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1. Alignments

In a myriad of apple trees, I'm astray in the mist. Just walking, continually following the rational thought. That walking straight ahead would let me see the sky some time. Stride by stride by stride. Nothing urges me apart from the non-existence of the
answer to the question, what I should do otherwise. The mist surges through the trees and evokes a scene before my very eyes. Dancing steps in a last and red sunlight. The sun is falling in the sea like leaves, departing from a tree. A connection: When you can't sleep
it's because you're awake in my dreams. The smell of a mist-strouded morning lets me re-experience the moments, limpid like glass. We used to know each other long time ago. I left and now the face is pale and sallow in my memory, just like the sun. Just like the sun
beyond the mist. Continually I'm just walking. Just like the sun. Nothing leads me but the non-existence of an answer to the question, where I should go otherwise.

2. Susurrus

Does the mist become heavier? I am not able to see silhouettes of the trees. I found a place to rest my head, on a silver cataract. Cascades so restless. Catching pale glances. Moving in silent dances. Coloured in floating ashes. The mist is heavier down
here, swirling and white like dying embers at the night. I can hear it whisper. I close my eyes and listen. I can hear it whisper. Does the mist become heavier? I can hear it whisper. It whispers and it lures, wants to lead me in the thicket. But where could it take me?
I think they're just old dreams. A part of me wants to follow them back, oh, and get lost. Lost in old dreams, it must be easy. I open my eyes, dazed by the mist, and run blind through the thicket. Away from the waterfall that vomits dreams and lets pale mist dance.
Where could they take me?

3. Obscure Summit

The mist has passed and my feet carried me to the bottom of mountains made from iron. I start the ascension and snow starts to fall. I keep advancing as I'd hope to simply rise above gloom and disorientation. I just want to face the stars, I miss them.
As I could cling to the stars just because they are the only versant ones. If you drift blind in a river that floats through time, you'll never know where you will strand. Like a stone, as if the river would have abraded all the rough memories. I revel the feeling of
being lost actually. But am I lost in this world, in the time, or just in my head? Did I forfeit myself in dreams? But I am here, how could I be forfeited? Just myself and the snow that accelerates falling like it tries to cover something.

4. Celestial

A feeling overcomes me as if this whole moment would just be a rough draft that could be just rejected. I search answers in the sky, but there are just clouds and the cold snow which falls down on me like it tries to cover my questioning gazes. The scenery
looks deferred, like it could collapse in a moment. There is nothing subject to rules: Here prevails coincidence. The zenith cracks. Adrift in the celestial, on the edge of internal. Separate between truth and lies. Origin and end beyond the sky. Hope flourished under
cosmic light, wants to blossom into omniscience. The source of two currents in mind, deceit and verity split in two lines. Everything is there, I just have to take it. A vision so clear: Grab the time and break it. Shaped by despair, search the light and awake it. Walked
so far, still lost in a dream. At this point I am not ready to become one with the void. Continuing the track that leads beyond the zenith. It’s just a step to select between beyond and above. A window to enter. A chaos to transverse.

5. Solitude


6. Mosaic

Am I awake? I open my eyes, still it is so bright. Am I awake? Wait till senses and consciousness connect complete. Am I awake? Questions echo through yet empty space. This world tastes false. Actually just the taste that stays. Everything looks right, but to
me it seems like there’s a net made of lies that clasps the whole sky beyond the blue. The blue stopped shining in infinity but am I able to understand it? A child that was fed lies sits clean, stops questioning. No poison to saturate this dreams. Everything is imbued.
Let it enter my head. The rules of time tug at the prison made of skin and bone that surrounds me. My mind is infinite. The osseous firmament above it is no border, just a veil for the fools. Am I awake? I still don't know, wait till senses and consciousness connect
complete. Am I awake? Laying down a mosaic, made with limpid memories. Like blind glass and a missing piece. Colours taken, time was the thieve. I still don't know. I close my eyes and start to seep into the black of my eyelids. It is still there, just interlaced in the
patterns behind my eyelids.

7. Corroboration

I try to crack those walls that aren't there. It is complex. Have I made these walls up or do I just imagine their existence? They have to fall, they conceal the answers. But I don't know the questions yet. This world is a puzzle, I just miss a single
piece. I'm floating far too long searching the purpose that runs beyond everything. The pillar I adhere to is so rational. Reality and purpose, two pillars hold the order. The track is endless. No track is endless, apart those in my head? It would be better if I could
calm down. To interweave the striae of light in this dark dreams. But are these my dreams or were they poured into my sleep? I am lost. Everywhere. Even in myself.

8. Oneiroi

A river that floats through time. An abstract thought which created itself. The eternal circle. In the end I walk with solitude. I walked the whole way. No more. It is so easy to close the eyes, it is so hard to open them again. The gleaming streak from my
pupils bare the lulling lies but is helpless lost in dark and sweet visions. With each stride a subjacent stratum. Through dark and sweet visions. It bares the lulling lies but is helpless lost in dark and sweet visions that my mind uses to project on the inside of my
eyelids. Like a flying one who was remembered that he isn't able to fly, I sunk to the ground. No above, no below. No borders, just chaos. I won't need eyes to see the infinite black. Just delusion waits if you try to understand the chaos. Somewhere in a dream. Osseous
marble, fossilized wings. A temple, a hollow and lonely thing. Inside you can hear delusive dreams sing. Inside you can see pale dreams growing. Their leaves scattered like worn-out lies singing from skies so bright. Just a monument for the nil, shaped by time. The sun
radiates black, the world is bright. I'll float in the current. The essence of myself melts.

Thanks to tlangemeyer for sending these lyrics.

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