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1. The Talent Of Deceit

Lies, misery, a hatred in disguise
Tyranny in death, the ruler of the skies
Elysium, Paradise, lies for your denial
A lasting impression to fool the mind

Murder, conscience, a void of morality
Possession is mine, the talent of deceit
To inhabit a host, a soul in my command
The victim I seek is a mask for my hate

I have found a soul, the perfect host
A creature of comfort, afraid of his future
My murderous intent will drive him to his fate

Young and naive, ripe for the taking
In want of need, liberation in passing
I know the truth is an enemy of mine
Shut off your mind and come with me

Bow down to my creed, sign on this line
I won't make you: You'll give up for free

Taking your heart, stealing your soul
Subversion to my cause: Give till it hurts

I have won the mercy of this man
The guilt, the power of despair
I am God to this fool
Mental degradation

Murder, conscience, a void of morality
Possession is mine, the talent of deceit
To inhabit a host, a soul in my command
The victim I own is a mask for my hate

Bow down to me

2. Holy Words

Seeping inside, corruption injection
My sinister cure, for your imagined infection
Guilty pleasures, the key to your soul
Innocence betrayed, my toy for the taking

Blessed to decide, a burden of life
Believe as you do, that I am good
Deceived as you come, trust in my word
The demon and I, we will make good

Do as we say, my precious tool
As we command, enraptured you stand
Move as our hands, our power on earth
Question us not, for we are holy words

Lies and sedition
Terrify, deify
Inspiration of chaos
The visage of a holy sight

Mirage, entropy
A fatal flaw in communication
Sell your soul to buy protection
Alas, eternal night


Lost in the forest of deceit
Trapped in a world of reduction
Wandering forever in a tide of despair
Lost in the caverns of the soul

3. [i]nvincible

I -- invincible, conquest is mine
The soul I've conquered is limp willed to rebel
I -- irresistible, master and the slave
Domination and Servitude
with these hands my sins have made

Tearing apart this fleshy exterior
Ripping apart this slab of mankind
Stomach, esophagus in my grip
Nails scratch at a still beating heart

Murderous gore, a frenzied delight
Enraptured in this animal conquest
The demon inside me screams in glee
Covered in blood I'll see you die

Heart pounding, with animal lust
Mind crushing under pressure
I am a tool of the demon
I can't escape his will

I have taken control
Of this sickly soul
Yours to conquer, mine to enjoy
My hateful grip is unrelenting
You and I, we're undivided
So follow me in my hateful conquest
This isn't the plan, you betray my intent
Evil embodied, and you thought to trust?

Murder accomplished; some chaos inspires
On to my next task; forced carnal desires
I lure my prey deep down in my lair
I betray your trust and your virgin instinct

Naked and helpless you lay before me
You screams for mercy but serve to engorge me
Pleasure stabbing into your innocence
Mercilessly I bring you destiny

Have I lost control of my mind's capacity
Am I one, or have I been hijacked?
Deceiver deceived, a breach in contract
This monster lies within myself
Now, what is the truth?
Domination, or domin e?
Am I fated as the one?

Chaos enthroned, a death reminder
I've lost my grip on this soul
Betray my trust, stab in my back, I despise me
My worthless word is a guarantee of nothing, but
The horrible power of determination


4. The Awakening

What have I done, this can't be right
Am I evil, in doing good?
Ignorance, may be my shield
I did as I was told
Condemned: is that my role? Mercy: I deserve none...
These crimes are mine alone

Was I deceived?

You belong to me, under my control
The spirit of aggression won't let go
Sacred orders, hatred abounds
With holy zeal we'll tear you down

I need guidance, perfect moral light
To steel my mind
I am bound to my path
I am weak and powerless
I am bound to the rails
Please save me

Can it be true? Can I be destroyed
By inaction...?

I need a savior
Please show yourself

I need your strength...

5. Let The War Begin

Call on me, the spirit inside you
A force you haven't known

Who is this?
A challenger appears
This shining armor, this moral strength
You might be a worthy adversary

You have a fight on your hands
This soul of mine is chained
Make your introduction
And let the war begin

Is this my chance? Is this what I want?
Am I deceived...
I don't know what is right
But the spirit speaks so true...

Come with me
Abandon this imposter
This fight will tear you apart
I'm not done with you
My murderous work has just begun
This hateful crusade can't win against me

Your illusion of hate
I reveal your secret
Now the ancient evil knows
that its time is running short

Your innocence, dying would be too kind
Elimination from my world, you speak of treachery

6. The Chains Of Remembrance

Your strength... admiration
Jealousy of your ambition, malady of my derision
Haunted corruption
You are the spirit of aggression, you can't escape my decision

Demon's conflict
I'm torn in two

The chains of remembrance bind me to your will
The spirit of aggression is tied to your desecration

I am -- the hero's conquest
Yet I feel drawn to her
What causes mental anguish
worse than a shattered mind
You must bow to me
My power is greater than you
Ambition you may bring
but hatred is divine
If you desire me
Set yourself free
The engine of hate
Needs its force

You know now the evil's mind
The monsters trap you can defy
To you the power, to you ability
The mind conquers all, if you dare think

The chains of remembrance bind me to your will
My spirit is ambition, am I tied to your desecration?

