Dark Lyrics


1. We Forged The Wound In The Christian Scar

[Music: Aeon, lyrics: Abrahkkan]

Summoned out of darkness, awakened from the dead
Unbound from cruel damnation flows a river of hate
that holds a vital force from the deepest of our minds
Embracing Satan’s spirit we’ll forge the christian scar

Eternal fire, grant me light from hell
To reveal once again the liar’s face
As razors our tongues with truth speaking at will
Disfiguring his image, no doubt we are set to kill
Swords of death, words of hate, relentless thoughts arise
We've always been chained our rage has no disguise
Christianity must suffer the evil one's command
Their faces shall be branded by satanic marks

Some of them shall rise
We'll crush them one by one
Manipulating the strings of hatred
One by one they will succumb to Satan


Libera nos a tenebris, Satan inclementi
Vivere volumus liberos et cum potestatem tuo
Da nos volupe ut noceat faciem Pseudochristi
Luminis orbem et renasci posse

Oh Lucifer, enlightened, we elevate
Our thoughts, unlimited, a great force in the air
Swords of death, words of hate, some “god” has recoiled
Minions fed by ignorance now speaking Satan’s word
Damned Nazarene, the cross it wasn’t right
Oblivion and abandon, banished you shall be

Falling from grace
The christian church lies wounded, disclosing itself with its inner pest

We forged the wound in the christian scar
Through Satan our weapon we tore him apart
Jesus Christ torn deceiver one, as we evil ones will shine
Shining as fire
With pride and glory of purest evil
The biggest lie is gone forever

Some of them shall rise…

Summoned out of darkness, awakened from the dead
Unbound from cruel damnation flows a river of hate
that holds a vital force from the deepest of the night
Embraced by Satan’s spirit we’ve forged the christian scar

2. Summoning The Beast Of Stigmata

[Music: Aeon, lyrics: Abrahkkan]

The torment has begun
An alive suffering Christ delightful portrait

Craving towards damnation
Unleashing the fiery beast
Will shred your faith to pieces
I summon it upon me

The process begins turning out my hands
Into the claws you feel as the crown of thorns
Those relentlessly slash your head
While your horror is disguised by your own blood

Oh Stigmatized
There’s nothing Christ can do to help you
And this will go on until I kill you

You won’t endure through this
As the weak one could not in his time
My goat hooves are smashing your hands
Unmerciful nails crucify
Your wrists I severe
Through my hate lies the one who defeats you
You and your god and his absurd mission

What you may think is the spear of destiny
Is just my full of teeth jaw
That rips your torso apart
And with it your life

Oh Stigmatized...

Your pain bends your faith
Take me Satan, embrace me in thy dark
Let me out of this chalice to suffer
No more again
Speak aloud my name
I'm Satan so I can release you
I shall become flames to remind you who reigns

You dared to face me
Your weapon was your faith in God
A gift you thought the stigmata was
A dead corpse, soul with opened eyes
There was nothing Christ could do for you
And all this is done, because I’ve killed you

Weakened by the blood loss
Visions of the beast appear
But reality is to die
Suffering as your master did

3. War, Pestilence, Famine And Death

[Music: Aeon, lyrics: Abrahkkan]

[Chapter War:]
The sky is open wide as I invoke thee War
Purification of nations through the great force of fire

Crimson horse sword at hand
he carries the echoes of darkness and destruction

Echoes to lead mankind to its end
the path to perdition is here
Brother kills brother, men killing men
'Till man exists no more

The time has come from here there is no return
The remnants of war, the stench of the dead
After this bloodbath, come forth white horse of decay

[Chapter Pestilence:]
Came after war's fires, arising from the dead
Bearer of christian carrion, our master Pestilence
Beware as I speak, believers or not
This rotting landscape is satanic art
From their leader’s Antichrist power
Degradation misanthropy

The next statement of damnation
over thee defiled lambs
shall put all this world into abomination

[Chapter Famine:]
The sky is open wide as I invoke thee Famine
Purification of nations through the great force of starvation

The next statement of damnation
The black stallion rider
shall put all this world into desolation

[Chapter Death:]
To all those fool believers of Jehovah's son
Repulsive lies harvesters who lead the blind
After blood, fire, sickness and misery
Pale horse true god eternal is Death

