Dark Lyrics


1. The Ater Infernus Anthem

[Music: Demonhead]
[Lyrics: Abrahkkan]

Lost within my days
Days into the dark
Dark to let the great
Fire burn in black

2. And The Fire Burned Cold And Black

[Music: Demonhead, Abrahkkan]
[Lyrics: Abrahkkan]

Ea, The sky turns red and darker
The most glorious profane from thy art is ripping my heart to say
Let me get through thy eyes of night and discover the most of pleasure
Another voice of thine will be another land to enlighten into thy nations
'Cause I know I have realized there's no fire that shines so bright and so strong
I leave my own on thee to be another flame of thy fire ...

Ea, I know there's no heat greater
The pool of fire which burns down in hell is nothing but a winter when thou manifest
Thyself for me, thy servant who is ready to be
I can't comprehend thy secrets of times but I know there thou art and I worship thy shine
Which no one can see because the pain in the eyes and the burning of thy wings of the blackest fire
There's no flame on earth and no power else to compare to thy majesty, lord by excellence...

I endure to be by thy side lord of the obscure of light
I consume to be part of thy light... Make me the center of the universe one day thou created
to reign over with power of chaos...

I do not care my soul's away in thee
Now I am one with thee and my fire burns within...

They're rising, they're moving, the shadows from beyond
Thy spirit flows anywhere, and thy presence fills with cold
"The noun of thy essence is the fire of hell but the shine I see black from the souls of the dead"

Oe, thou'll be shining beyond the end of time
Shining as a black star as it emanates its cold thy spell whispers in my ears
I am the one elected, and I must cast thy spell to convert all warming fire into thy cold blow
Make my spirit stronger to transcend my weak man mind and speed up as thy light I know thou master
"As a sword thy ice and as a void thy light
Because you made the fire burn cold and black"

Master of Evil and Power of Man...
Open up thy veins of sapience to build my crown and reign in thy name

Open The Gate!!!
The Portal to thy knowledge...
Take thy crown. To build the Flame

Thou endure me, light to me. Take my self beyond
Beautiful landscape from thy fury. Nothing leaves thy own
All the fire burned so black evil succumb profound
Decadence of life's beauty fades away as I feel thy calm
Cold and Black, I don't understand thy wings of fire... involving the earth...

3. Threshold To Essence

[Music: Demonhead, Abrahkkan, Glaciabolous, Grackons]
[Lyrics: Abrahkkan]

Channel my physics in many spirits, not of my own
I will turn mud in clear water, then wine. Venom from my veins in pure blood

Agnus - bitim - lia - eras
Metris - leva - luna - terra
Ritual - cum - magice - oscura...

Empty my mind... I must learn to eat time
Away all dismal thoughts and diffuse the memories

Father Universe High Supreme Being
Lord of the night and light giver
I will search my body looking for my shadow
To get interviewed with her and let her act through me

I believe in all these miracles
Made by my own hand, cut with swords of essence
Oh black magic, highest power
Trimephisto show me my way

I'm now walking thy dark labyrinth feeling closer its center
Where the brightest green sphere is waiting to consume me

Light will shine and thunder will strike, voices from heaven will cry
In the moment for me to cross the gate to essence the final proof is being released
For the gore it may cause, the power can't be misused
For the light they'll emit, thy hands are crystal made

I hear the wind speaking I can't comprehend
Creatures ask me to follow but I'm afraid
Could it be my own power is frightening me?
I'm a statue at the threshold I dared not enter

I'm now leaving thy dark labyrinth trying to find an exit
But thy brightest green sphere have turned me a blind man

Away all dismal thoughts and diffuse the memories
Empty thy mind... You must learn to eat Time

I will not escape the powers are revealed
Given at this time, granted are indeed
I must make myself a music form and create the art of Absu
But the time is only fashion of a plane not of the shadow

I believe in fantasy ghouls
Magic creatures from my shadow
A God is raising now!!!!