Don't you defy me, you'll beg for forgiveness
I am corruption and evil embodied
You dare to deny me, the source of your power?
I am action, my freedom is at hand

Bow down
To Hatred
To Evil
To Me
Bow Down
To me
The call

I am free!

The chains of remembrance have shattered before me
My spirit is ambition, I am free from hypocrisy
The chains of remembrance have shattered before me
My spirit is ambition, I am free from hypocrisy

7. The Heart's Betrayal

The evil has shattered split in two
Your chance has come now, make a stand
I am not perfection nor a driving force
I can but guide you on the path of truth

Must I choose the strenuous path of good?
Can it be that I am destined to walk this road?

Don't betray me though your heart is tempted
Rise before me avoid this tempest's call
The fate of reason leads you safe to home
The heart's treason, betrayal of the mind

The monster's calling, an appeal to my weakness
Resist temptation, but can it be so bad?
The righteous mountain, the decrepit valley
Like water, I flow the path of least resistance


Your vile weakness, your fate has been sealed
Defaulting to evil by elimination
You've fallen from grace
Sitting by while evil does its work

The mind warned you and tried to show the way
You are a victim to the heart's betrayal


8. Born Of An Insidious Nature

Travel with me
To the vast depths of hell
See my creation
The grand bait and switch
Torture, and hatred
The tools of negotiation
My promises of pleasure
The tool to stay the mind

Heaven's dark secret is my divine plan
Toil rewarded, soil diverted
The graveyard kingdom, still rotting flesh
Their paradise embodied in life as in death

Trapped by virtue, chained to the throne
Your payment comes later, your freedom at last

Death is your promise, eternity in stone
Spend your life to buy my love
Pay off the debt, that I owe you

My trade is deception, the chains of guilt
My work is destruction, the craft of god

Now, you see
I am born of an insidious nature

We see now the depths of illusion
We remember now the chains that bound you

Now I know my fight
The final struggle in sight

The memory that trapped your heart
Is lost...

The tyranny that finds us now
Is vast...

My strength, your wisdom
Evil's bane, to slash illusion

The renaissance taught us much
Sadly so, we're quick to forget

The enlightenment of ages past
Lost to eternity
The power of the mind, the evil of divine
I challenge you, evil's form I challenge you, virtue's form

9. Servants Of Liberty

I am awake now
The spirit conquers, the hero guides
You will be vanquished
My fused soul, the alliance

My ambition, the hero's pride
No virtue is an island
United as one we will prevail
This heartless evil will be destroyed

Fighting now, for our dying cause
We are servants of liberty
The ancient evil dies tonight
And we will be set free
Fighting now, for our dying cause
The enemy of your lost religion
Your callous heart, your crime undone
We are servants of liberty

Hatred for your vile hearts
Fuels me in my determination
My spirit is gone, the victim is worthless
My days are numbered, my time is short
The battle rages, I will fight on
I am invincible!

You are done
I will be victorious
You are done
I make my last stand!


I will fight!

I will destroy you -- landing blow by blow
We retaliate -- A split attack by two
My armor cracking -- My hateful fire burns you
Your terrible decay -- Deflected by my shining resolve

I banish you to hell; my sorcery can not be countered
We disbelieve you and your illusion falters
United in twin resolve - dual attacks, your downfall
Now we strike at the heart of darkness

Fighting now, for our righteous cause
We are servants of liberty
The ancient evil has died tonight
And we are finally free
Fighting now, for our righteous cause
The enemy of your lost religion
Your callous heart, your crime undone
We are servants of liberty

10. Alas, Tyranny

The battle is over, the beast has been slain
Evil conquered, vice dethroned
The struggle for good, Virtue and all
Heroic intent, vital decision

Forget not the battle of the mind
Rest not, deceit knows no time
Vigilance is virtue
Defend the precious hope
Bound in chains of memory
Keep the fire burning

Memory: it binds us to a path f righteousness
The last victory is but a holiday in struggle
Never forget the virtue required
Moral strength, and intense desire

My current appearance, fester and rot
Visions of enmity, terrifying hate
Powerless and chained, for now I am remembered
These chains will break, and I will be free again


The chains of remembrance bind the monsters will
The gift of liberation is precious and dear
Betrayal comes from within, disaster lay in treason
Our freedom will only live as long as the memory still holds

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