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1. Flames

I felt 'em once
Long time ago
So honest so pure
I felt 'em once
Deep inside myself
Like a poison like a cure
Can they be lost?

Whenever my soul lights the flames
They'll take me back through my memories!

I felt 'em again
At the beginning, at the end
Much stronger less weak
I felt 'em again
For the second time
Living harder fighting deeper
Faith is the cure!

I feel 'em now
At the new beginning
Six stars coming together
I feel 'em now
They can never be lost
Burning together
Together as one!

2. See You On The Other Side

Individual thoughts, Symbolic arts
Let the Metal flow, Let the spirit fly,
This anger in my voice, This rhythm in my heart
The only way to live, The only way to die!

See you on the Crystal Mountain,
See you on the other side!

This sound of perseverance Will crush the chains of time
But we must stand together, Together as one!
See through your dreams, Sail across the cosmic sea
My name is on your lips, My Music is eternity!

Trapped in a corner of universe,
One man and his Guitar,
He is the Godfather of Metal,
See you on the other side!

3. Awake

I slept in the space of darkness
My blood was cold
Evil destruction around my head
Was destroying my soul
Rusted minds controlled my dreams
Erasing my memories
Giving me false reality
Giving me what to dream!


I slept at the horizon
With no rising sun
Shadows were flowing around my body
But my blood was worm
Something strange filled my veins
Giving me strength
Again the voices in my head
Louder, clearer...

Then I woke up from my old coffin
And I opened my eyes
You can't bury me again this time
No, you can't take my life
Deepest memories lost in the space
Are coming together
I hope I'll never sleep again
I hope I'll be awake!

4. Fiction

I still hear your calls
I still hear and I wonder
Who you are, who you are?
Do you really exist?
Why do you always disappear?
When I'm so close to you?
Would you ever let me touch your face?
Let me touch your face?

Would you ever let me touch your face?
Would you ever let me be in your embrace?
Would you ever let me be in your embrace?

I still hear your calls
I still hear your voice
And for the first time
I can see your face.
Your eyes are so familiar
But sometimes so strange and cold
I'm falling into your embrace
Into your embrace.

I'm falling into your embrace
And in it I can see my face
And in it I can see my face!

5. Living Hell

Smell the taste of pestilence
"What's the colour of your blood?"
Feel the poison in your eyes
Hear the truth crying for us
Don't get away
Don't let yourself become blind!

It's just another day with no rising sun
Fight against the chaos 'cause we're living in a living hell!

Is waiting for us
It's a good day to die!
But remember that you're not alone
Your past is here, your aims and wishes
Don't get away from the future
Don't let yourself become blind!

6. The Abyss

I travelled across the sea
With my sisters, my shining stars
Dark depths were calling me
And they try to pull me under
I was looking for my mirror
Fighting against my fears,
Against my weaknesses
Which were trying to take my soul!

"And when I look long into the abyss
The abyss also looks into me."

I travelled across the desert
With my brothers, grains of sand
The cold sun was calling me
Wanting from me to be it's slave
I became blind, so blind
And the sun was in my head
I fought against myself
And I left my mirror in the sand

"Whoever fights monsters
Should see to it that
In the process he does not
Become a monster.
And when you look long
Into the abyss
The abyss also
Looks into you."

7. In My Memories

Dark labyrinths of my soul
Are calling me
(I hear voices)

I'm going through my memories
And my life that passed away
Ugly things are calling me
I'm going through my suffering.
There are so many ways
Each of them says: "Come to me!"
I must choose the right one
If I fail I'll be lost!

In my memories.

So many things around me
So many weaknesses
My disgusting secrets
My strongest enemies
The weaker I am
The stronger they are
They want me back, they want me
If I fail I'll be lost.

In my memories
They call for me
And they want me back
In my memories!

8. Dreams

Universe around is holding me
I'm not free to find you, I'm not free to hold Thee
Still I am captured and still I don't know
Who you are? Where you are? Do you really exist?
You are like mist, flowing through the dark
And I'm not free to hold you, and I'm not free to have you.
Where are your calls now? And where is your voice?
Do I know you? Do you know me? Where do we belong?

Would you ever let me touch your face?
Would I ever find your embrace?
And I'm still seeking,
Looking for you in my dreams.

Deep inside my darkest dreams
Your light is pure, your voice is my cure
Could you tell me just one more word?
Give me a sign and my life won't be absurd.
You are just my fiction, you are just my dream
You are just like poison that tears me from within.
Where are your calls now? And where is your voice?
Do I know you? Do you know me? Where do we belong?

