Dark Lyrics


1. Forgotten Skeleton


2. By the Reaping Hook

By the reaping hook, I was killed today
The gods wouldn't listen to my endless prayers
Monumental error, my death is a mistake
Should I have to pay for their god's blind sake?

On the blessed stake, I was humiliated
The Quakers stoned me until I vomited all my hate
With this grossly act, evil's bursting out of me
An I'll be the most hellish ghost you'll ever see

Prowling your town at night, searching for my revenge
I'm the cause of all your fright, can't you smell my scent?
Spectral dance, I'm in a moonlight gap and I'm praying for my wrath
Beware when you take a nap and don't expect fun when you'll hear a snap

Evil and hate possessed my soul
No more rest until I make this town explode
Murder and blood were gifts to their god
I hope you'll stay here to see this town thrashed and drained

Days of doom, demons bursting out of me
For all this humiliation I've been subject of
Final massacre, look at their pain
The Quakers are still suffering my terminal lust.

You spoiled my sleep
Thinking of you all those years in my grave
My ghost is formed
From now on, I eagerly await to crush your brains.
I wonder why
I should kill the motherfucking Quaker who chopped my head
I'd rather preserve him
And slowly drive him insane, tied to his bed

Prowling your town at night, searching for my revenge
You're the cause of my death, that's why I'm fucking mad
You're the ones who judged me so I'm ready to take your soul
Don't make any prayer, I'll torture you and you will beg... to die

By the reaping hook, I'm killing today
My Lord has listened to my endless prayers
Unbelievable triumph, their death is my glory
I told you that I was the hellish ghost to be

On the blessed stake, they were humiliated
I stoned all the Quakers to be sure they didn't fake
With this funny act, Evil laughed with me
And I'll be the hellish ghost for all eternity

By the ripping hook
By the ripping hook
By the ripping hook
By the ripping hook

3. Rotten by Torture

Innocent victims of war
Afraid of their future
Living with no hope at all
Screaming 'til final torture

One day they will come
To take you to your pain
Meet miss torture, oh god
You'll never escape your end

Close your eyes before you trip
To satisfy their evil tricks
You live on terror with no future
And won't you ever rotten by torture

Disgusting doctors of death
Pestilence is spreading
Gangrene concentrates
And hurts your mind forever

So much pain for no reason
From a mad brain domination
Ilsa the hostess of prisoners
Massacre begins on Hitler's order

Years after years
Inside the darkness of the den
The torture and the fear
Will never end

Escape is impossible
Face your eternal torture
Gangrene all over your body
You're rotten by torture.

4. Frozen Aggressor

Winds of North whip the ultimate spruce
White show and hailstones are freezing the holy ground
Hurricane of rain hides the secret of a huge
And a bestial thing which raises from a spell

Anxiety wins the people of the forest
A lot of murders has been causing a mess
The best of the North has risen from the dead
Making frightened people stay in their beds

He's coming in the night
To get you for his bite, the frozen aggressor

Extraction of human blood passions his mind
Flesh and blood drip off his hungry mouth
Thirsty drinker of delicious diarrhea
Liver in hand dismembering the corpse

Hailing from hell to hit the bell
Bursting your cells he fucks the dead, the frozen aggressor

After the drama has happened in this part of Siberia
Apocalyptic views have been captured by humans
The force of Satan in a mastodon of hate
Incarnation of darkness lives in his veins

Magic of blood celebration has been interrupted
Blizzard of akara has broken into silence
Lord Satan orders to stand up
Pray for the northern light will end this increasing death

Hailing from Hell hit the bell
Bursting your cells he fucks the dead

5. Green Goblin

Busted by the C.I.A.
For stealing Forbidden chemicals
The mad scientist is planning
To terminate the law

Green goblin

Plunging into research
Building all kinds of shit
A green stuff splashes in his face
The green goblin's now created

Green goblin

Gloves to shoot powerful electrical blasts
Bombs in the form of pumpkins
Weird flying broomstick to ride
Bombs catch anything that moves

Green goblin

Kidnapping kids then drowning them
Bungling thousands of men just for fun
Don't be near when he smiles
He'll make your face disappear

Green goblin

6. Forsaken Survival

Primitive desecrating of progeny
Animal subsistence does not apply
Award of hell black ceremony
Will of Satan totally lies

Endless leper's roar
Abeyance gnawed to the bone
Carnivore is no more
Human soup is born

Forsaken survival

Shelter attacked by nature
Fleeing your imminent death
Martyrise your dying future
Then ripped out your fuckin' flesh

Old sorcerers doctrines are lost
Scurvy Lord Lord of froze
Generations ravaged by
Diseases which bring death-tones

Forsaken survival

Predator lives on hunting
Craving for human flesh
Chew up my body with disgracious rage
We are the preys of this new age

Our skins begin to fall
Eyes falling from their sockets
Squirming worms dripping from your mouth
Your corpse is invaded by deadly maggots

Forsaken survival

7. Mutilator - Beware of the Scarecrow

Scepter of Satan condemns this night
Evil sorcery forgot tomorrow's freedom and peace
Eyes of death begin their flight
Danger surrounds you, you better get on your knees
Pray the Lord, pray the mighty
A criminal anthem, symphony of bloody needs
The force creates an evil beast
The scarecrow and his scythe will make you bleed

