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1. Ol' Unfaithful

I set the trap for the clever rat
Had him hooked when he smelled the food
Surprised myself with the catch
Lacing the bait with solid truth
Seems to work like a weak willed fool
It's something you can't refuse

Suspended in the air held up high by the tail
Easy to escape the cage but not the scent
Left on your trail

Showing teeth from cheek to cheek
Guarding your wants ignoring needs
Thief or riches heartless and cold
Waiting till 12 to crawl out of your hole
If only you knew I was standing with a net
Against the wall

[Chorus-add on]
Won't vanish in a couple of days
It'll probably take months
Which is something
You don't have many of

2. Motor Ready

Hold your laughter, soon right after
The facts are brought to our attention
Barely notice what you know best
Which is almost nothing

Why is there always a reason?
Or something you're your whining about
I've heard the same old story
It's growing extremely boring
See right through your innocence
Nice disguise the excuses
Could have been better, not terrible
For the first try.

Quarts of turmoil dripping quickly
Out of the leaking mouth of yours
Skidding tires, fumes inspire no
Caution flags to prevent the danger

I'll make it easy if that's what you want.
Just hit the highway, when I need you I'll phone.
Don't bother sending any letters to ask if tempers have cooled since the night you left.
I haven't bothered turning the porch light on.
I think it's quite clear this isn't your home anymore.

Who's ever closest I don't notice anyone waiting for your return.
You ought to know this it came from your lips with the rest of the obvious lies
My reactions are distractions for pleasing my own sick humor
Short conversations, complications you've got to watch what you say
This disaster arriving soon twisting the truth with each phase of the moon

Is this what the future holds for me?
Now I've found a certain type of honesty
No make believe or bullshit from you.

3. Shape-Shifter

This world's holding me by the throat
Choking my words with nylon rope
As I swing in morning brightness
Weakened from a war I cannot win
Only pills will destroy accidental sins
Another rough road to recovery
My shadow wrestles the walls while passing
By the same existing hall that leads to a place
Where worried minds can rest their torment

Eternal rage [x3]
for a sudden change

If it's money you're after
I'm not a wealthy man
If it's power you're after
I'll give what I can
Whose bridge did I burn?
Normal living turned disastrous

A dark image painted with the desire once lost
Through the year of several broken hearts I have caused
Revenge has taken its toll
Weather stubborn or forgiving every bit of control is yours to operate
This illness infects the sense we trust
Passion kills not one but all of us
As the connection scrambles and crumbles to dust

Eternal rage x3 for a sudden change

Teardrops from an upset clod
Penetrating my open sores
Clear needles of salt decide
As I painfully wait for a cure

4. Whore Adore

Her devilish eyes keep the honest man wondering if lounges in the nude
I can't see any scales but I'm sure there's horns under her hair
Tempt me taste me
There's plenty of evil to share with her

Kissing goes on and on
Until the lust is gone

With gifted touch she holds your emotions in a bottle air tight and plastic sealed
One last breathe of simple defeat then she'll scratch you off the list
Number 3 or 13 is better than dead last

Should've known you'd tag along like the rest of the idiots
Tearing men to shreds with every bite she takes
Forget amends they'll also break

The whore I adore

Closer to the deadly strike
Poisonous fingers wipe off the itch of frustration
Clenching with solid might
Forever loosing the fight
Stop showing how much it hurts
That's just something else she likes

5. Hunting By Echo

My time alone was well spent but now seems wasted
Even thought I had grown old enough to shy away from childish decisions
Keeping occupied with limited pleasure and hours of sorrow to hide
I'm burning alive every moment on fire everyday of my life

Tried facing the world one on one
Yet fairness has always remained unknown
Letting go

Changing inside hidden by my expressions on the outside
Praying that sunrise will brighten the darkness of a once peaceful mind
Sleepless again drenched in sweat pillows collapse with sheets to shed the fragile wood
Frame bends beneath my head