4. His Vengeance From The Abyss

[Music: Demonhead]
[Lyrics: Abrahkkan]

Oh draconian highest, lord of the wrath of skies
Even from the death thy darkness will keep alive

Full of knowledge Demon, gargoyle of desire
Let us hear thy roar that bring us thy fire

Men will face the hellish spirit
Of the last dragon who succumbs into the dirt
Yielding to his hunter but gazing all of his kind
As the victims of the cruelest demonic revenge

From the bottom of the abyss
The lord of demons and beasts will spell against us
And his glory will be reminded through eternal damnation
As the one that once was real, but now is from beyond
Holds, more than ever, the power of the dragons

5. Dragon's Thorn

[Music: Demonhead, Glaciabolous, Sarkanator]
[Lyrics: Abrahkkan]

13 steps beyond...

We're in a time when dragons fly
They are the conquerors of the vast heaven skies
They are blackeners of the sun
With their huge wings they stop the beams of light

While the man always with his envy flame
Turned them to demon beasts cruelty masterminds
But man knew of their spear of sapience
Great instrumento from you my friends

That's quite divine, Draconian brightest cry
Holocaust! The Dragon's Thorn
That's quite divine, Draconian highest
The spear must raise the Grackon's Horns

Only death can bring us thy power!!!

That's quite divine, Draconian brightest cry
Holocaust! The Dragon's Thorn

The dragons cry the painful deaths the mankind decision
The tears they shed a powerful weapon for evil pretensions

Oh! Feel my own blood cold runs red for my Gods' fulfillment
And all this time all those deaths for my own awakening

That's quite divine, Draconian Highest
The spear must raise the Grackon's Horns
That's quite divine, Draconian brightest cry
Holocaust! The Dragon's Thorn

The great dragon's thorn!!!

Wake up!

"The deceased is only a beast not meaningful at all"
The crowd it screamed as if a war were won
Only a creature with such sort of power
Could have shared its knowledge to all

The dragon's thorn was created in insanity at the high price of losing them all
And the creature with such sort of power turned its knowledge to a paradise lost.

6. The Tears Them All Are Made By Thee Queen Of The Seas

[Music: Demonhead, Glaciabolous]
[Lyrics: Abrahkkan]

"Riding an entire ocean searching for a guilty, but the truth is beside me. Marks in my hands and neck twist me. No I can't be the one who slayed the only goddess of mine, my entire life, my source to quench my thirst. Oh no! I'm in a complicity void..."

Thy beauty, the most beautiful green emerald
Thy eyes are blue as the sky is sometimes....

Distill my eyes, struggle my mind until the silence covers us
A romantic fancy step into a world behind our eyes

Funeral mystic overture starts in the silver fields coral tombs
Crying my eyes are, desperate thorn that I strangely feel

Rouse my eyes, struggle my mind until the nightmare leaves us
A romantic fancy step into a world behind our backs

And so it's life, a set of illusions to loose
A feeling of hate releases me

Lucidity became a non-deserved gift
Courage to those men who carry my same soul

Scaring sadist terror, lying as I thought you did that day
Sorrow into violence and a woman thought you feel the end
A mourning place, dark for a journey to start and a chariot to be escorting your remains
Spilling my emotions as you fast drain your blood, scared is me, what have I done?

Scaring sadist terror, thy veins are open wide, you lied as I thought you did that day
Spilling my emotions, my veins about to explode, scared is me, I know this is the end

The beauty of the gift of the night destroying mankind
Everlasting snow is so pleasant; (it's) disturbing the ocean

Open the gift I'm giving you at this time
I know I am the one who has lost

Open a path to a way far beyond the planets I gave you
And you are allowed to carry with you a piece of my broken heart
Meanwhile, I'm stuck in the hell of my life; of my guilt. I'm loosing my mind
I'm lost in the dead of the night; my god won't give a light

Now it seems I'm at the search of a light
To discover the actual sword that led you to death
Cover me up with the perfect mantle the night is for you
Guide me with the stars let me have one piece of revenge

The course to many men
Slavery of a world!!!!

Take me beyond; offer my reigns to the lord of darkness, goddess of death
Cremation is a forbidden deed; look for the wonders, lady of the pit
Take me beyond; crater my day and make it the one I desired for years
To understand that I am the one who needs the death desperately

For the simplicity of a scalar, for the complex of the light
In the middle of the night you will die!!!

