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1. Walk Alone

Hand over my soul
This futures in your hands
Control my every move
A slave without a service
Discarded in disgrace
I walk alone
This is the path I've chosen
For myself
And now I walk it alone

My eyes held open
By the thought of you
This sleep is my only comfort
Pain is my last escape

Dismantled without you
I cant myself
Or pick up the pieces
Hack me apart
Lead astray
By what held us a apart

My eyes held open
Sleep is my comfort
You in this darkness
I try and find you
In this darkness

A darkness that wont end
And I fall away from you

2. Seventh Sin

Look eye to eye
The mess you've made
Impaled by your ignorance
Seep into the floor
These wounds
Cant be healed
A soul now drowned
In anguish incomplete
And wanting more

A burden on your weighting back
Clawing to hold on
I crawl back to your side
Your soul intent to hold me down

Respect help tight inside your hands
Never given away
This lust grows deep inside
Addicted to you re pride

A taste to good to swallow
Feel it burn
You to nothing
This trust I held in you

Take the knife from my back
Steal the promise I offer
You know you want it all
But that's all I have to give

3. The Deepest Void

Cant you see
That this world
Has drowned in blood
I feel we are hopeless
To build the faith
That we held in ourselves
All senses severed
This blind eye had been turned to many times

When you listen can you hear this weeping heart
The sorrow never ending
Always feeding
Leading is
As we crawl on blood stained hands

When is it to late to reach out?
When is it too late to care?
Your hands are never tied
Your voice is never gagged
And still you do nothing

When you listen can you hear this weeping heart?
The sorrow never ending when you listen
The sorrow. It never ends

Feel these tears in your eyes
Brace yourself
Look to the sky
You feeling these tears welling in your eyes
I feel we are lost

Cry out to the sky
Feel the tears in your eyes
Brace yourself
The splendour we held is lost

4. A Scientific Method For A Stab In The Dark

Put on the face that shows I'm conscious, underneath
Darkness falls across me
Casting shadows around myself
Looking to tomorrow proves a burden
As hate knocks me to the floor
Glazed eyes gazing down in apprehension

Glowing in the darkness where I try to breath
Nothing can help me out
I see faces of those I held so close
Buried alive for years
This anger builds within
Filling me with hate

The next time I see your face
You know I wont back down

I will destroy you
The next time you wont get up
So take this knife from me and be honest your weak
You know nothing about me
Your life was built on a lie

Glazed eyes gazing down in apprehension
Where I try to breath

Taken apart
Made to measure
I'm not here to please
Lurking tonight
These faces of those you held close
This life I try to lead
Is just your petty game
I wont be the one

5. Gods Gonna Sit This One Out

Sick. I'm sick of what you are
You took away all that I believe
Pray on those
That reach out in need
You chose the right victim

Now I'm torn apart
Are you happy??

I'm dangling by the throat
With a pain in my chest
You set these traps
To bring me down
You've taken all the matters
Ill never bleed for you
But I hold this hope
You'll bleed for me
I beg bleed for me

Bleed for me

Whispers in the ears
Of those who listen
Transform the one that cares
Turn this against me
This is my final blow

Are you happy now?
I'm dangling
By the throat
With a pain in my chest
You set these traps
To bring me down

6. Empty Faces

Empty faces
In this crowd
Express nothing
Make no sound

Lost on the hope
That's burning in my eyes
I try to let go
But this pain wont subside
Anchored in this sea of denial
Who will you turn to
When your time runs out?

Lead to the water
Shepparded by your delusions
Drink from this river of lies

Let go of all that you
A life
On these lies

This is my final chance
My final chance all that I have left

Thanks to tongaface for sending these lyrics.

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