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1. Dark Days

For the shit you love
For the shit you hate
Will you do what it takes
Inseparable times,Indescribable lies
I fucking hate myself, I know I died a little inside.
But it wasn't all me it took two to fight the burning pain that we suffered inside.
We can now learn from our past mistakes and forget the times that we have made. Inseparable times,indescribable lies.

2. Broken Moral Compass

We're back motherfucker, we will burn your house down.
Your cesspool of existence is worthless of my crown (bow down) if you bring the talk I will bring the pain.no way out this game is all the fucking same.No way out.
So many times where this has come and gone, reading all this bullshit no one has a backbone.Where is your fucking nerve,
No one has has a back bone,say it to my face, say it to my fucking face.
Your a fucking coward
Let me tell you this listen up I'm just a simple man for the world to bare it weight on me,fight through adversity.
All hope is lost in society, all hope is gone fight through adversity. Your a fucking coward your a fucking liar.

3. Submissioner

Your in my control, forced and submitted.Had you from the back you lost my respect this will never be forgiven. Submissioner forced and submitted you never would of thought of this I'm coming from the front and if you practice way you preach you'll know that fire can't be beat in the end.Not in the end. Your past life never showed you about the hell that will control you just face the fact that strength is what you lack when your forced into submission.Forced into submission.
This is insanity a world of pain motherfucker I just might let you breathe again.You lay to waste in the wake of my path I watch your life slip away as you crumble to dust.
Submissioner forced and submitted
I just might let you breathe again.

4. Natural Enemy

You're the one that I've become
You're the shit I left behind
You're life has become the way of true false
You're a fake ass friend that never have a fuck.
It's just like a lie that never came of truth
Backstabbing motherfucker
I fucking give up
Fucking give up.
This time your out of line.
So many times I held you up, I gave you respect.
And now for the second time that I've taken you in,
you made me feel this amount of regret.
Never again.
Say hello to your brand new friends,
they are the rocks that you'll kick on your road ahead.
Rather than call you a man,
I'd choose to pull the trigger on this fucking gun to my head.
Born as a natural enemy,
never a friend to me told me fucking lies hope you die
realize what you done to me killed me inside
never friend to me born as a natural enemy.

5. Zyklon B

One life to live
This is a clean shot
Fortify my answer
This is how I really feel,
For myself no one else
To turn to

Undo my life reassess
My point of view
Bring me back
To something new
I will take my chances

This is not the way
We were meant to live
By the skin of our teeth
This shit will never end

Born and bred to obey
A half-life of constant
Stress and pain
A long, slow death in
A lifetime of suffering

6. Veni Vidi Vici

I came I saw I conquered
All my life I been stepped on and ruined
Warpath pave my way engage the enslavement,
reckoning set this place fucking ablaze,
Hostility from the depths of aversion falling on the sword,
Warpath pave my way engage the enslavement.
Dance with me dance with the devil motherfucking soul taker street justice.
I cannot die because I live inside you this is something you can't deny.
Welcome to street justice.

7. Narcota Night Life

Why don't you point the finger at yourself for awhile.Substance you need is nothing to me.This song is not what you think it may be.
This is world we work live and deal with just to get by.not 9 to 5.bars and bars strip clubs and drag queens to the suit and ties.
Everyday is something new to the begger, gold digger, drug dealer,and prostitute this is the night life.
Scumbag,millionaire,righteous man,con man this is the night life
Pour yourself another drink you might need it reality set in when is of an essence. No one to blame when time turns back, life turns black this is the night life.

8. Son Of A Machine Gun Pt. III

More bodies for the fire so we can watch them burn oh kerosene,gasoline ignite the flame you fucking coward more bodies for the fire.
Pale eyes locked with mine. Paralyzed for life it's and instant death no light in sight.Seperate it hard to shake when your taking it all what's done is done I was born son of a machine gun.

9. One Free Kill

There will be no rest until your life is raped away for good.
Your demented seeds won't grow.. only dead water will flow
With the blood of your kind.
Chew you up, spit you out, purge you from my life..
A curse from the womb, I should have killed you from the start.
Gameover motherfucker. This is where you end. Rest in piss.
Beg for life.. no excuse to let you live..45 automatic.. brains all over my shit..
This is my one free kill. Rest in piss.

10. The Montreal Screw Job

[originally by Martyr A.D.]

I can't forgive you
This distance shorter as
The embering flames
Show retraction to your malice
With my false judgement
I can't fathom this commitment
You were lost in a time
Which I forgot
And I'm backwards
And you didn't think of me
You're beautiful I have never seen
Dangerous hands leave incisions
They tear at me
My bleeding heart torn from it's rightful place
You're crushing I'm helpless
You're loving but heartless
Our fall has passed
And a wintertime
Has set in
It's touching this soul
It's touching this space that's not filled
I wander alone in my perfect world
But an inch is missing
Remind me of that moment
When my heart was alive for you
You're beautiful
I have never seen
Your pretty hands leave incisions
They tear at me my bleeding heart
Torn from it's rightful place
Save me a place in hell
Save me a place in hell with you
Would you sit there staring at me
Confident but all too depending
As a sculpture that bleeds at me

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