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1. In...

2. Doomed Ground

There, where the dreams find rest
The world, without fear and Lie
Where Will be born the moon and dies the sun
Illuminating last way...

Burning fields drain me
Spirits killed with dagger of life
Have remained in embraces of death
Without hope...

So it so cold so lonely in this world
there is the void in my cold heart
All as in dream...

Not understanding anything,
we go through the darkness
You also will not rescue neither devil not god?

You are one... All alone
Exorsited from only
On this ground

3. Dreams

I lived in darkness of my life
And didn't see the light, joy and love...

But smth said inside my soul...just live
The world is cruel but life more terrible

But appeared the light in the night
And it's more powerfull in me
Like butterfly burns in the flame of the night
Falls and rise again...
I went ahead and didn't watch back
Can u hear?
Do u hear my heart stops beating...?

4. Cold Emptiness

Having forgotten about autumn we rush into winter and get drown in cold emptiness,
having closed the hand over the warmth of our souls..
for a moment we recall (call in mind) the scraps of lies and bitterness of loss...

and death then has taken our souls
and we have understood there is no way back...
why can’t we get nor in paradise nor in hell...?
that’s because we are the other ones
we are ghosts, running into the darkness ...

They remember only the night and the road..
And ahead - ahead is only death....
And no, that’s not frightening, that’s not the end of the jorney
There’s no need to cry, this won’t help,

Because the tears are the moans of the soul, that will kill you soon...
But the life could be so beautiful,
Could be as sweet as taste of blood for a vampire,
But we have choosen our way ourselves, and again and again we follow the road into the night

And once again, having forgotten about autumn and winter, we get drowned into the darkness of the ages

5. And So I...

And I am full of hatred
That’s why I couldn’t finish up my way
And Flowers won’t grow above my grave
And ravens won’t fly above us.

I will keep living and my body eaten by worms
Will suddenly find peace
And I will run into the darkness
Waving my arms for bliss
I’m tired, I am living

Why does our fate offend us?
Destroying our life?
A drowns our ship of happiness
And puts us into the boat of sadness

No one can understand our fate
At gives us something and something take instead
Again it sends us far away

And we are sad, our soul is suffering
A dream breaks our hearts
Fate won’t let us realize it
Even the Sun doesn’t save us

Our boat is coming to the port
There the angel is awaiting us
And this our life is flying
Leaving only black ashes

6. My Soul

My fate's skimpy
Didn’t give me warm
I Want to know, want to understand
Why should I live and suffer

How long my soul
Will walk in the other world
I don’t want to search you
And recall the pain in memories

I dreamed, I flew
And suddenly have lost my mind
No more strength to scream
On happiness pain put the seal.

7. Lovely Angel

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