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1. Devil In Disguise

By the art of lies we are cursed
Baby I know a did it wrong
But the sentiment feels strong
You are all I ever want

I need your substance
I met your sin
I tasted you wild
Oh my God
You are the devil in disguise

And all I did I did it for you
Baby you know this is the truth
But for all the things you’re pushing through
Now my heart wants to escape from you

You are the devil lying baby
You are the devil lying here

You are you are my devil girl
I lay my heart inside you
I bled your emptiness
And that so…

2. Raven

It was a night, another night
It was a rain another rain
It was a dream you played with sin
It was a demon girl

Yeah I can feel it in your veins and I can feel it once again
I can see it in your lips, wanting to taste them in the flames, burning in flames

Your raven
You’re ravenous

It was a girl, another girl
It was a boy, another boy
It was a dream, another sin
It was the secret in your bed

What are you waiting for?
You can’t sing alone
I want you to kiss on and on

Let me touch you raven
Let me take you darling
Let me kiss you raven
Let me taste your sweetest

3. The Witness

What if love still lingers in flames?
Even if you walk away
It can’t let you free
Suddenly I own all that you gave
Overdose I ran insane
I can’t let you free

Our dreams still burn, but you want to die and I want to die

I need you
cause I breath you
You are my happiness oh my babe
If love seems to hurt
I’m the witness of the hurt

I’m hanging on this lost love
You are hanging on this lost love

I’ll be your witness

Come to love like Romeo and Juliet
Burn your love like Romeo and Juliet
Come to love like Romeo and Juliet
Kill yourself like Romeo and Juliet
I’ll be your witness

4. Withered Rose

As you lay in the soil
As you bend your knees to dust
You are craving for tomorrow
In your sadness, Amor

As I crawl into your heavens
In your midnight sun I shine
Where the darkness fell to love you
I shall give you my heart

In this road to nowhere
We are cursed to fall
Maybe savings in somewhere
Ease your sadness, Amor

Darling don’t you go away
Darling don’t you turn away
Darling don’t you be astray

5. Longing For A Ride

I’m on your blackest dream
Where everything it’s lost
Why don’t you tell me?
Oh help me understand it?

Baby you have your heaven
But it’s not forever
You have to keep on crying
A thousand angels dying

The game you need to play
You’ll find it down
The game you need to win
It’s down here

Despiértame esta vez, donde el sol caliente tu piel
Despiértame esta vez, los ángeles volverán

6. Insanity

We wear the mask of lies
The one to cheat our hearts
Made with the empty smile, that caresses me all the time
We wander through the night
This emptiness will die?
But our grief it’s all we have

The world has sealed sanity
In the deepest of our hearts
The world has sealed insanity
Over and over in our hearts

In these wounds I recollect
All the memories of her
In this vault fed with despair
I erase my anger
With the sentiment of lost
I regain a garden rot
Wither from the core
A faithless rose

Blood, it feels so cold

It's over

7. Lost Ship To Oblivion

Precious death lies in you
With the coldest of love
Precious death lies in you
When the wind blows grief

(The first rock is falling)
(The death clock is calling)

Agony said to you
That we have no future
Evil rules in this world
Only pain and sorrow

Open arms
Wait for your child

If only I could breathe the fragrance of the wind
Lost ship to oblivion
If only I could break the clouds of bitter rain
Lost ship to oblivion

So I mourn, your cross, this life belongs to death

Emptiness and loneliness
Wine and bread of everyday

8. Scary Sweet Girl

As the sun,she’s here to burn, the faith of your eyes
Melodic moans oh vampire touch, caress my bloody ice

Oh scary girl my sweet girls, when you’ll be satisfy? Will you embrace your fate tonight?

I will rise in your heart
To embrace you with the cold and caress you with the frozen touch of love
She will rise in my heart
To become in my last hope and to become a love who never reach his end

As the moon, she dress in white, the pale of her back
Her tongue begin so delicate but then become so wild

9. Traces

I take you for a ride
On a big machine
To seduce the traces
Between you and me

Waking from despair
All this pain to heal
To embrace the fire of the seventh seal

I can ease your burning, just close your eyes

Warm me in your crimson flames
Freeze me in inferno
Fuel me with venom today
Lead me to your traces of love

Give me all the time
All the time to sleep
In a bed of feathers
Only you and me

10. Bitter Soul

Inside my heart it’s buried
A cross fueled with poison
And that cross fueled with poison
Gives life to this bitter soul

She’s in love as darkness sings her song

In your arms, I can lose and follow your sweet
In your dims, I can bliss tomorrow in your fantasy
In your dreams, I can feel the sorrow deep inside
In your flesh, I can ease tomorrow oh my love

There’s no turning back

11. Only Seeking For You

She dress in black
Her razor smile
Her kiss of wild
Again she rage against me

Breath, my love
Understand that I’m yours I swear that I am
Calm, don’t you hurt yourself
My sentimental girl

She starts again
Her dark distrust
And once again
Again she rage against me

You don’t know
The places I have been
The demons we shared
Only seeking for you

Don’t you know you are my sentimental girl?

12. Never Lasting Love

Tonight I’m here
Bringing my secrets to life
Don’t be afraid
Tonight I’m here
Singing a song from the heart
A natural instinct

When I was with you it was life
When I was in you I never lied

My heart speaks the language of solitude I never lied to you
My heart speaks the language of death and love
My never lasting girl

Tonight I’m here
Giving myself to the faith
I hope that he guides me
Tonight I’m here
Killing again for the flame
The one that turns me down

I don’t want to say goodbye, never want to lose you in life

The cold that’s in your lips, reminds me of the sin
The sin that haunts me deep, in never lasting love
Oh I don’t know why me, I wish that I could be
A kiss to never fall, in never lasting love

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