This knife stuck in my side crooked and wide
The blocking of blood steal bone collide
Leaving me helpless completely defenseless
My access denied [x4]

Who was it that said all wounds will heal
Guess they were never ill
Explanations only for some of us
How close can one come to the doorstep of death?
Before the bell is rung
A few already know... already know

My time alone was well spent but now seems wasted
Even thought I had grown old enough to shy away from childish decisions
Keeping occupied with limited pleasure and hours of sorrow to hide
I'm burning alive every moment on fire everyday of my life

6. Beck And Call

Satisfy my tortuous strain
With ease of a simple yes
Magnified to triple the pain
Loves most dangerous test

Why sacrifice for one who knows
You'll be at her beck and call
Whenever she asks

There isn't a reason to complain
She's only acting for laughs
Pinching nerves pounding buttons
Another loss on your behalf

I find your courtesy
An absolute shame
Take care of yourself
Make her do the same

I'm exhausted
From repeating
My suggestions
Are a waste of breath

Coping with jealousy
Strange stares outside the circle
Creating a scenery
Of hatred from the real you

7. Twilight Arrival

A lonely intruder surrounded with emptiness
Screaming silently
A single minute constructed with seconds building to subtract
Pieces of positive matter
Breaking free as it shatters

Twilight arrival leveled dim horizon
Peeking through my window
Desperately watching
Offering some advice I closed the blinds
Sure you come peacefully
If only I knew what was involved

You'd probably cry a few drops
'Cause I already have
Looked to the sky for a savior
That I never had

Four corners joining holding this structure
Together delicately
Barely awakes while comfort dissolves
Below my angled posture
Visions of a final chapter
A happier ending six pages after

[Chorus-add on]
Swearing there's some kind of heaven above
Yet who really knows?
If something lies outside our souls
I'm sure it's controlled

8. Esteem Fiend

If I left tomorrow would you notice?
This familiar town's getting the best of me
Whispers on sidewalks
Steady shit talk when you're not around
The story turns so many directions
Getting lost doesn't sound too bad

Maybe I'll see you somewhere down the road
If not, that's all right either way

Open your eyes quit being blinded
By the nonsense wrong does bring
Keep facing forward 'cause you're falling backward without any idea
That the people smiling haven't a clue who'll be popular next year

[Chorus-add on]
Only fools will rush for the gold
If only they knew it's painted yellow

Quick stop the bottom drops lower than you want to feel
Might as well kneel
First start blown apart begging for another chance to correct mistakes
Why should I try fixing broken wings you'll never fly?
With bricks strapped on your waste line sinking in mud and tears

Move a little faster or you'll get run over
Pick up the speed or else head for cover
Once again

Map out a safe route don't travel on a clouded mind leave worries behind
There are enough situations to face save your strength I'm saving mine
You've latched on this long yet your grip seems to loosen weaken
Slipping through the palms of a gentle hand
I thought you were a careful man

Farewell old city
At least for right now
See you soon
Sooner than I want

9. S.S.D.D.

Through the years of chasing dreams
Steady moving onward in our 350
Still broke as hell but enjoying the routine
Sure a couple of faces changed
Must have been for the best 'cause I can't complain
When everyone's still giving 100%

Our times together get better as we see the world through glass and mirrors
Seems like when we're on the road the troubles back home disappear
6 in all ready to brawl for a sleazy motel bed
If we can't have that a friend's floor is fine
We just need a few hours of rest
Could you help us with that?

Early morning wake with a band mates shake
Half asleep beside another's feet
The daylong drive to a nightclub dive
Repeating the process tomorrow and the night after several weeks straight

Now everyone's been sick at least once or twice
My pleasant queen-size sure sounds nice
After a month of drunken humor our jokes get old like our wardrobes
And we're ready to make our way back to the southern border

Thanks to ch1zra for sending these lyrics.

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