Dark Lyrics


1. (Intro) Engineering A Pill Frenzy

another drug turns harmless people into wild beast

2. Bitch's Handbag Full Of Money

you're real gay about pussy.
your bitch has got you looking in a magazine for clothes.
homo. all I'm buying a bitch is a bag of shit to choke on.
you better get that bitch to suck you - you queer trick,
you rogue spear, your bitch's handbag full of money.
she's in your wallet all the way up to the elbow.

3. Unwashed Cock

this is as far as i come ever.
most everything's nonsense now.
confusion has replaced amusement.
more worthless wonders of the world to confuse our libido.
i need to sleep not feel.
I'm not there, not here.
an unwashed cock at a point in time and space where pussy is your asshole and the hurt is acute.

4. Kill Theme For American Apeshit

Eucharist bagged like dixie cups.
in a Chinese grocery, net to the fucking wontons.
a strong pimp hand loosens the fronts and widens the gap.
same pliers used in a nose job on another whore. fuck it!
I'm fucked up let's do this shit.
every person in here is dead - for no good reason - right fucking now.

5. Built To Grind

i don't fuck bitches anymore;
i make them watch me massage myself till i cum in my hand.
belt them with my payload across the mouth.
real men don't just blow loads on Jane Doe, they grind them in.

6. Crap Cannon

ripped into consciousness... a sideways knowing banter.
administer the forecast.
shooting upwards towards utopia.
circuit breaker flipped, canceling the ride.
mouthful of gravel. [schultz]

7. Razor Blades Under The Dashboard

you fucking killed yourself, slit your wrists with my fucking car.
i hope you felt real fuckin' stupid on the way to the emergency room.
i had to fix the window you smashed,
but I'll never wash the bloodstains from the floor mats.
fucking dead queer. i hope you feel real fucking dumb.

8. Repercussions In The Life Of An Opportunistic, Pseudo Intellectual Jackass

utter abomination.
manipulate the circumstance to gain a stranglehold to your pathetic existence.
you dont... you aren't... take every opportunity to stop you dead in your tracks,
crush and smash every purpose you had into the ground. you're going down.
piss on and extinguish your oxygen-stealing life.
I'll be the stomach-block in your life. you aren't shit to me. [pete benumb]

9. Doctored Results

eight ball in the corner pocket - it's the only one left.
pressure builds to finalize expansion.
invert for details, try again. no one's looking... [schultz]

10. Ceremonial Gasmask

concussion doesn't sideline, but recharges.
now you're in a world of shit.
listen to the night as it hovers overhead, can you hear it laughing?
draw the joker card... how did that get back in the deck?
scowl mask removed from back pocket.
the tighter the fit, the better. [schultz]

11. Hang The Pope

hang the pope, hang the pope...
hang him with this rope

let's go to the Vatican
get him out of bed
put the noose around his neck
and hang him 'til he's dead

12. Bovine Caligula

seemed like a good idea at the time.
bone's here, bone's there... marrow fucking everywhere.
you're fired, clown. [schultz]

13. Machine Gun

my head's a fucking machine gun.
i destroy everything i put my eyes on.
everytime i see you i turn you to a pile of red shit.
you're a Christian orgasm. pack the bong, it's time to reload.
going to light your ass up again, till smoke drifts from my eyes...

14. Protection From Enemies

rusted shut, drop-kicked and ignored - on the way to paradises gutter.
days turn to weeks turn to months turn to years.
pile on the runoff, increase the divide. [schultz]

15. Dead Battery

backtrack - think about where you were.
laser white - from the flashlight - only clouding the matter.
insert dead batteries and move forward... remembering. [schultz]

16. Manual Trauma

battering ram onslaught - causing trauma on many levels.
why don't you yell a little more? here, let me profile you Mr. jackass...
little, unprepared and running out of time. [schultz]

17. Time Vs. Necessity

overabundance causes confusion of time versus necessity.
hurry, only 6 seconds to go.
repeat as necessary.

18. Blind Hatred Finds A Tit

you let me hit you, so i won't touch the children.
so how hard do i have to fuckin' beat you to have a crack at the kids?
looks like you fell down the stairs on the way to the hospital again -
and not soon enough.
i have a coat hanger abortion lined up for our six year old sweet little princess.
before the bandages come off your eyes.

19. Grandmother With Aids

you're my fucking grandmother you panty pissing dyke whore.
counting your records again. too bad you're hot little crap ain't getting us high.
too bad you ain't into me fucking your girl - i guess we can't hang out.
i know you understand. i know you understand what it's like.