Take me beyond; offer my reigns to the lord of darkness, goddess of the dead
Cremation is a forbidden deed to be just taken by me
Take me you Ezzelbiel, creator of this world and some other sins
My spirit will be merged by your light and the great ancients sirs will euphorically write

The tears them all, are made by thee queen of the seas...

Thy beauty is the most beautiful green emerald
But your eyes are gray as the sky is always now...

7. The Taste Of Raping The Innocent

[Music: Nahrepher]
[Lyrics: Abrahkkan]

I taste,
Feeling in my own body the total absence of light
Scared by the sorrow itself, when they come to me
They are everywhere, won't leave me be
My chest can't hold the pain
I can't bare the screams in my head

The Demons, the child demons torture thee
With no presence, with no soul
Total profanation. There's no escape from here
All angels dead, all souls are dead
So it's thine. Thou art forever lost in darkness.
This is the taste of raping the innocent
In hell.

8. A Demon Crying For A Mortal

[Music: Demonhead, Leonard]
[Lyrics: Abrahkkan]

Cursed be your nightside beauty
You engulfed me with mortal feelings
I'm no longer that precious possession

Face the crude reality, thou so wicked demon
I have made from thee the purest angel
The tears lust dancing in thy darkened eyes
What art thou weeping for? Unconceived creature

Oh sweet pain, a double edge sword strike to death
Cuts so deep, my human soul and thy heartless being

Who you think you are miserable soil creation
Defying the powers, evil ones, I've granted and showed
How can you make a Satan child suffer a hell of sadness?
If my own existence obeys to one build from your sinful souls

Even when this sore keeps bleeding me
Your eyes will cry my own tears
'Till the point of remorse or regret
'Till the point you begin being me

Come to me! Slave
Come to me! Dead

I've killed thee once but now's when thou live so come to me
Please understand I've opened thy eyes to light

I know thy desire, conducted by pain
From the sins of my father I carry and learned
To be free as a mortal who knows this will end
At the time this won't stop and fade you away

Thou had to learn by the trail of the fire
Extinguished by tears thou never believed
Just behold the blood spilt from my vitality
It is poison that drowns thee so let it be

Don't you see I am the one who carries the lie?
I have no feelings I can't be crying
The only pain I want to discover is yours
You'll pay with tears of blood what you have done

Don't you see I am the one who lost the desire?
Lost in this maze of torment and rage
I am not meant to suffer the paths of my own god

But you know you'll come with me
To the depths of a hell you created

Now I can see its only time to heal some scars
But when the purest evil flies it's hard to comprehend
How could it be that I, an entity of my nature
Laid down on my knees at the need of love

9. The Infinity Of Luciferian Wings XXXIX

[Music: Demonhead, Abrahkkan]
[Lyrics: Abrahkkan]

O. Light of my Lord, please surround me
get me into the presence of Evil
Vampires and Gargoyles creatures with wings
Worship your Master, worship him !
Incubus rising from the flame of Satan
This fire must burn again
The winds from thy wings are cold
The wind cold as ice as your breath.

East Lucifer, West Leviathan
North Belial, South Sathanas

Lord Baphomet, Lord Leviathan
Lord Belial, Lord Sathanas
Immerse the glory, grant me his orb
Lord Lucifer, Emperor of Skies.

East Lucifer, West Leviathan
North Belial, South Sathanas

I. Women pregnant from the Goat Lord Demon
more servants for thy glory
How I ride thee through the spaces
How am I worthy to be
I'll do write your wings infinity
Let me profane what's not for you
We who were created to serve thee
I'll do write the infinity of thy wings

East Lucifer, West Leviathan
North Belial, South Sathanas

Lord Adramelekch, Lord Alastis
Lord Astarte, Lord Sathanas
Immerse the glory, grant me his orb
Lord Lucifer, Emperor of Skies.

East Lucifer, West Leviathan
North Belial, South Sathanas

Master Lucifer Beholder and guardian
Dragon Lord Fallen angel
Father of lights
Air's reptile
Thy secrets won't be shown as there's pain in our eyes

The infinity of thy wings, Faustian for your desire, Lucifer.
The infinity of thy wings, involve this world. A. Luzbel.

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