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1. Island In The Sun

They named it the rock, land of the living dead
A repose for the rich and famous
All the infamous would tell each other's lies
Why did they want to tell the truth

On an island in the sun
Cool Pacific winds blow

Most were poets and they wrote in basic prose
On the walls of their sunset blvd.
In their nine by five rooms, became inspired
By the silence in sight of the city

[Full chorus]
On an island in the sun
Cool Pacific winds blow
Just across the bay
Battered by the waves


[Full chorus] - Key change
Two Sailawena's
[Full chorus]

2. General Hospital

I awoke in a room that was occupied by those about to die
For my sleep was disturbed by the sound of old mens cries for help
What's this place what the hell am I doing here
What's happened to me and I'm wondering what kind of state my mind and body's in

Be calm please lay back
We will help you rest for a while


And I yelled "No you don't I'm not going to sleep"
I'm just gonna get my body out of here
I pushed the bottle down away from my face
But felt the needle stab like a spear

As my legs started shaking
The room revolved around my aching head
And the floors rushing up just to greet me
Laying there on my back as the ceiling flies away and from me
Was I finally losing my hold on reality

Be calm take this pill
We will help you rest for a while


3. Jet To Jet

On a short trip we made a landing
Then we were strangers in town
How they stared as we made our exit
We're white they're all brown
Dr. Livingstone where are you when we need you the most
We're white as ivory on the ivory coast

[1/2 Chorus]
Jet into jet

Eat their poison like true ambassadors
We will drink up their beer
So predictable washed out white
Men foreigners are here
Call me master I'll call you boy
If that's all that you need
How that wounds me just leave me here to bleed


Black mans burden is on his shoulder and keeps him well in his place
Two hundred pounds worth of megawatts
That smack him in the face
There's no reason to take the weight
Life's not strapped to your head
Don't wear the token till the token black is dead


4. Hiroshima Mon Amour

It was newborn and ten feet tall,
But they called it little boy,
And C7, H5, O6, N3 they called him

The fireball would dim the sun,
Promising death in its cruelest form.

Hiroshima Mon Amour
As we beg to be forgiven do you spit,
In our face and curse us all.

The fireball that shamed the sun,
Burning the shadows on the ground,
As the rain falls to dry the land,
Leaving desert for the thirsty man.

They all said it would end the war,
And we thanked Christ for the bomb,
And the priests and witches all agreed,
They should die to keep them free.

The fireball that shamed the sun,
Burning the shadows on the ground,
As the rain falls to dry the land,
Leaving the desert for the thirsty man.


5. Kree Nakoorie

Masters of the world hidden from our eyes
In the sun we grew sharing the same light
Elegant warrior my gun and your spear
Killers that keep our lives apart

Pictures from the air stole away your souls
Aerobatic thieves photographic freeze
Lead by the legend of Kree Nakoorie
The man that hides away from man so hard to understand


Flying bladed ships carried us to you
As you walked away trees obscured our view
Scared by the legend of Kree Nakoorie
The man that hides from all the world
The masters of the world

6. Incubus


7. Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live

Chemical kids lost in the street, looking for some kind of saviour
Perverted minds lead them like sheep into the slaughter they have to face

Too young to die, too drunk to live
As they follow in the path of believers before them
Too young to die, but there won't be too long to live

Daddie's princess fixes her hair, powders her nose from the inside
Smokes in the car, drinks her last beer, soon she'll be ready for one more day

Head for the classroom and to hell but the clock up on the wall hold the blind face of freedom

[Chorus cont.]

There's time to die but she just needs more time to live


Years from now
Look how they change
They're so mature and respected
Makes them laugh
They were such fools
So unaware of the real live world
Honey I'm home, fix me a drink
It's been a long hard day and the boss drove me crazy
Watching the clock on the wall for the happy hour

8. Big Foot

Lonely giant you walk alone
You the ice man come from the cold

Himalayan Mountains are your home

Long lost brother look at my face
Through the ions, you hide and I wait



Mountain, trapped in snow
Warm your blood runs
Come in from the cold


9. Starcarr Lane

Just a young boy's memory summer days
Chasing rabbits through the fields
Taking water from the well
And the warmth of the grandfather smile
And his magical eyes

It's hard to go back again to be who we have been
Hot as the memory burns it's cold and wearing thin
(In Star Carr Lane)

By the light of Kerosene
Deals of cards and dominoes
Play for matches play for laughs
Flirting with the radio
Climb the stairs in the dark by the candlelight eye in the night


All the stone faced sepia stares
Looking out with secret smiles
In defiance of the years
Remember me I knew you well
And the warmth of the grandfather
Smile from his magical eyes

10. Suffer Me

The cold December day I came
You knew me well though I was a stranger
You suffer me
Why you suffer me
Oh suffer me
Why you suffer me I touched you
You felt my heart
Then I was born the second son
Oh how you suffer me
Oh you suffer me
Oh suffer me
Why did you suffer me

[Solo I]

Oh suffer me
Why did you? How could you? Suffer me
Suffer me
Who oh-oh

[Solo II & Fade out]

Suffer me

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