Once I was so close to reach your hand
Once I was so close to fall into your embrace
But then I disappeared from the space of my dreams
Knowing you're just a fiction that lives in my dreams.

9. Raven’s Chant

[Obscurity bonus]

10. Dark Depth

[Obscurity bonus]

I walk with heavy steps
Fear flows through my body
Peal of thunder screams in my ears
I feel pain!
My legs stiffly stand
Dark eyes stick out from the depth
Claws of steel of damned spectre
They run to me like death!

In the house of Canterville
Girl starts to pray:
"Oh Lord, let the ghost come here
To take my tears away."
"When a golden girl can win
Words to god from lips of sin
When a lifeless tree fruit bears
And girl gives away her tears
(Then shall all the house be still)"

Black house of black demons
Of century-old dark family
I can smell stale air
Of damaged unfeeling
Now I'm entering inside
Into this freakfull depth
But someone is behind
And I feel his breath!

Memories from the childhood `
And struggle with my mind
This is the dark house
From which I cannot hide
Hell with a Devil inside myself
Death is black and it's so near
I must go back 'cause if I don't
I will taste more than just fear!

11. Life Is Just A Dream...

[Obscurity bonus]

Old man is walking before my eyes
He is a blind man with a child beside
Scream of a child is in my ears
We must run, we must hide
We know Death is near
And we know we have to die
Unbearable is the sound of the war
Rage is bigger every bloody day
I can hear: "Why? What for?"
But I don't know what to say!

Life is just a dream... On the way to death
We are on the way to death
Do you feel it's breath
We are on the way to die
Do you hear their cry?
I had a dream about something called life
In which no one says: "You must die!"
I had a dream about something that doesn't exist
Life is just a dream and we cannot resist!

On my hands is laying a dead life
Blood is everywhere, everywhere around
Shitly heroes are now satisfied
Do you hear this caustic sound?
Will the children always hide?
Will they ever play around!
Unaided people run to the edge
The edge of their poor lives
This is their punishment
The place for them to die!

Old man is lying before my eyes
He is a dead man and there's no one around
Obscurity now leads our lives
Blackened is the world now
Squad of peace died in this fight
Can you tell me how?
Under the sky sorrow never ends
Rapid kills are destroying the vows
Now I'm alone on the field of death
Still the wind from the north blows!

12. If

[Obscurity bonus]

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are loosing theirs and blaming it on you
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
But make alounces for their doubts too.

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue
Or walk with kings nor loose the common touch
If neither fows nor loving friends can hurt you
If all men count with you, but none too much

If you can feel the unforgiven minute
With sixty seconds worth of distance run
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it
And which is more, you'll be a Man my son.

13. Light The Darkness

[Obscurity bonus]

Night is coming nearer
Black clouds over your head
Here comes the black hero!
Darkness brings the fear
Your soul is black
But I have no fear!

Your mind is filthy
Your soul is black
Now listen what
Darkness has to say:
"I am the Father,
I am the Blood,
I am your Weakness
I am your God!"

Don't close your eyes
Don't let 'em go
Beware of yourself
And darkness of your soul!
Choose your destiny
Between life and death
There is a thin line
Watch out! You may break it!

Get away from your lifelessness
Don't be afraid, destroy the inner weakness!
Obsolete darkness eats from within
Light your darkness or fall into Obscurity!!!

14. Cicatrice

[Obscurity bonus]

Behind the mountain's peak
Sun is coming out
Black bird's song bespeaks the end
Smell of blood comes on the wind!
Black sunrise of a black sun
Agony comes! Cicatrice!

Silence, deadly silence
Sunrise, black sunrise
Silence, sunrise of a black sun!

Pain is in my heart
Fear is in my soul
I can feel your hunger
For what I die for!
Black sunrise of a black sun
Agony comes! Cicatrice!

Black winds from the land of mist and frost
Dark forest, moonlight, mountains of the hate
Listen to my words and prepare your slayers
I'm coming back to reave their souls!

I have killed the fear
I have killed the pain
But now I can feel
They'll come again!
Black sunset of a black sun
Agony is gone but there's a cicatrice!

Length: 63:14

Alister are:
Igor Miladinovic – vokali
Marko Vuckovic – ritam gitara
Marko Ognjanovic – solo gitara
Ivan Petrovic – bas gitara
Marko Stosic – bubnjevi
Milos Simic – klavijature

Guests Musicians:
Miroslav Brankovic – Lead Guitar on SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE
Srdjan Brankovic – Lead Guitar and Vocals in SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE

Recorded at Studio Paradox, Smederevo, august 2002.

Thanks to alisterband for sending these lyrics.

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