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1. The Just Law

for centuries your faithfuls were persecuted
many of them perished in the flames
by the holy road and church' names

But your name stays high in our spirits
for you'll know to reward your servants
Hell flames will be really for them
spring of welfare and renaissance
you'll give them the power of life
while your persecutors roar of pain
for these same flames will be for them
spring of torpor and death agony

by the father's, by the son's,
by the holy spirit's names
by the holy gospel's name
by all holy heaven's name
executioners, do your work!

Lowly we're asking you
to help us in our fight
against the Christian society
and we recommend you
to look after our souls
and to protect us against Jehovah's angels...

by the father's, by the son's,
by the holy spirit's names
by the holy gospel's name
by all holy heaven's name
executioners, do your work!

2. Black Wedding

while my blood was flowing on the floor
I felt my heart slowing in my chest
I didn't try to fight, I waited.
I appraised this slow and sweet agony.

During some yeears I believed in life
resigned to live I so forgotten to die
now my master's calling me back...

I heard the phone insisting in the distance
then the bangs at my front door
I see you again advancing to me
I felt your hands on my body
I've seen the tears on your face.
But through your glance I understood
I didn't exist anymore...

3. Illusion

you're still wavering but your heart is strong;
sharp and gleaming the blade seduces you
your fingers are trembling, your heart races
you feel well...

A picture, a dream, you appear I disappear
Sublime recollection of a past time
where reality doesn't count anymore
alone with all world, left by your heart...

Do you remember your distress?
Do you recall your life?
our roads cross but I remove you
you're not allowed to cheat.

United in eternity I give you up to reality,
illusory but so sad...

4. Reconversion

the tyrant's messengers have conquered your ancestors trust
it's not too late to become converted
disown your christian faith and stop epidemic
pour the traitor's blood on the death altar...

by dark magic you'll find back peace in your spirit
rejoin us on the road of light
listen to your ancestors who lure
pray our martyrs burned by the inquisition
form the kingdom of light where they are
they'll protect you against the christian force...

prepare to rejoin our holies in the light
erect the death altar and kill in good faith
the poured blood will calm the lost soul's pain
and contribute to the divine justice

5. Damned For Ever

You've created me for serving you
I'm the fruit of your hate the flaw of your soul
I'm living thanks your stupidity
You've created me, I'll destroy you.

Damned of live, banished of death
I'm the nightmare, I'm the hate
I'm violence, I'm baseness
I'm the master, you're slaves.

One day you'll listen to me too
Then I'm the one who sleeps in you
The one who scoffs at your faith
I'm the calvary of this world
A plague for humanity
And nobody can mean me harm
Then I'm the evil

6. Nightmare


7. The Cry

Child offered to God
Soul sold by his
You're his life
You're his force

Fear their promises
They smell of lies
Shun their power
They will kill you

Child persecuted in faith
Soul humiliated on pyre
You're his life
You're his force

Listen to your heart
It cries your faith
Listen to your voice
It cries his name ...

8. Fatadical Date

From his darkest desires
From hate caused by his suffering
From his horde of faithfuls in trance
From his thirst of blood and death
Will be born a storm of torpor
And horror succeeds hypocrisy
Last judgement will be proclaimed

For a long time the executioner waits for them
He won't have a pity
The fire of live coals already burn

When flames of pureness turn over inquisition
When flower of evil spreads as a death wind
When blood pours on last sabbath's a dark altar
Then he will come back and declare his reign
And hunt Jehovah's angels from his people's soul.

Then christ will return on his cross
It will be the Holy Trinity's end
The humiliated prince goes back on his throne
And story can finally start...

By the holy road you return
By your sacrifice's blood
By gift of your soul to the master
And reject of church's baptism
You calm torment of his spirit
You give him force to fight
And your help will be rewarded!

9. Messenger Of The U.W.

They are among us
their justice is imminent
the messenger of the time
the messenger of the U.W.

isolated by their hate
sentenced to silence
they're just waiting for an order
their body don't have soul anymore

we are the power fear their power
we are the justice fear their wish
we are the death they are damned
messenger of the light messenger of the death...

War D. - Guitar, Vocals
Eric - Bass, Vocals
Acronoise - Drums

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