4. ...and Your Kingdom Has Fallen

[Music: Aeon, lyrics: Abrahkkan]

Calling to arms with strong command
The right time is now to end God's era
The world has evolved to knowledge not tale
The gathering of dark forces began

Marching with swords and banners at hand
Christians are warned their fate is to die
Trembling ground, the walls start to crack
Thy Church is falling apart

The beasts are unleashed the front line is armed
Waiting for Satan’s word of attack
To begin our outstanding killing spree
The one we have promised will set this world free

As we watch their pathetic attempts
To stay up in war without blood in their hands
Our slogan is: Vanish them ‘till they're no more
In contempt we'll watch them beg to a false lord

Beg to your false lord

Allied to thy side, take my spirit beyond the light
And embrace me into the night
To redeem those from this lie
Wipe out the bastard's supporters from earth
To overthrow the Father

Now that this war is finished
Corruption lords died by hellish soldiers
The Cardinals lie bleeding
The Pope hangs upside down

I know you know dead shall rise
And will bow before Satan’s might
Under this vast great gray sky
Make our day so mighty Satan rise

Aside, took my spirit beyond the light
And embraced into the night
We've redeemed the entire mankind
On my mind I'm doing it right
I know Satan is the light
To unveil this false Jesus Christ
And crown ourselves in the dominion
of Darkness… Fire...

5. Thick Darkness Below The Feet Of The Crucified

[Music: Braexes Malaphar, lyrics: Abrahkkan]

I summon thee black mantle of Satan
upon Jesus Christ execution
as proclamation of our eternal victory
Over this misleading faith

His stinking sweat mixes with his impure blood
then drops like tears of filthiness and earth vomits them all
The stench coming from the body of the bastard one
completes the curse that summons Lucifer's miasma.

Crawling by the cross' base it lures to desecrate
It's a legion armed with darkness
Body of Christ, torn and broken, means their master throned
His hope drown into the breath of mighty Satan Lord

Nazarene! Open your eyes
Your resurrection is through Darkness.

Mark my words, forsaken son
Time has come to die
Open wounds of true evil
shall enlighten mankind

Cleansing the world from your infection
has led us to put your fate into obliteration

Mark my words, false prophet
Time has come to fear
The robe of our master
Is laid as your hearse

Face to the sky, poor Nazarene
Cry out to "him" just Why
Instead of triumphant angels
Led by a fake father
From deeper ground a sulfur smell
The name of Satan is cast
Thick darkness crawls ...
... below the feet of the Crucified

Mark my words, forsaken son...

Face to the sky, poor Nazarene...

Languid and decadent the great savior needs a hand
The claw of the beast keeps drawing his mark
Our eyes stare with hate as his life extinguishes fast
Mockery of once believers now daggers to his pride

Crawling by the cross' base it lures to desecrate
It's a legion armed with darkness
Body of Christ, torn and broken, means our master throned
Dead and never to wake again it shall rot before his altar

Nazarene! Open your eyes...

Now dead and gone, poor Nazarene
No one has answered your 'Why'
Instead of triumphant angels
Led by a fake father
From deeper ground a sulfur smell
The name of Satan was cast
Thick darkness crawled…
...Messiah falls

6. Immolate The Bethlehem Son

[Music: Saaht Noszfeuhl, lyrics: Abrahkkan]

This night means the alliance with an ancient glory
That holds the greatest force of Satan
My true desire lies waiting as I meet thee my master
Satan god of wrath cast thy word as thunder
Thy evil will act through me

A great hate grows inside
Everlasting desire of Armageddon and revolution
In a world that lies imprisoned
And its clown god so pathetic that sent his only son
I'll receive him with burning arms

Grant me fire oh beautiful inferno
To tear the darkest night and to recall thy splendid glory
An infant is being spawned I'm standing at the crib
My gift to him a hell will be, the arson of god’s plan

Bow down see my work that vomits holy smoke
As I immolate the bastard one
Lucifer's son ready to be crowned
I shall immolate the Bethlehem son

I'm bringing thy flame from the left hand path
Released from thy dark heart and molten with that infant's body
Newborn cries increasing, my ritual has begun
With holy oil he’s covered, unholy flames will shelter

Bow down ...

