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1. The Brink

Well, here we are
Crawling back from victory
Divided from the stars
With a handful of hearts
And the small change from glory

2. False Light

Light... spills out with the landslide
Bleating heroes with single-glazed eyes
Cashing in on the straight side

Stalked out on the threshold
Crashed out with the loving lost souls
Smoked out of the priest hole

Faith... laid out with the average waste
Lapped up by the fair weather fakes
Sold on by the ingrates

Pushed out under false lights
Laughed out on the slandering line
Blanked out of a moment in time

3. Alternate

Break up now, awaken now
Or breakdowns all around
Why tread the ground of joy unfound
Hanging from a half-negated crown?

Break the bounds of dark surrounds
Abdicate in silence, dignified
Oh hark the sound of reptant clowns
Serving up a cold myopic lie

Break it down and change
Fuck comparability
Break it down and change
Break it down and change...

You're safe to walk away
Don't suffer for this scornful masquerade
Stale mates will fall away
Basking in their mindlessness parade

Break it down and change
Reclaim divinity
Break it down and change
Break it down and change.....

Break it down and change
Patch up your dignity
Break it down and change
Break it down and change.....

4. Underlooked

Chronically underlooked, yet all of it you took
The missing pages from someone else's book
Papered over the cracks in front of their backs
None of you were told to look

Lost you there in the blink of an eye
You took a dive on my blindside, playing for time
Where could I hide in my downtime?

Black lies sigh, aligned across the ocean wide
I'm sat five thousand miles away
The fat cat vies to actify her evil eye
Alikened to vile, confined to the backslide

Narrate my case to the flock behind these ragged gates
Parasites lost, do we stimulate to adulate?
Do we imitate as to accumulate?
Or lie here in wait till the scapegoat escapes?

5. Still Waters

When I fell, I'd grown tired of treading water,
Folk changing like the weather,
Begrudging what was mine

At the tolling bell, oh they huddled undercover,
Played us off against each other,
We took the bait and crossed the line

In the midst of all our dreaming
Catch a glimpse of where we're heading
Walk away from past redeeming
As we know that paths misleading

Disdain sold me up the river
Stole a part of me forever
Made this compromise together
I was trading trust for never
...yet little did I know

At the turn of the day
I didn't feel the last hour burning
Saw no need for shallow yearning
God you'll miss it when you're turned in

So far away
Over mountains of persuasion
Paved a gateway for the vermin
To the sycophant communion

Came a heartless violation
From pathetic opposition
A deep and meaningless oppression
Had to smother out those lies

Six degrees of defamation
Prolonged years of degradation
Despite tears and reformation
I was there to rectify

Yet little do you know

6. The Dumbing Down (I. The Travesty Waltz II. Steakknife's Theme III. Silent Approval)

[I. The Travesty Waltz]

Looking on darkness
Dumbed down and speechless
Dropped there in the blink of an eye

Fears long forgotten,
Erased and revised,
How can destiny die?

[II. Steakknife's Theme]


[III. Silent Approval]

Committed to ignorance,
You let the lying dogs sleep

7. Automata

Follow me, the way they've told you to be seen
Follow me, and we'll meddle with the stars
Can you believe your jumped-up heroes to be thieves?
Still you long to kiss their apathetic hearts

Everything I need is everything that's killing me
And everything I hear is everything that fed to me
Everything I feel is everything I'm told to be
Everything I see is everything I'm led to believe

Follow me as we soar across this wayward sea
Or there you'll stand, divided from the stars
From what I see there's barely a true soul to reap
Deliberate or sleepwalk through reality

Everything I need everything that's killing me
And everything I hear is everything that's fed to me
In everything I feel that everything's a travesty
With everything there'll always be a light inside of me

9. The Brink (Reprise)

We witnessed the dumbing down
Crowns paraded by clowns
The stench of follow, ripping through the towns

There's an underhorse on my windowsill
This could go either way
It probably will

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