Beware of the scarecrow

Fractured bones, heads will roll
The hunt has begun and blood is all spread
Overflow of blood, Satan's drunk
Catch the vision of this mortality reign
In your house, in your school
The bogeyman tries to pay his rent
To hell, to the end
Of Satan's war to conquer the Earth

Look at him, meadow's king
Raking your skin 'til the blood delights his sight
Scissors down cutting throats
Uncommon satisfaction to see the blade coming through
Awakening no more breath
The screams of terror from the forest's fools
Far land will be struck
But nobody's afraid of an innocent scarecrow

8. Kachina Dolls

Forces of evil
Light the way of Navajo sorceress
Wind walker
Complex human form sortilege
High plains drifter
Dance of Satan, dance of death
Mortuary hunt
Thunder and lightning in action

Kachina dolls

Pray the spirit
Bloodlust for visual victims
Manitou's rule
Tribes entries in hell squadrons
Solar impact
Sunstroke of nervous system
Morbid prey's end
With piece of metal in the puppet

Kachina dolls

Creator of dolls
Ultimate priest of death temple
Call of the end
Time is dead, God has been shot
Jesus Christ died
Fetish by sorceress
Kachina dolls, apocalyptic revelations

9. Bloody Massacre Carnival

Bloodsuckers and cannibals prepare themselves for the feast
The attackers are not able to wait for the sign of the beast
Skullbusters and head damagers will finally get you, at last
You'll be served at the table, some bloody flesh, no holy treat

Kill for pleasure, devastation is called
Abolition of laws, the government will fall
The metal movement is here to stay
We're gonna prove you, there's no end to the bloody massacre

Trying to stop us is impossible for you, poor piece of shit
Your brain will be boiling before you try to make a hit
You better try to escape the claws of death before their exhibit
No way to lose or fall is our trademark, you'll remember our visit

It's the revelation of a heart behind the iron masquerade
Wimps and fools got the capital by we ain't got to parade
Courage and feelings of the morbid world run in our veins
No frustration motives our force, just the damage in our brains

10. Demolition

Hellish slaughter on this day every year drinking to fight
Weapons glow in the dying eyes searching blood framing our rights
We prove this rage with pieces of flesh skulls and bone's obeying the rush
Shadows running in the streets ready to kill and ready to thrash


Hammers flies upside down kick this butt slam it 'til death
Endless coffins follow you to overkill raise your third breath
Mental axes build our brains to terminate all Christians race
Dance of death
Dance of blood Nazi mind for all preppies' faces

Spit blood on the wall
We'll rip you like we rip a fish
Street fight will follow my call
We'll face the facts with pleasure

Demolition of your face


Hellish night on this day on this year we're screaming to play
Weapons glow in dying eyes searching blood don't be afraid
Spread the rage in the crowd with pieces of bones join us tonight
Kids are diving from the stage megaslam they're ready to thrash


Bodies fly upside down the slamming rules thrash 'til death
If you bleed spit your blood on this stage you won't regret it
Mental axes build our brains to terminate all preppies faces
Dance of death dance of blood Nazi mind for all stupid faces

Demolition of your face


11. The Final Massacre

Forgotten war right behind
That Sodom and Gomorrah have lost
And by god they've been condemned
Destroyed by heaven's troops
The 13th battalions rebellion start
Denying rules demanded by god
Defending once the creator's right
Now against the good

Symnoids denied the cross
Symnoids are united rebels
Helpful invasions of C.H.U.D.s
Sewers release their hell

Dark forces are afraid
Untruth worlds ends today
Burn and burn for a thousand years
Death and pain makes them pray

Bestial C.H.U.D.'s devastating hell
But heaven and hell are in your minds
Symnoids and C.H.U.D.s with their wisdom
Will find a way to reign the earth

The final massacre... war inside your mind

Locked in your graves, rotten and pure, Bible's rivals
Fighting over the earth for two centuries
You were legends, now turned to dust, from King to nothing
Forgetting you will mean killing you for good
Nightmare of men you lost your throne force and power
Symnoids laugh at you 'til the end of times
Dwellers of the earth now know the truth
It's finished for you there's no chance for you to be back
'Cause you're dead... and buried.

12. Evil Pox (Demo)

[Bonus Track]

As part of the union, villagers started to heading west
Vultures of the living, stew of men leaving nest
Watch those sticks, jumping heads flying heads in the air
Villagers of the village, time to leave their fucking mess

Sight, starts to blur out
Flesh fall to ground
Satan's death toll reminds you
Np truth to be found

Evil pox has struck – killing everything in sight
Evil pox has struck – the sicks are set to take his flight
Evil pox has struck – killing everything in sight
Evil pox has struck – the sicks are set to take his flight

Barbarians take their mess of hell down to the streets
Death before you die – speak the witches praying and falling on their knees
Far from dipping in their freeze sudden laughs

Sight, starts to blur out
Flesh fall to ground
Satan's death toll reminds you
Np truth to be found

Satan knew where they could have find the ultimate answer
The only certain thing was to know where to die
As the condition decrease not much chance to last
No one missing as they soon see the light

Puss off your body
Never tell a lie
Thrown yourself in fire
Evil pox will die

13. Metal Slaughter (Demo)

[Bonus Track]

14. Torment or Death (Demo)

[Bonus Track]

Éric "Butcher" Langlois: vocals;
Denis "Sasquatch" Barthe: guitars;
Bernard "Burn" Caudron: guitars;
Yves "Dug Bugger" Duguay: bass;
Gaëtan "Gate" Bourassa: drums.

2004 Great White North Records.

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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