Oh Malignant One! Strip thy heart of hate and twisted decay
A signal to the heaven, those infant’s cries
Screams that chills the skin, the father beholds

Oh Malignant One! Strip thy heart of hate and twisted decay
A signal to the heaven, scorched skin smell
Cracking bones echoes, the father is lost

Oh Malignant One! Strip thy heart of hate and twisted decay
A signal to the heaven, the ashes flight
As black as Satan's soul, in heaven it snowed

Bow down ...

Unholy fire thou shalt deliver us from Christianity
It’s just the plague I shall cauterize
I’m the healer of this world.
A new Messiah? Yes I am, who revoked false immortality

7. Black Dysangelion. Chapter I: Invocation To Satan

[Music & Lyrics: Aeon]

Oh mighty emperor of demise
Listen to this poet in the darkest night
Of death & war...
Of hate & wrath...

Show me the path to the ember's unclean
Guide my hand and your commands I'll reach
Wounding the face of Nazarene's race

Satan father of cries
I summon you lord of death
Storms of fire and pain
To those of white-hearted faith

Victory is now in our hands
Master of misery, lord of all plagues
Wisdom we have through your word
We'll see christian pestilent blood

I call upon you supreme lord

8. Black Dysangelion. Chapter II: The Holy Ghost Banishment

[Music: Aeon, lyrics: Abrahkkan]

With a satanic spirit who longs inside of me
I have cast and summoned the mighty lord of hell
My soul was unbound from the darkest burden of sin
My knowledge is my treasure for you fools is your guilt

Driven by the harvest of the blinding light of ignorance
A congregation of mindless creatures emerges like a stream of worms
Like a cancer it expanded unravaged and uncontrolled
A mortal disease crawls among us disguised in white feathers

I am the one called to stop this lie
For my sister mankind, my father Satan, my angel Lucifer

From within I have the weapon to end you holy damnation
I disown from you I'm not blasphemous you are not divine

Oh holy spirit, you who raped the holy whore
And engendered the biggest shame of our world

Holy ghost, creation of weak minds tormented by their loneliness
I compel you to leave, to depart from my life, from this earth

Earth that is one with the unholiness of its true god
I shall banish you, it is Satan who commands you
Earth that is one with the...

Oh holy spirit...

I am meant to exorcise you as an undesired intruder
I cast you out from humanity and condemn you to oblivion
Banishment is what will be from the very depths of our hearts
Not even hatred is worth feeling as your spirit exists no longer

9. Black Dysangelion. Chapter III: Diabolus Victoriam

[Music: Aeon]

10. Beyond My Unconscious Deep XLIX

[Bonus Track]
[Originally recorded on “The Howling Creature of Night” demo 1997]

[Music: Demonhead, lyrics: Abrahkkan]

Unholiness, I am the one
A descent into darkness
To gather all wise on me
My presence will poison
I'll be armored with hate inside
No life itself limit, is offered now to me
Life Ethereal, a shadow opens inside
It's there always, beyond my unconscious deep

Oh, I feel a dark force inside my inner self
Your teaches are not easy to learn and
I know there's no turning back for becoming the master of the night side
My time has come to raise a fist for hail

I know with this on my own I'll rule this world
Resurrection of my evil side oppresses my chest inside out
I have realized I'm chosen to become powerful servant
Because I feel your seed of hate on me

It is beyond my unconscious deep

Alastor spawned his fury
And lowered his lightning fist upon the entire weak humanity
He, who destroyed their gods of pale and illness
Now becomes the master of all reigns

Lust, pain, fear and fright rule everywhere
Because his presence inhabits
Every part of our hearts, of humanity
Every time...

With the power gathered on me
I evoke the Nordic winds
to create the most beautiful gray in the day
And most cold in the night

I sing the ninth chant for thy glory
Casting the spell of sickness
I've gone through my unconscious
And I've found your mist here
Inside of me

I've carried the most glorious
And I'm the one gone beyond the gate
you offered for my eternity
All Wizards’ Lord

[Originally inspired from Dead, Mayhem. RIP]

Abrahkkan — Vocals
Aeon — Keyboards, Piano
Braexes Malaphar — Guitars
Sroth Saraiel — Drums
Saaht Noszfeuhl — Bass

Thanks to aeon.alastor for sending these lyrics.

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