor in existing for others.
Everyone will fail you, in due time.
Fear no man, or god
As you walk away from the sun.

6. Forever Night

This is not existence.
It was never meant to be.
Rehabilitation by domination.
Cuts made to remove physical beauty.
Forever reminders of what I have become.

Infinite as memories, until forgotten.
Not cured of this pain,
Just removed from its presence.
Hope hollowed out.
Filled in with negativity.
Laid to rest within this concrete womb.
Feeding me lies and false hopes.
Numbered and cataloged
Within this mother I abhor.
Nurtured with the waste of this world.

Rotting alive.
Forever night.

Forced christ
worthless life.
Failing me
like humanity failed you.

Martyred for the ease of affection.
Helplessly abused by the words of change.
There is nothing we can do to heal this wound
Terminally nurtured from birth.

Shedding this christian skin
To be reborn in blackest sin!

Steeple laid to waste
Like the moments leading me here.
Bell tarnished in the charred remains.
Patina takes its toll.
Everything is elemental loss.
Hanging like the fool on the cross.
Wound with twine of death.
Eternity begins with a single step.
This is the first of the last.
This moment bound forever.
What's cursed must die.

And it's only getting worse.
I beg for your forgiveness.
I wish you knew
The hell inside my head.
Every dream I've ever had has died
But soon enough I’ll get it right.
On my terms
In my own light.
Energy returns to the universe.
Forever night.

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