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1. Theme For The Obscurantist

2. Paracosm

Little emperor, naked fomenter
Bare-faced coruminates with the fawner
Laying the blame with the martyrs

Naked emperor, little fomenter
Twin-faced, coruminates with the martyrs
Laying the blame on the fawner

Your past, waiting in the wings
Using flashbacks to draw people into the polarity within
Shooting arrows from the sidelines to fabricate the win

High above your station
Crying down on the selfless few
Self-obsessed pollution
Your sole antagonist is you
I’ve a fairly clear solution
Honour those who have bled for you
Though I have come to the conclusion
You’ll pass the blame no matter who

3. Returning The Screw

A fine disservice
Deceptive, too
Check for the sender
Sender was you
Caught me wide open
No simple burn
This is complicated
Calls for return
Fine disservice
Intended, too
Check for the sender
Sender was you
The point has been recorded,
The malice has been revealed
When I stripped away the humor
From the arrow it concealed
Sharpened and soaked in urine,
It was meant to spread disease
But now discovered
Becomes the sweet antithesis
Returning the screw
It comes back to you

4. Dina

Dina, you took me by surprise
How was I supposed to know that our intentions would collide?
A wave of infidelity locked deep within your two-tracked mind
A wave of opportunity embargoed by your jealousy
Consummate de-facto temptress, stimulated tyranny
Simulated chivalry within hyper-reality

Dina, you merciless adulterine
Sanctioning austerity to split popular unity
Disorder and liberty, no sense or sensibility
Occupation therapy in a colony of dignity
A narrow strip of heartless rites and a multitude of human wrongs
A decisive day for a murderous kiss
A derisive way to end a song

Dina, my hands are all I have
Dina, no puedes volver atras

5. Lifeline

I believed for a while that fortune favoured the sly
That we could not rectify what underlies
Retract to our birthright as we’re karmically inclined
Detached above this shell with open eyes
After the flood I resigned
I sat and watched you lie, eye to eye
The graceless blackguard snake was only bleeding me dry
You’ll be creeping through the motions by and by
I gave you a lifeline
A generous alibi
I gave you a lifeline
But now I’m calling time on the lie
Did you ever think of my life?
Did you ever walk in my side?
Did you ever rue the false light?
No you only bled me dry
I gave you a lifeline
But now I’m calling time
I gave you a lifeline
And I’m still mystified as to why

6. The Tragedy Shield

The graceless opportunists bide to hide behind their veils
Tripping globalised betrayal
Braindrain strips away the sane
While alarmists make a killing
From the bloodstained and unwitting
Forbid to coexist
Parasitic figments of deception
Forcing verbal prohibition
A crass indoctrination in this age of mass proscription

7. Mr Black

Who exchanged this case for revisionary fiction?
Stepping stones for ingrates turning coats for friction
Who trades cries for libel?
Who sells lies to grown men?
Blinded by their idols
Obscuring the light from heaven
Mr Black, your corporation masks the facts
Mr Black, you congregation sadly lacks
Mr Black, so sad to hear you got the sack
Mr Black, no peace at all when there's no crack

8. Closure

It's out, coming out
Spilling down the sides of your mouth
Disclosure, disclosure, incandescent exposure
Just think of the lives you destroyed cos you could
There's no pride in hiding from the blind
Hang yourself out to dry

Disclosure, disclosure
Your guilt-ridden face pasted over and over
Disclose, disclose
The lines are not closed
Disclose, disclose
Inequality control
Disclose, disclose
The millions of whispering souls
Disclose, disclose
When justice was vetoed

It's over, it's over
Numb hearts are growing colder
It's over, it's over
No more looking over my shoulder
It's over, it's over
Understanding growing older
It's over, it's over
This is closure

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