20. 5 Band Genetic Equalizer 2

project Sodom and Gomorrah.
aids and its homosexual host are to be genetically altered
out of existence to heterosexual perfections.
science, like government and god, is not big on being queer.

21. Hungry Homeless Handjob

The further away from the human race the better I feel.
I'd rather starve and live on the edges of nowhere than do anything at all.
I don't like to be near them, when someone even brushes against me in a crowd I react.
In a crowd I react.
Till you open up a can of cat food you're going to be burnt.
I'd rather starve and live on the edges of nowhere than do anything at all.
One more beer I'll take you all, all of you...

22. Chalking The Temporal God Module


23. Narcissistic Stimulant

We are experimenting with a drug that creates delusions of grandeur...

24. North American Corpse Desecration

i had hoped for more of a struggle from this world as it died years ago.
corpses still feeling good about a fifty-dollar blowjob.
corpse still pussy-crapping ADD-encoded stillbirth.
corpses still going dancing. cell phones all going off at once.
looking fucking retarded for fucking retards.
hustling up a cold necrophiliac fuck.

25. Cryogenic Husk

thaw the quaaludes from Disney's cryogenic husk.
lift the curtains, flip up the skirt.
let's have a look at that old cunt.
sarin nerve gas and the four noble truths, rebirth and again raised the infinite idiot.
path leading to corpse, to cunt, to bio-terror catalyst.
sending it all to Shiva in an envelope covered in anti-semitic and Muslim graffiti.
all i want is to be on the winning team.

26. Shit Slit

always bringing shit up. why don't you go fuck yourself you queer blowjob.
you monkey green prick, i bet you'd eat a big bowl of asshole.
blowing your nose in a shit slit.

27. Sword Swallower

your pussys a sand box full of cat shit that no spade or white pail would move.
sword swallowing is relaxing your throat, breathing through your nose -
trying not to scrape against the blade.
let the dick shit or get off smoking my pot,
my smoke isn't greener than the money it costs.

28. Ceramic God Product

i stare out my window and into yours.
looking for something to fuck myself to.
either change the channel or pull the fucking shade.
its all bad T.V. with nothing but bad T.V. in-between.
why the fuck do you even exist?

29. Ambulance Burning

i blew the ambulance up, so no once could survive.
I'm fucking stupid like that.
I'm a fucking anus.
these are the balls you lick forever.
and ever. and ever.
ambulance burning, school bus is burning -
the whole fucking block is on fire in this just lesser hell.

30. 5 Band Equalizer

detachable mindset.
fusing of the forked tongue.
collective behavior.
the sweat of fascism.
someone give these dogmatic bastards a bath.
servitude / genocide.
rise Gilgamesh. mulatto demigod.
novas Urdu seclurum.
5 band genetic equalizer.
a sound so tan.
a skin so soft.
all you'll want to do is fuck.

31. Drinking Games

thank you for your purchase and helping to fund the creation
of enough liquid LSD a week to contaminate the New York city water supply
for the next ten years. the timetable has been set.
the gift of sight - that gift will be yours.
by the blood of Christ and the water of life you have helped give yourself
this gift of a future.

32. Bullshit Gets Up And Walks Around

bullshit gets up and walks around.
bullshit gets shot.

33. The Fatter You Fall Behind

walking a ho stroll. getting dumber faster,
the fatter you fall behind.
tripping on saggy tits.
you need a protein diet and dick.

34. Double Negative

smash! now again.
nobody's going to make you do nothing you don't not want to do.
the buttons all ready to be pushed,
it's just a matter of when, if at all. [schultz]

35. Organ Donor

when my grandfather was dying he rejected a heart transplant.
thought a black mans heart would make him no longer human.
he pleaded to be saved from Jewish doctors who suffocated non-compliant patients with pillows.
his pleas went unanswered...

36. Someone's Daughter

you can suck a fart out my cock.
why do you think men laugh at you and still fuck you once?
your cries wet my eyes.
I'll kill the hostages if denied my target.

37. Contaminated Drug Supply

dusted nuggs, spores and smoke pass through paper to the lung.
medical marijuana abandoned for marinol anthrax inhalers.
coke-raw nose, bleeding sinus infection
from a mutated smallpix vaccine detected and suspected in economic collapse.
3 fatal inter-muscular injections of anthrax
and heroin sends Europe running to U.S.
developed methadone contamination of "unknown" origin.
antibiotic rehabilitation - it's kick or die, kick and die, kicking and wheezing.
media fodder.


Scott is huge.
hell make your ass ache.
hell make you listen to lawnmower deth.
hes getting out his Sodom lps... your ass is hurt.
hell make you suck your own shit from his cock.

39. [secret track]

All over your face
My balls over your face bitch...

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